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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 16 Recap

In the crew, the fans of the cameo star Lu Chengyu were enthusiastically exploring the class. After Lu Chengyu left, fans heard that Hu Yanzu said that they had shaken hands with him, so they struggled to hold Hu Yanzu’s hand. Hu Yanzu accidentally revealed that he was beaten by him while filming. Turning his face, after reacting, he ran away inside, and a lot of fans chased after him.

During the meal, Hu Yanzu flipped through Weibo to complain about Lu Chengyu’s photo. Fang Tianyi’s new film is launched, ready to call everyone for a meeting. Yuan Zhijie is watching a romance film and learning about the arrangement of emotional lines. Only three girls are eating seriously.

But Yuan Zhijie thought hard for a whole night and didn’t think about how to arrange the plot of love, so he found Fang Tianzi and asked her about her fantasy about love. Fang Tianzi immediately described to him a beautiful love story of the domineering president falling in love with me. Before I could finish listening to it, Yuan Zhijie was thundered. Later, he found An Qi again. An Qi told him the story of the prince defeating the dragon and rescuing the princess. Yuan Zhijie hurriedly fled. Unwilling to give up, he found Ye Xiaoxi again. Ye Xiaoxi was telling the story of Mr. Tianluo. After Yuan Zhijie heard it, he still had no gain.

Hu Yanzu met the first fan in his career who went to the crew to visit him, and he was very happy. Back at the inn, he received a courier. After disassembling it, I found a pile of pictures of myself inside, with blood written on them with admiration for him.

On Fang Tianzi’s suggestion, he immediately called the police. Soon, Hu Yanzu came to the police station and saw that the person sending the courier was his fan who visited the class last time. When she saw Hu Yanzu apologize to him immediately, Hu Yanzu softened her heart and told her not to do this anymore. She also told her that she wanted to go to the inn if she wanted to.

However, on a new day, when he just woke up from his sleep, he was frightened by the big face of the fan who was squatting on his bed and staring at him. Finally, he took her away and also frightened the other two in the room. , They were shocked even when Ye Xiaoxi came in to close the door. He got up to go to the crew to film, and saw that fan again. As a result, they already like another star and are no longer enthusiastic about him. Hu Yanzu had to look at Tianxing and sigh.

Fang Tianyi went to the meeting for several days and found that everyone except himself was not ready to be lazy, so helpless as Fang Tianyi had to deal with them all the time.

The three girls saw Yuan Zhijie’s chat about their love story’s circle of friends, and forced him to tell his love story. Hu Yanzu’s ideal love is that he was badly injured in order to save the princess. He had been poisoned, but he had been struggling until he defeated the enemy before telling him. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, he had to personally kill his most beloved woman, and since then lived alone and alone. After listening, a few girls dismissed it.

After discovering that his only fan was a day-to-day star chasing girl, disappointed Hu Yanzu decided to frighten him back, so he squatted guarding the girl several times and went to her house to ask her to watch a drama with him, and it was still the night Following others, performing his perverted role to others on the spot, really scared the fan. Later, Fang Tianzi comforted him and showed him that he also has his own fan club. Seeing Hu Yanzu’s happy face, Fang Tianzi raised his mouth without realizing it.

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