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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 10 Recap

Yu Tu and Laoguan stayed up day and night in the measurement and control center. Taking advantage of the meal time, Yu Tu glanced at WeChat and found that Jingjing had never returned him. Lao Guan talked to Yu Tu about the fact that the Brahe’s situation was so serious that it gave up rescue. The JX was only launched for a year.

Lao Guan believed that the JX would not suffer as serious losses as the Brahe, at least for these few days. It’s been over one level after another. After everyone’s efforts, JX finally broke through the road and resumed all normal trajectories. Everyone was excited and applauded.

When the jx number returned to normal, Lao Guan and Yu Tu also breathed a sigh of relief. This satellite was the first cooperation between the two and the first satellite that Yu Tu participated in the design. Lao Guan asked Yu Tu why he resigned and switched to an investment bank. He didn’t disclose that Lao Guan did not force Yu Tu to stay.

He was going to help Yu Tu introduce someone, but Yu Tu only let Lao Guan refuse. He also recently met a girl who had a good impression, and that person was Qiao Jingjing. Since this month’s vacation, Yu Tu has experienced everyone’s disappointment and the family’s dilemma. When he thinks of Jingjing’s red eyes, he feels very uncomfortable in his heart.

Lao Guan and Yu Tu waited outside for the ticket door to open. Yu Tu watched the time and asked Lao Guan to call his sister-in-law to report the news. But Lao Guan suddenly fainted and Yu Tu hurriedly rushed Lao Guan to the hospital. I learned that Lao Guan’s body is no longer good. Lao Guan insisted on going back to Shanghai, but Yu Tunai was not in Lao Guan, so he had to accompany Lao Guan back to Shanghai. Lao Guan was homesick.

He knew his physical condition, so he only asked Yu Tu to give him his medical records, and he was going to the hospital by himself. . The impermanence and fragility of human beings are all displayed in front of Tu’s eyes. Yu Tu accompanied Laoguan back to Shanghai, thinking of Jingjing in his heart, but Jingjing never responded to the message. Yu Tu only stared at Jingjing’s head and kept switching on and off repeatedly. mobile phone.

When Lao Guan returned home, his presence made his wife and son very happy at home. He had to conceal his illness and said that he would no longer be on business trips and would stay in Shanghai to spend time with them. On the other hand, Jingjing learned that the entertainment game would use a new version with new heroes. She went to the king alone to try out the heroes, adjust the equipment, and Yu Tu invited Jingjing to play the game. Jingjing bit her lips and accepted Yu Tu’s invitation. , The two played one game after another.

Yu Tu took Jingjing to win several games in a row. Pei Pei came to give Jingjing something and asked about Yu Tu alone downstairs, wondering if it was Jing Jing. Jing shut Yu Tu downstairs. Jingjing was very surprised that Tu was downstairs. She missed Yu Tu for many days, regardless of all her small temper. She ran downstairs only wearing slippers and saw Yu Tu who was sitting downstairs and playing games with her. When Yu Tu looked at Jingjing, the first sentence of his opening was to ask if Jingjing was still angry, and actively compromised.

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