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Broker 掮客 Episode 10 Recap

Mr. Li added Molly’s WeChat, after all, she will be her own sparring partner in the future. Molly looked worried, because Qiu Jianing was desperate to protect Zhou Xiaoshan regardless of her future, which made Molly suspicious. Who is she and why should she be so good to Zhou Xiaoshan?

Molly pretended to be a courier to deliver the courier to Qiu’s family, and said that she could help throw out the trash, and turned around with Mother Qiu’s trash and left. Qiu Jianing returned to work after he recovered from illness. Momo came to her to answer her questions. Qiu Jianing patiently taught her basic questions, making Momo feel that she was nothing like what everyone said, and said that she would always support Qiu Jianing.

Qiu Jianing received a call from Qin Bin and the two agreed to discuss the information. Zhou Xiaoshan became alert when he heard it, but Qiu Jianing obviously had no idea about Qin Bin. Zhu Zhu secretly smiled and said that she had received an email sent by mistake, saying that Qiu Jianing was better paid than Sun Lei, and that Wang Lao was partial to her, and Xiaoxiao quickly fought for Sun Lei.

Molly began to investigate Qiu Jianing’s background, and Qiu’s father’s secretary also told him that the airline tickets were sufficient, and Qiu’s father suddenly realized that there was a problem. Molly showed her investigation results to Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing was the daughter of Qiu Jianing of the Qiu Group, and Qiu Jianing did not tell her family when she came back this time. Live in a small laboratory. Zhou Xiaoshan hoped that Molly would stop here, and he hoped that Molly would start again cleanly.

Someone sent Qiu Jianing’s expulsion announcement to the head office and cut her back. Zhu Zhu said that in the afternoon, Mr. Huang would come to the laboratory to investigate Qiu Jianing’s affairs. The elder Wang assured Qiu Jianing that he would take care of any problems. Zhu Zhu secretly pulled and smiled, she knew that it was the secret that smiled, and smiled couldn’t understand why Mr. Wang was so partial to her.

Qiu Jianing would not be anxious about things other than work, but Zhou Xiaoshan was still a little worried. Qiu’s father came to the laboratory, Qiu Jianing stunned when he met him and called his dad, and the people in the laboratory were stunned. When Mr. Huang and Mrs. Wang learned that Qiu Jianing was the daughter of Father Qiu, they quickly began to get close, but Xiaoxiao and Zhu Zhu were unsurprisingly sour. Instead, Momo became Qiu Jianing’s diehard fan. Mr. Huang is naturally willing to believe in Qiu Jianing, but it is difficult for him to explain to the head office. Qiu Jianing hopes that he will give himself three months, and if he fails to do so, please resign.

Qiu Jianing took Qiu’s father to her office, saying that she was afraid of his impulse and didn’t say anything about returning to China. She returned to China to prove to Harry that she was right. Qiu’s father intends to invest in Qiu Jianing. With the money, he will have the right to speak. Qiu Jianing will take as long as it takes. Qiu Jianing hastily refused, and she will definitely be able to start from scratch. Father Qiu ordered a table of food for Qiu Jianing to invite colleagues to dinner and help her settle the relationship. After eating, Momo liked Qiu Jianing more and more, and the source of the anonymous letter became a secret, smiling with a guilty conscience.

Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing were very well aware of the matter of smiling and reporting, but Qiu Jianing was still kind to her, which surprised Zhou Xiaoshan. When Zhou Xiaoshan talked about Father Qiu, Qiu Jianing didn’t want to talk about it. Everything in his world could be solved with money, but she didn’t like it. Zhou Xiaoshan said that money allows her to work without scruple, and she is very lucky compared to many people. Qiu Jianing said sarcastically that she had thought about death. When Qiu Jianing became sensible, her parents divorced.

Later, she never saw her mother again. Later, she knew that her mother was in City A, so she gave up Princeton and went there. She thought she would be very happy to meet her mother after a long absence, but she didn’t expect that she was completely changed. Not only did she miss her tears, she even hated Qiu Jianing very much. Qiu Jianing didn’t understand why, so she wanted to die, until she met someone later and said to herself that if you are not afraid of death, you shouldn’t be afraid to live.

Zhou Xiaoshan’s expression changed when he heard these words. During the mission many years ago, Zhou Xiaoshan hijacked Qiu Jianing while evading pursuit and killing. Qiu Jianing had no reason to live, so Zhou Xiaoshan said those words to her. Zhou Xiaoshan was awakened by Qiu Jianing’s words, saying that he was hungry and went to eat together, Qiu Jianing took him to Lao Wu’s restaurant. Zhou Xiaoshan washed the dishes, Qiu Jianing said that he was like a girl, but Zhou Xiaoshan washed her share.

Qiu Jianing suddenly asked him if he lacked a girlfriend, Zhou Xiaoshan replied, if you ask, you are lacking. Qiu Jianing smiled and said that it was for Qiu Jia to ask, and they were just as long-winded. Zhou Xiaoshan said that it is inappropriate for two people who are the same to be together. Zhou Xiaoshan said the same thing as Qiu Jianing when he came last time, and Qiu Jianing hurriedly told him about Lao Wu.

It rained after dinner, and Old Wu only found an umbrella, Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan shared an umbrella. Qin Bin wants to invite Qiu Jiaxin to dinner, the purpose is to make an appointment with Qiu Jianing, Qiu Jiaxin said very eye-catchingly as long as she arrives by herself. Qiu Jiaxin asked Qiu Jianing to have dinner together at night, and went to the laboratory to pick her up after work, and met Zhou Xiaoshan at the door.

Qiu Jiaxin said that Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin went on a date tonight, and asked Zhou Xiaoshan for help. Seeing Qiu Jianing’s casual clothes, Qiu Jiaxin was disgusted with her, and took her to change. The two changed their clothes and came to the hot pot restaurant. Qin Bin had been waiting for a long time, and Qiu Jiaxin had slipped away just as soon as he sat down.

Momo asked Zhou Xiaoshan why Qiu Jianing got off work so early, and everyone talked about Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin.

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