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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 6 Recap

Sun Shijie won the Jinke champion, but he didn’t change anything, and continued to read books at home, but Wu Yuehong closed her mouth happily, thinking that her talisman had worked, and she wanted to go to Baiyunguan to seek a child again. Sun Shijie was so angry that she couldn’t laugh or cry.

Sun Yulou came to see Shen Qingyao for a showdown and wanted to marry Lin Shaochun home. Shen Qingyao refused to agree and sent him away in a few words. Jia Fengyuan specially brought gifts to visit Sun Xun. When Sun Xun learned that he had nowhere to stay, he asked the housekeeper to clean up a wing room for him to live in. Jia Fengyuan was grateful to him and vowed to do it for him.

Xu Fengqiao saw that Sun Yulou and Sun Shijie were both famous on the list, and he couldn’t understand that Sun Jinge was doing nothing every day. Sun Jinge tried his best to make her happy. Xu Fengqiao wanted to calm Sun Yulou’s future daughter-in-law, so she could cover the sky in Sun’s house. Sun Jinge promised to help her with all his strength. Jia Fengyuan went back to the tavern to pack his luggage, and gave the Xiaoer a hush fee. He asked the Xiaoer to conceal his identity. Jia Fengyuan deliberately decided to live in Sun’s house for Su Yingxue.

The top three Sun Shijie, Jia Fengyuan and Gu Zhen were ordered to go to the dynasty. The emperor praised them and gave Sun Shijie to compile writings from the Sixth-Rank Hanlin Academy, Jia Fengyuan was edited and revised by the Seventh-Rank Hanlin Academy, and Gu Zhen was awarded the Zhengqi-Rank Hanlin Academy for review.

The other candidates on the list are arranged by Sun Xun. Sun Xun feasted guests to celebrate Sun Shijie, Jia Fengyuan and Sun Yulou’s gold list titles, and all civil and military officials came to congratulate them. Sun Yulou pretended to drink too much and wanted to go back to rest first. Sun Xun asked Huanlang to send him back.

Sun Yulou came to Shen Qingyao for leave and wanted to go out to relax. Shen Qingyao disagreed. Yao Dizhu hurried over to relieve the siege, falsely claiming that the two of them had made an appointment to watch the lanterns together, and Shen Qingyao allowed them to go out together. Yao Dizhu accompanied Sun Yulou to the street and asked him to see Lin Shaochun.

Lin Shaochun missed the imperial examination, so she changed to sing danjiao since she was a child. Master advised her not to take the imperial examination to heart. Lin Shaochun felt very sorry, and was even more sorry for her mother’s contribution. Master advised Lin Shaochun to ask Sun Yulou to help her father. Lin Shaochun didn’t want to hurt her tired grandson.

Yulou. Sun Yulou rushed to Lin Shaochun and couldn’t wait to tell Lin Shaochun about his appointment at Dali Temple. Lin Shaochun was happy for him. Sun Yulou wanted to marry her as soon as possible. Lin Shaochun still had something to do with her. Sun Yulou promised to do it for her, mother. Lin Shaochun was urged to go home loudly, and Lin Shaochun promised to tell him in detail tomorrow.

Lin Shaochun didn’t understand why the mother prevented her from telling her justice. She felt that the time had not come, and Sun Yulou had just taken office. This incident would put him under pressure. If Sun Yulou is an upright official who enforces the law impartially, then take this matter. Speaking to him, the mother also told about the Sun family’s forceful capture and killing of Wang Chuan’s son Wang Chuan. Because the Sun family is so powerful, Wang has nowhere to avenge justice. The mother wants to use this case to test whether Sun Yulou is an upright official.

Lin Shaochun and Master came to Wang Zi’s teahouse, deliberately boasting that the newly appointed Sun Yulou was a righteous and upright official. Wang hurried over to find out what happened. Master lied that the three young grandma of the Sun family owed them the money from the silk and satin store, and they came to ask for it. He was kicked out, thanks to Sun Yulou’s presence before he wanted to come back.

Yao Dizhu disguised herself as a man and came to Dali Temple to look for Sun Yulou. Sun Yulou hurriedly called her aside. Yao Dizhu wanted to stay and play for a few days, but also took the initiative to be his master, but Sun Yulou had no choice but to agree. The grandmother Wang brought her daughter-in-law and grandson to sued the Sun family.

The Sun family wanted to build a separate courtyard and took photos of her house. Huan Lang led people into her house, forcibly occupying her house’s land, and also missed her son Wang Chuan. She was beaten to death, and Wang’s wife was expelled from all the complaints. She filed a complaint until the Criminal Ministry did not dare to control her.

After hearing the cries of Wang’s wife, Sun Yulou promised to find out the truth as soon as possible and return justice to their family. Sun Yulou gave the certificate to Huanlang. Huanlang gave a detailed account of the reasons. The land of the Wang family was worth twelve taels of silver, while the Sun family was worth thirty taels. Wang Chuan’s lion asked for sixty taels. The Wang’s wife even swallowed the receipt. Acknowledged, Huan Lang wanted to drive them away in a fit of anger, but Wang Chuan desperately blocked him and smashed into a pillar and died unexpectedly.

Sun Yulou called Huanlang and Wang’s family of three to Dali Temple at the same time. Wang’s wife insisted that Huanlang had killed her son Wang Chuan. Huanlang asked the witness Chen to testify. Chen saw that Huanlang gave Wang Chuan Yinzi. After witnessing the whole process of Wang’s family turning their faces and not admitting to the account, Sun Yulou asked Chen to write down the whole process of the day in detail.

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