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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 8 Recap

Sun Yulou woke up early in the morning and found that he was sleeping on the boat. Lin Shaochun was nowhere to be seen. He was distraught. The boatman handed him a letter left by Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun said in the letter that she was seriously ill and wanted to say goodbye to Sun Yulou. See you in the next life.

Sun Yulou came to the house to look for Lin Shaochun and learned that she and her mother had moved away early in the morning. Sun Yulou went to the Baixi troupe to find someone. After learning that Lin Shaochun had left, Sun Yulou was heartbroken and left the baixi troupe in tears. Lin Shaochun came out from the backstage and saw Sun Yulou’s lonely back from a distance, which made her feel uncomfortable. The master reminded her that once she missed her good marriage, she would never come back again, and Lin Shaochun was so sad that she couldn’t make a sound.

The mother sent Lin Shaochun to participate in the three-year draft and exhorted her. Some show girls remind Lin Shaochun to take money to buy painters, otherwise don’t want to be selected. Lin Shaochun waited in line for the painter’s portrait, and suddenly saw a beautiful girl running out crying, asking and knowing that the painter had misused the money. She couldn’t get the money, so the painter painted her as a Yasha, and Lin Shaochun helped her come up with a good idea.

The portrait of the girl trampled by the painter was posted on the street, which immediately attracted a lot of people to watch. Duke Hai took the portrait to ask the painter for inquiries, and the painter bought Duke Hai with a lot of money to help conceal this. Lin Shaochun came to the painter with a talent badge and clearly stated that she was penniless. If the painter didn’t make a good portrait, she would post the portrait for public display. The painter promised to present her portrait to the emperor in its original form. Don’t forget to support him when you become a favorite.

Yao Dizhu came to the grocery store to hang out, looked out with the new binoculars in the store, and accidentally saw Lin Shaochun sitting on the sedan chair of the draft. She immediately went back to report to Sun Yulou. Sun Yulou did not believe that Lin Shaochun was a vanity addict. But Yao Dizhu’s words made Sun Yulou dumbfounded.

The imperial physicians gave the Xiu women a physical examination one by one, weed out the sick, and then followed rigorous etiquette training, and eliminated some people. Then, the Xiu women were arranged in an empty room. They were tired and hungry. He picked up the food on the table and feasted, and finally lay down and rested. Only Lin Shaochun sat there without eating or drinking. The mother came in to check and drove all the ladies out of the palace, leaving only Lin Shaochun alone.

The mother took the carefully selected show girls to the training. She was suddenly in a hurry. She hurried to get there. Sun Yulou pretended to be a eunuch and quietly approached Lin Shaochun, called Lin Shaochun to a quiet place, and questioned the reason. Lin Shaochun repeatedly claimed that she wanted to draft. Enter the palace to enjoy the glory and wealth. If you can’t get the election, go back to Sun Yulou. Sun Yulou didn’t believe it, and promised to marry her in the house. Lin Shaochun resolutely refused to do it, and reminded Sun Yulou not to stumble her. The second wish is fulfilled, and I will repay her well.

It turned out that Sun Yulou had bought the eunuch in the palace in advance and secretly put a laxative in the mother’s food, which created an opportunity for Sun Yulou to meet with Lin Shaochun and discuss it in detail. As soon as Sun Yulou returned home, he started drinking boring wine. He didn’t believe that Lin Shaochun would transfer his love, so Yao Dizhu agreed to take him to find out.

Yao Dizhu took Sun Yulou to a teahouse, and asked people in the community to check Lin Shaochun’s life. The show girls racked their brains to buy the mother, but Lin Shaochun did not give gifts, they persuaded Lin Shaochun to leave as soon as possible. Yao Dizhu quickly found out Lin Shaochun’s details and learned that he was the daughter of the criminal Lin Yuandao. She wanted to pretend to be a woman to participate in the scientific expedition, but returned without success. Yao Dizhu concluded that Lin Shaochun entered the palace to avenge his father. She hurriedly told Sun Yulou the news.

Sun Yulou and Yao Dizhu entered the palace to see the imperial concubine sister Sun Youzhen. Sun Youzhen called Lin Shaochun and asked Sun Yulou to fake a portrait of Lin Shaochun. Sun Yulou said to the face why Lin Shaochun entered the palace draft, and promised to return Lin Yuan to his innocence. Lin Shaochun didn’t want him to take risks, so he had no choice but to enter the palace draft. Lin Shaochun only wanted to defend his father based on his ability. Sun Yulou was not good at portraits, so Lin Shaochun After drew a picture for himself, Sun Yulou secretly vowed to share the burden for Lin Shaochun.

Sun Yulou asked Sun Youzhen for help. He wanted to retry the case of Lin Yuandao and rejuvenate his official power. The emperor happened to hear their conversation and announced on the spot that he would retry the case.

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