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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 4 Recap

The bureaucrats removed the props for conjure, and Lin Shaochun couldn’t find Sun Yulou everywhere, and she was desperate. It turned out that this was carefully arranged by Huan Lang. In order to help Lin Shaochun realize his wish, he could only let Sun Yulou escape with the help of tricks. Sun Yulou saw Lin Shaochun fainted because of the anger, and hurried over to pick her up.

Lin Shaochun opened her eyes immediately, and Sun Yulou knew that Lin Shaochun pretended to faint. Lin Shaochun got up and left. She vowed that she would not owe Sun Yulou from now on. Don’t care at all. Yao Dizhu explained the truth to Xu Fengqiao. Sun Yulou loved Lin Shaochun wholeheartedly. Xu Fengqiao vowed to dismantle Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun. Yao Dizhu didn’t want to be too hard for him, so he persuaded Xu Fengqiao not to tell Shen Qingyao about it.

Sun Yulou took Huanlang to see Lin Shaochun singing every day. Xu Fengqiao revealed to Sun Jinge that Sun Yulou liked Lin Shaochun. Sun Jinge came to the theater to watch the theater and commented on Lin Shaochun. Sun Yulou was very impatient, but it was not easy to have an episode. After the play was finished, Sun Yulou came backstage to look for Lin Shaochun.

He didn’t expect a man to appear suddenly, claiming that he was Lin Shaochun’s man. Lin Shaochun promised to lie to Sun Yulou’s money and flew away with him. Lin Shaochun knew that someone had set up a plot to frame her. To take the man to see the official, the man resolutely quit, Sun Yulou ordered Huanlang to arrest the man to see the official.

Sun Yulou publicly exposed that man framed Lin Shaochun, and Lin Shaochun was allergic to rose nitrate, but the man’s face was coated with a thick layer of rose nitrate. Sun Jinge was worried about revealing the stuff and hurriedly drove the man away. Sun Yulou wanted to send Lin Shaochun home, and Sun Jinge recognized the girl Lin Shaochun came to play the pipa. She claimed to be the apprentice of Lady Yu. Lin Shaochun thanked Sun Yulou for her rescue. She couldn’t help sighing the difficulty of the actor, and promised to prove her innocence to Sun Yulou in the future. Sun Yulou cheered happily.

Sun Jinge gave the man a sum of money and sent him away in a few words. Xu Fengqiao complained that Sun Jinge was not doing things badly and gave him a severe lesson. Sun Jinge asked Madam Yu about Lin Shaochun’s situation and revealed Lin Shaochun’s whereabouts. Madam Yu claimed that Lin Shaochun had betrayed her teacher’s school, and assumed that she was dead. Sun Jinge asked Xu Fengqiao for credit. He concluded that Lady Yu would settle accounts with Lin Shaochun, and sent people to keep an eye on her every move.

As expected by Sun Jinge, Lady Yu came to the theatrical troupe to seek Lin Shaochun’s theory, and forced her to hand over one hundred taels of silver, and then leave the capital, otherwise she would sue Lin Shaochun to the government. The audience shouted Lin Shaochun from the stage, and Lady Yu blocked the stage. Lin Shaochun insisted on performing on stage regardless of her concern, and Lady Yu yelled with anger.

The government accepted the case and informed Lady Yu to go to the government office tomorrow. She was puzzled. She hadn’t decided whether to go to the government to report Lin Shaochun, but the government accepted it.

The bureaucrats came to the troupe to catch Lin Shaochun, and Sun Yulou came after hearing the news. Lin Shaochun admitted that she was not an apprentice of Ms. Yu, but just used her name to play the pipa in the Sun’s mansion. Sun Yulou asked Lin Shaochun to go with the bureaucrats first and promised to find a way to save her. come out.

Sun Yulou sent Huanlang to spread news on the streets and alleys. The news spread like wildfire. Everyone knows that Lin Shaochun pretends to be Lady Yu to play the pipa at Sun’s Mansion, making fun of her skills in private. Sun Yulou came to negotiate with Lady Yu and persuade her to admit Lin Shaochun. It is an apprentice, otherwise it will be discredited.

Shuntian House Du Fu Yin opened the court to hear the case. Lady Yu and Lin Shaochun went to court. Lin Shaochun repeatedly explained that she was rewarded after showing her true face. It was not a fraud. Lady Yu publicly admitted that Lin Shaochun was her apprentice, and Du Fu Yin was very angry. Let them compare in front of the people in the city.

Lady Yu took out her pipa and played a piece in public, which won the applause of everyone present. Lin Shaochun didn’t want Lady Yu to be embarrassed in public, so she played a short section, and the people applauded her. After several rounds of competition, Lin Shaochun and Ms. Yu were on the same level. Du Fuyin was deeply moved by their wonderful performance and announced in public that Ms. Yu was slightly better.

Ms. Yu saw that Lin Shaochun had deliberately let her and invited Lin Shaochun to go home with her to learn about skills. Lin Shaochun took the opportunity to offer to worship her as a teacher, and Ms. Yu naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Lady Yu revealed to Lin Shaochun that someone was behind the scenes. She did not go to the government to sue Lin Shaochun and persuade Lin Shaochun not to provoke those noble sons. Sun Yulou came to pick up Lin Shaochun and promised that the Ming media was marrying her as the fourth grandmother, but Lin Shaochun had a lot to do. Sun Yulou promised to wait for her, Lin Shaochun was moved.

Xu Fengqiao made several attempts to deal with Lin Shaochun several times. Sun Yulou helped Lin Shaochun ingeniously resolve it. Xu Fengqiao wanted to get more and more angry, so she had to come to Yao Dizhu to complain. Yao Dizhu persuaded her to take care of herself and stop ruining Sun Yulou and Sun Yulou. Xu Fengqiao was not reconciled to Lin Shaochun’s marriage, and she came up with a ghost idea.

Sun Yulou sent someone to bring chicken soup to Lin Shaochun, and gave everyone a hairpin in the Baixi troupe. Please take good care of Lin Shaochun. The brothers and sisters envied Lin Shaochun. At this moment, someone came to ask Lin Shaochun to sing at home, and Lin Shaochun promised.

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