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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 5 Recap

Lin Shaochun came to the hall to sing according to the address, but she unexpectedly invited her to be Xu Fengqiao. Xu Fengqiao invited Lin Shaochun to the Sun Family Courtyard. First, she explained that she was hiding from Sun Yulou, and then listed Lin Shaochun one by one. Because of the gap between Sun Yulou and Sun Yulou, the Sun family would never accept a young woman from her background. Lin Shaochun heard Xu Fengqiao’s intentions and wanted her to retreat when she was in trouble. Lin Shaochun was neither humble nor overbearing and asked Xu Fengqiao to persuade Sun Yulou not to come again. Find her.

Xu Fengqiao brought Lin Shaochun to see Mother Jin, who taught etiquette in the palace, and asked Lin Shaochun to learn the daily etiquette of some big families. Lin Shaochun was very resistant. Lin Shaochun figured it out. Lin Shaochun thought twice and decided to study with Mother Jin. Mother Jin has strict requirements.

Lin Shaochun learned very well and quickly grasped the essence of it. Mother Jin forced her to practice all the etiquette a hundred times, otherwise she could not. Lin Shaochun resolutely opposed it and turned around to leave. Mother Jin rushed to fight her. Lin Shaochun severely taught her a lesson, and asked her to send a message to Xu Fengqiao. Next time, she would think of some clever means.

From that day on, Lin Shaochun’s attitude towards Sun Yulou changed drastically. Sun Yulou asked and learned that Xu Fengqiao was behind the scenes, so she came directly to Xu Fengqiao’s theory. Xu Fengqiao repeatedly claimed that she was thinking about Sun Yulou and wanted Lin Shaochun to get it. Sun Yulou believed that Shen Qingyao’s approval was true, and kept thanking Xu Fengqiao, Xu Fengqiao secretly vowed to cruel Lin Shaochun.

Master wants to take Lin Shaochun to review books. Lin Shaochun is very sorry. She has not had time to read those books. Master advised her to give up the idea of ​​revenge and get along well with Sun Yulou. Lin Shaochun’s goal in this life is to avenge her father. Master knows that this road is difficult and dangerous. The slightest negligence is to drop her head, let her concentrate on studying to obtain fame, temporarily put aside the love of her children, Lin Shaochun remembered them one by one.

Mother saw Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou Qingqing, me and me all day, and she completely forgot the important task of revenge. She was very distressed. She was angry to go to East Guangdong to find her eight-year-old daughter Xiaoya. Lin Shaochun was ashamed, struggling to keep her mother and promised to remember revenge She was no longer distracted by her grand plan, and the mother was only slightly relieved.

Sun Yulou tried her best to please Lin Shaochun, but Lin Shaochun remained unmoved. Sun Yulou thought she was still angry about Xu Fengqiao’s affairs, and repeatedly apologized to her and asked her to be the truest self. Don’t cater to the rules of the deep house compound, Lin Shaochun thought He broke up with Sun Yulou, but was worried that he would be entangled, so he could only slowly alienate him. The elder sister saw Lin Shaochun’s thoughts and persuaded her to follow Xiwen Li. The two separated for a period of time. After a long time, they would naturally separate.

Lin Shaochun took Sun Yulou to the big banyan tree in Longen Temple, and wrote a wish on the spot, encouraging Sun Yulou to participate in scientific research. In the future, being a good official can reduce countless unjust cases. Sun Yulou promised, Lin Shaochun also proposed one. The condition is not to meet before Sun Yulou High School. Sun Yulou disagreed. Lin Shaochun advised him to study at ease and not care about staying together overnight, Sun Yulou reluctantly agreed.

After Sun Yulou returned home, she locked herself in the study and concentrated on studying. Xu Fengqiao thought he had broken up with Lin Shaochun, but Yao Dizhu thought it was impossible. She had to verify it personally. Sun Yulou admitted that he was inspired by Lin Shaochun. Decided to get fame, Yao Dizhu was envious of Lin Shaochun, so he went to Longen Temple to pray for Sun Yulou.

The reins of the carriage suddenly broke, and Yao Dizhu got out of the carriage and walked there. From a distance, he saw a group of people talking about national affairs. Yao Dizhu recognized that Lin Shaochun, who was disguised as a man, was a woman in the crowd. He was very dissatisfied. Feeling that Lin Shaochun was sorry for Sun Yulou, and even mingled among men, Yao Dizhu secretly made up his mind to make Sun Yulou like her willingly. Lin Shaochun talked to the young masters who are about to rush the exam, just to broaden their horizons and successfully gain fame in the exam.

The emperor asked the king of the Imperial Academy to be the chief examiner of this imperial examination. Sun Xun felt very uncomfortable. The emperor heard that his sons Sun Shijie and Sun Yulou were going to take the examination. In order to avoid suspicion, he did not let Sun Xun participate in this matter. When Sun Shijie and Sun Yulou came out of the teahouse, they accidentally saw the drunk candidate Jia Fengyuan ranting about it.

Sun Yulou couldn’t help but laugh. Sun Shijie had heard about Jia Fengyuan. On the surface, he was impoverished, but he was a man of wealth. Wu Yuehong went to Baiyun Temple to ask for a talisman for Sun Shijie, and got up in the middle of the night to do it, praying for Sun Shijie’s title on the gold list, and Sun Shijie was furious.

Tomorrow is the day of the imperial examination. Yao Dizhu gave Sun Yulou a pair of excellent brushes and wished him the title of the gold list. The mother brought Lin Shaochun to worship at his father’s grave. Lin Shaochun vowed to get fame and avenge him as soon as possible. The mother sent Lin Shaochun to the examination room and saw Wang Mian personally supervise the candidates to verify that they were in order to prevent them from cheating. Lin Shaochun was suddenly discouraged. She had struggled for so many years, but failed.

Sun Yulou came to the examination room and saw Lin Shaochun from a distance, thinking she was coming to cheer, Lin Shaochun felt bitter in her heart. The mother persuaded Lin Shaochun to relax. If Sun Yulou’s imperial examination high school, he could help him get revenge, and Lin Shaochun didn’t want to rely on anyone. The imperial examination was released shortly after the examination. Sun Shijie lived up to expectations and won the number one prize. Jia Fengyuan was ranked second, and Sun Yulou was ranked 37th.

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