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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 15 Recap

Fortunately, the delivery was timely, and Tongtong’s fever subsided after receiving timely treatment. Xiao Yan saw that Chen Jiaorui was not answering the phone, so she had to call Mo Ming. When Mo Ming saw the child had a fever, Chen Jiaorui was not by her side, so she felt distressed. Chen Jiaorui called Chen’s mother and asked her to go to the hospital to see her baby. Knowing that Mo Ming had also passed, Chen Jiaorui was frantic and called the police to arrest Mo Ming.

Mo Ming was shocked and surprised. It was wrong for him to come to the hospital to take care of the child as Tongtong’s father, but the police requested him to leave the hospital immediately because he was deprived of the right to visit the child. Mo Ming went in and took a look at the child. No matter how he looked, he was reluctant to let the child suffer in the hospital. He lost his mind and wanted to run with the child.

Finally surrounded by the police in the hospital lobby, Xiao Yan comforted him, and Mo Ming was willing to hand over the child to her. Afterwards, Qi Bin wanted to remind Mo Ming to think about the consequences of doing things in the future. Mo Ming felt annoyed, Qi Bin stopped talking, just reminded her not to involve Xiao Yan in the future. Qi Bin felt sorry for Xiao Yan, after all, she was working under Chen Jiaorui, which would make Xiao Yan’s future situation more embarrassing.

Later, Chen Jiaorui came back in a hurry, thanking Xiao Yan for helping tonight. What Xiao Yan said to her next hit the nail on the head. Chen Jiaorui didn’t love children at all. Her only purpose of occupying children was for her identity. For the personality of a great single mother, she was using Tongtong to win sympathy, and she was not worthy at all. Be a mother.

Xu Xiao Yan’s words hit Chen Jiaorui’s pain point. She was panicked and hurriedly opened the door to enter, as if this door could isolate all accusations against her. Mr. Ji sent a message to Xiao Yan that he did not expect Chen Jiaorui to be so cruel that he would use the child’s high fever to hold Xiao Yan. Maternal love is a woman’s nature, this sentence seems to be inappropriate for Chen Jiaorui.

There was a problem with Cheng Haonan’s game company, the shareholders ran away, and the employees’ salaries were not paid. Cheng Haonan and another partner called to solve the problem. Unexpectedly, the other party didn’t want to bear it with him, so they hung up. But Cheng Haonan carried these work matters alone, and said nothing to the pregnant You Ya.

Mo Ming found that Youya’s wallet was on his car, so he sent Youya to WeChat. Cheng Haonan happened to see it first. He didn’t tell Youya about it, but went downstairs to get the wallet. The Board of Directors of Thea decided to acquire Anxinren Confinement Center and build it into a high-end quality confinement center for middle-class families. Chen Jiaorui deliberately proposed at the meeting that the work of the confinement center should be entrusted to Xiao Yan, who had no choice but to open up this market that they knew little about.

After conducting research in the confinement center, Xiao Yan came back to form a report to report to others. She suggested that a professional manager should be hired to cooperate with the manager of confinement center Wu to manage and form the facade of Thea Group.

The younger brother in the hospital contacted Mo Ming. Pediatric nurse Li Mei’e went to the confinement center. The younger brother recommended Mo Ming to her. Unexpectedly, Sister Li was very enthusiastic and hoped that Mo Ming would go to her as soon as possible. Seeing that the employees of Cheng Haonan Game Company were not getting the salary, they emptied everything in the company.

Cheng Haonan had to ask his parents for help again. Youya didn’t know anything, she simply imagined a good life after having a second child. Cheng Haonan wanted to tell her that she didn’t want a second child for now, but You Ya insisted on having a second child. She felt that it was very appropriate to have a second child at this time.

Li Cha and Chen Jiaorui went to the confinement center. They agreed that Xiao Yan could go to the confinement center to be the operation director. Chen Jiaorui gave three reasons. Li Cha also felt that it was suitable to go to the confinement center as Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan finally broke out. She asked what was wrong with her identity. Ding Bu Dink was her freedom. Li Cha repeatedly reminded her of Dink. Xiao Yan had every reason to sue Thea Group for discriminating against employees.

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