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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 19 Recap

Yiyue was lying on the sofa and suddenly heard someone ring the doorbell. When he opened it, it was He Qiaoyan and Xiaobao. He also ordered the restaurant’s food, because he said that he would have dinner together every day, and he specially cut the steak. . Suddenly He Qiaoyan received a call and said that due to Lin’s reasons, the contract between their company and Mr. Jung could not be signed. This was obviously Lin’s attempt to give President He.

Wen Gu lay on the bed and recalled that Ruo Wei said that he was a bad person, so she set out to fight and changed herself again, and stopped participating in the messy wine game. When I arrived at the company, my colleagues were stunned, and they would have a meeting as soon as they came, even if Ruowei had a fever. Wen Gu also studied the development trend of the company in a serious manner, and also urged everyone to report, and arranged a full day of work.

As soon as Lin Wei took a pill, her mother came over and said that her father had deliberately embarrassed He Shi. Lin Wei also promised her mother that Lin Wei took He Qiaoyan to attend the Lin’s thank-you banquet in the evening. Yiyue suddenly had an opportunity to go to Germany. He’s highly recommended the cooperation with Germany to have this place.

At the meeting, Mr. He also expressed his apologies for not being able to push the bracelet to the European and American markets, and he would do his best to assume the next responsibilities, even if he resigned as president.

Lin Wei came to Yiyue’s children’s psychology clinic to look for her, and wanted Yiyue to find a way to get He Qiaoyan to show up at Lin’s thank-you dinner, but Lin Wei’s words had clearly told Yiyue He Qiaoyan’s next situation. This is good for He Qiaoyan as well as for the He Group. Yiyue was a little shaken.

Yiyue came to the house to take care of Ruowei. I heard that Wen Gu took her mother and brother over with Ruowei’s own claim, and said that she really hurt herself, but Yiyue touched Mo Ruowei’s heartbeat and said She liked Wen Gu, and she wanted to call Wen Gu to ask him to come over. Wen Gu was drinking coffee with He Qiaoyan, and when she heard Yiyue’s call, she went with her. Ruowei also specially put on a patient’s makeup at home, pretending to be a pitiful appearance.

When Wen Gu came and made ginger soup specially, Ruo Wei was still a little touched. Yiyue asked He Qiaoyan if he really wanted to leave Heshi, and He Qiaoyan also said that he just stepped down as CEO and now has more time to accompany her and Xiaobao. Yiyue told him the location of Lin’s thank-you dinner and asked him to do himself a favor. Wen Gu wanted to cancel the betting contract with Yang Ruowei, because he seemed to find that he liked her, and before he could finish speaking, Ruowei kicked him out.

When He Qiaoyan came to the party, Lin Wei came out to look for him, but Mr. He called Yiyue and told him clearly that he did not love him as much as he thought, and that he was going to study abroad. This It’s my dream all the time. I also said that sending him to Lin Wei was a condition for me to study abroad, but Mr. He said that she can help him realize it if she wants to go abroad, and she can also take Xiaobao to accompany her. He refused and said that he was too tired to fall in love with him, and it was not worth it to them.

But He Qiaoyan still wouldn’t attend the dinner with Lin Wei. Lin Wei actually wanted to kiss President He strongly, but was rejected by He Qiaoyan. Lin Wei’s mood fluctuated greatly, and there was no medicine around him. In a hurry, she called Senior Brother Ning Fang, and Senior Brother Ning Fang took her to her home. He Qiaoyan also realized that he could not find a clue because someone was helping Driver Zhang, so he suspected Auntie. At this time, Driver Zhang called Aunt He and was seen by He Qiaoyan. He Qiaoyan chased him out. He Qiaoyan couldn’t accept it when he learned from Driver Zhang that the accident was driven by himself.

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