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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 7 Recap

Yao Dizhu found out that the witness that Huanlang asked for gave false testimony. She immediately returned to Sun Yulou. Sun Yulou sent someone to arrest Huanlang. Huanlang begged Sun Yulou for mercy after knowing that the matter had been exposed. Sun Yulou grew up with him since he was a child, and he felt reluctant to give up, but he still dealt with Huanlang’s sins and put Huanlang in prison.

When the mother heard about this, she couldn’t wait to report her joy to Lin Shaochun and told her to truthfully tell Sun Yulou about her father’s grievance. Dali Temple official Lu Ming asked the emperor to retry the case of Lin Yuandao. The emperor fully agreed. Sun Xun voluntarily asked to participate in the case. Some officials questioned and the emperor gave Lu Ming full responsibility.

Lu Ming turned out the file of Lin Yuandao’s case, crossed out his name, and was caught by Sun Xun. Sun Xun arrested him and went to see the emperor. He insisted that he wanted to get rid of his charge. Sun Xun explained that he was in Lin Yuan’s Taoist family.

After the military rations were found, the money must have been embezzled by Lu Ming, and the emperor ordered a thorough search of Lu Ming’s home. The bureaucrats found a lot of gold and silver jewelry in the secret room between the walls of Lu Ming’s home. The people were stolen. Lu Ming was accused of corruption. He was put in a prison car and paraded in the streets. See this scene.

Lin Shaochun didn’t want Sun Yulou to suffer this disaster, and gave up the idea of ​​letting him help redress the grievances. Sun Yulou waited for Lin Shaochun at the door of his house. The mother sacrificed her daughter Xiaoya in order to one day avenge Lin Yuandao’s justice. Now there is no hope of redressing the wrongdoing. Mother is so sad that she wants to live. Lin Shaochun can’t bear to see her so sad and silently returns to the room.

The imperial concubine dreamed that a boy in colorful clothes was about to take her to see the emperor. As a result, he led her to the edge of the cliff. The imperial concubine was awakened by the nightmare. The next day, the emperor sent someone to post a notice that ten-year-old children were not allowed to wear colored clothes, otherwise they would never be light-hearted. Lin Shaochun was deeply inspired by the notice and wanted to enter the palace to elect a concubine.

When she complained to the emperor for grievances, the master advised her to think twice. , But Lin Shaochun had decided. Master reminded her to minimize the harm to Sun Yulou. The mother fully supported Lin Shaochun to choose her concubine and let her and Sun Yulou completely break up so as not to cause trouble to her upper body.

Yao Dizhu felt indignant when he learned that Sun Yulou was still dating Lin Shaochun. When Sun Xun learned that Sun Yulou had killed Huanlang’s righteousness, he called the Wang Po’s family of three to Dali Temple. He took out the bill for Wang Chuan’s huge gambling debts, publicly exposed the Wang Po’s extortion, framed court officials, and Wang’s wife was immediately dumbfounded. Kneeling down and begging Sun Xun for mercy, Sun Yulou was stunned, glad that he did not kill Huanlang. Afterwards, Sun Xun ordered the three of Wang’s family to be exiled.

Sun Yulou was full of frustration. He convicted the wrong case for the first time and sat in the court alone to reflect on his mistakes. Yao Dizhu kindly persuaded him. Sun Yulou came to Lin Shaochun overnight and found out that she was still in the troupe, so he went to Lin Shaochun to talk about his depression. Lin Shaochun felt very distressed, so he went to the street to relax with him. Two people shuttled in the bustling crowd, only to know that today is the birthday of the Queen Mother.

Lin Shaochun lingered in front of the flower stall, and later was deeply attracted by a dazzling array of lanterns. Sun Yulou quietly bought Lin Shaochun’s favorite flowers. Lin Shaochun was very happy and made a bracelet with wicker. She just wanted to put it on Sun Yulou. Suddenly there was a pouring rain in the sky, Sun Yulou pulled Lin Shaochun up and ran away.

They found a place to shelter from the rain, and Lin Shaochun put the ring on Sun Yulou by himself. Sun Yulou took Lin Shaochun to a roadside noodle shop to take shelter from the rain. The proprietress saw that they were lovers and talked about her and her wife’s half-life relationship. Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun were moved by their story. They sat opposite each other and said no. End of love words.

It was late at night, and Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou still had nothing to say. The old couple cuddled together and fell asleep. Before leaving, Lin Shaochun gave the bunch of flowers to the old couple. Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun walked down the street hand in hand. Finally, they boarded the boat together to admire the night and watch the moon. Lin Shaochun immediately decided not to go back tonight, so he and Sun Yulou would admire the moon together. Sun Yulou was moved with tears in his eyes. He was overwhelmed. Jiuli fell asleep leaning on Lin Shaochun’s shoulder. Lin Shaochun looked at him and couldn’t help crying at the thought of breaking up with him cruelly at dawn.

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