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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 4 Recap

Yu Tu sent Jingjing downstairs in the community, he told Jingjing some basics about the game, and prepared to teach Jingjing to play games at nine tomorrow. Jingjing went home ecstatically. Assistant Xiao Zhu reported Jingjing’s situation to Sister Ling. Although Yu Tu agreed to become Jingjing’s personal trainer, she still felt that they were a little strange.

When Yu Tu returned home, Jingjing was playing a game with Zhai Liang. Zhai Liang asked Jingjing what she thought of Tu. Jingjing was still impressed by Yu Tu’s beauty, but only casually said that it was okay. Yu Tu did not reveal Jingjing’s identity. Zhai Liang was a little surprised when he watched a professional game. He asked about Jingjing’s appearance.

Yu Tu remembered the posters everywhere on the street, saying that he could see everywhere, Zhai Liang didn’t know the situation. , I only think that Yu Tu is too verbal. As everyone knows, just after Zhai Liang left, Yu Tu couldn’t help but smile when he thought of Jingjing’s clear and bright eyes.

The next day, Jingjing wanted her assistant to bring her double breakfast, but when she thought of Yu Tu, she was careful not to come over by the assistant, and instead asked Yu Tu to bring her breakfast. Yu Tu showed up at the door of Jingjing’s house on time with breakfast, and Jingjing was very happy. After breakfast, Yu Tu officially started his teaching. He asked Jingjing to watch the video of the professional game first.

Although Jingjing relied on her own strength to reach the golden rank, after trying Yu Tu’s diamond rank, Jingjing Some frustrations, the pro player’s strength will only be stronger than the diamond. According to Yu Tu’s words, she must be the strongest champion within a short period of one month, and only one month later will have the chance to win.

Jingjing and Yu Tu started a one-on-one battle. Yu Tu asked Jingjing to be familiar with the damage and skills of all the heroes. Jingjing had only fought against Wang Zhaojun before. Now that the heroes come together, Jingjing clearly feels the pain of being abused. After a whole day, Yu Tu couldn’t find a suitable hero for Jingjing, so Jingjing only tried it out for two more days.

In these two days, Jingjing received Yu Tu’s cruel training, and Yu Tu defeated Jingjing’s weakness one by one, and taught Jingjing all the skills and knowledge points. After a week, Jingjing’s abilities finally improved. Jingjing excitedly took Yu Tu to start the group. During the two people, Xia Qing called Yu Tu, and Yu Tu only hung up Xia Qing’s phone to accompany him. Finish the game with Jingjing.

After the game was over, Yu Tu answered Xia Qing’s phone call, he left Jingjing’s house, Jingjing was quite disappointed in her heart. Yu Tu came to see Xia Qing after leaving Jingjing’s house. Xia Qing came to see Yu Tu on a business trip to Hangzhou. She learned that Yu Tu was going to resign. It was a bit of a surprise. Yu Tu would rather break up with her and stick to her dream of aerospace. But it seemed that she was insignificant in Tuo’s mind to resign.

Xia Qing asked if he dared to make plans for the future. She knew that the Beijing DF had sent an invitation to Yu Tu. Now she is also in Beijing and can do related consultations for Yu Tu. Yu Tu’s lips are slightly pursed, except that he has rejected Beijing DF. Although Xia Qing didn’t say anything about her offer, her clenched palm still proved that she was very disappointed in her heart, and it also proved that there was still a way in her heart.

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