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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 16 Recap

Mo Ming and Xiao Xia came to the confinement center to find Li Mei’e. Li Mei’e warmly received the two and took them to the confinement center, but in her words, both Xiaoxia and Mo Ming thought that Mo Ming was here to be a doctor.

They were happy at this time that they solved their work problems so quickly, but they didn’t expect what happened later. The fact that Xiao Yan was going to work in the confinement center spread throughout the department, and even Qi Bin knew about it. He comforted Xiao Yan not to think too much, have a good meal, and then sleep beautifully.

Chen Jiaorui came to visit Mr. Ji in person and invited her to Tongtong’s half-year birthday party. She also invited Mr. Li, Mr. Ma, and even Yan Zhi, except for Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan was at the opposite door that night, listening to the noise from the other side, her heart was very upset, she wrote a resignation report on the computer, and was about to take the elevator to a quieter place.

Qi Bin came to Xiao Yan, stayed with her for one night, and then made her something to eat, Xiao Yan’s heart was warm. The next day, Mo Ming went to work at the confinement center. He received work clothes and found that the other party had given him work clothes for security guards.

Mo Ming quickly called Li Mei’e to confirm, but Li Mei’e didn’t expect Li Mei’e to say it was right. As the time for Xiao Yan to work in the confinement center is getting closer and closer, Mr. Ji feels that she is not worth it. She is also extremely dissatisfied with Chen Jiaorui’s unobtrusive way of doing things. If Xiao Yan cannot return to this project, she does not plan to go with her again.

Cooperation with Thea Group. Mo Ming asked the general manager of the confinement center to change his job as a doctor, but he said that the medical staff are all women, and Qi Bin also reminded him that he must have a stable job to win the lawsuit.

Chen Jiaorui urged Xiao Yan and Lili to hand over their work. Xiao Yan said that she would not go to the confinement center until next week, so don’t worry now. Liu Bingyue came to Xiao Yan. She said that her husband had to get a divorce. Now she is going through the divorce procedures with her husband. She regrets it now, it would be nice if she could be stronger then. She had one more thing to remind Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan was surprised.

Yan Zhi was called to the party, and Chen Jiaorui specially asked Lili to fill him with alcohol. That night, Yan Zhi was so drunk that he was unconscious. After returning, he and Mo Ming kept complaining about Chen Jiaorui. Mo Ming persuaded him to resign, but Yan Zhi said that if Xiao Yan did not leave, he would not leave either.

Li Cha called Xiao Yan, and he said that this transfer was the same as the last transfer, because the company values ​​her performance. Xiao Yan just smiled and said that she now seriously doubts this kind of fairness and impartiality. Her indictment has been written. Maybe she should also learn to use weapons to fight back like Chen Jiaorui.

Later, Xiao Yan went to the confinement center to take a look, and she saw Mo Ming actually working as a security guard in this confinement center. For this hard-won job, Mo Ming had to greet Li Mei’e with a smile. There was a baby with tonic convulsions, and Li Mei’e actually comforted her mother and said it was okay.

Mo Ming couldn’t stand it, and he said sharply that he must take the child to the hospital, but the result was very serious, Xiao Yan showed up in time and drove the baby and the child’s mother to the hospital. When the baby’s father learned of this, he ran over to thank him. Xiao Yan asked Mo Ming to eat, and Mo Ming persuaded her not to fight Chen Jiaorui, because he felt that Xiao Yan would definitely not be able to beat Chen Jiaorui, who was extremely deep in the city. It was these words that aroused Xiao Yan’s competitiveness, and she also thought of a good way for Chen Jiaorui to leave.

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