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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 12 Recap

In the police station, Qin Ming told everyone his thoughts last night, but He Liang was still in the rescue room at this time. The method proposed by Qin Ming was difficult to implement, but Lin Dang, the person in charge of the case, expressed his support for Qin Ming. Suggestions.

Back home, Qin Ming had a nightmare and saw that the murderer was provoking like him. The next day, Qin Ming went to the terrace to play the violin, but the sound of the violin played by Qin Ming, who had little talent, was quite torturous. Later, Lin Dang, who saw Qin Ming’s delay in solving the case, interrupted Qin Ming, unhappy. After some speeches, Qin Ming continued to play the piano under Lin Dang’s sign.

One quiet night, I thought that a beautiful girl was walking alone in a dark alley. At this moment, a man suddenly appeared behind her. The man glanced coldly at the woman in front, as if it were a beast. After marking the prey, he walked into a dark alley and disappeared into the night. The young girl who noticed the strange looked back, but there was nothing wrong with it. She hurriedly stepped up, afraid of danger.

On the other side, after a teacher surnamed Zhu comforted his children, he began to greet his students to eat. At the dinner table, a group of half a dozen children who did not fight talked about their ideals, talked about demolition, and gossiped about the teacher. Of gold bars. Just when everyone was in harmony, Gui Yuanfeng on the dinner table seemed reticent.

At the same time, in the hospital, Qin Ming and Lin currently go to look after He Liang who is unconscious and check the results of the test at the same time. Because the result has not come out, Qin Ming behaved a little anxiously, Lin Dang on the side comforted a few words appropriately, and proposed to hold a party at home on the weekend. In the night, the young lady who found something wrong ran to Teacher Zhu’s house in a hurry. Xiao Gu Liang is obviously an old acquaintance with the teacher.

The teacher and everyone call her Xiao Yu. Speaking of Xiao Yu, she is also a poor person. He was bought from the mountains of Yunnan and became a family at a young age. In a factory work to earn a living. Although life is unsatisfactory, Xiao Yu has always wanted to go out. After listening to Xiao Yu’s narration, Teacher Zhu decided to ask the boys to send the girls home to take care of each other. On the way, everyone sent Xiao Yu to the back while whispering about Xiao Yu’s past.

After sending everyone away, Teacher Zhu also closed the courtyard gate.

Lin Dang and his party held a party at home, and they had a barbecue while playing Truth or Dare. Just as everyone was playing, Team Li called and asked everyone to return to the police station immediately, and another murder occurred. The group immediately drove to the place where the crime occurred. After the Li team simply assigned the task, the group split up. Under the introduction of the local police, Lin Dang and his team learned that three homicides occurred in this ordinary town overnight.

The group first came to the home of the deceased teacher Zhu. After a simple sampling investigation, the two came to the scene of the second crime. A group of people learned through the grandmother next door that Xiao Yu, as a daughter-in-law, is very virtuous, and because Xiao Yu is young and beautiful, he is often worried by the villagers. Wei Lai reduces the right and wrong, and Xiao Yu rarely goes out to walk.

Qin Ming took people to Xiaoyu’s home for sampling and investigation, and Xiaoyu and her father-in-law were at home naked. Through investigation, everyone discovered that Xiao Yu had been sexually assaulted before his death. The placement of the phone in the room also attracted the attention of a group of people. After the investigation was over, a group of people came to Xiaoyu’s father-in-law Lao Kong’s room to investigate, and everyone found that Lao Kong died earlier than Xiaoyu. Lin Dang, who was investigating at the scene, did not forget to humbly ask Qin Ming for advice and study.

As the group was talking, Brother Biao asked Qin Ming about the situation through the call machine. After a few brief conversations, the two prepared to transport the body back to the autopsy. At this moment, Brother Biao, who suddenly realized something, slowly walked towards the water tank in the yard of Mr. Zhu’s house. Lifting the lid, Mr. Zhu’s three-year-old daughter who was drowned in the water tank was greeted.

After handling the scene, a group of people went back to the house. In the corpse room, Lin Dang was still not able to adapt to such a scene. Through analysis, the two also determined that Xiaoyu took good care of Lao Kong before his death, and Lao Kong was also The reason for dying from his own body was that he could not digest well and was struck alive.

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