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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 3 Recap

Yu Tu refused Jingjing’s personal trainer invitation, Jingjing had to ask Yu Tu to give her more guidance on weekdays. When Yu Tu responded, Jingjing was very excited. The five players played a game again. Jingjing’s support was robbed. Yu Tu instructed Jingjing to choose Wang Zhaojun and change his flashing skills. Jingjing has always admired Yutu’s skills.

She followed Yu Tu’s words without saying a word. I took a serious look at the game video of the master. At the end of the day, Jingjing’s game technology has improved a lot, and his teammates couldn’t help but exaggerate Jingjing and mentioned that Yu Tu was a big deal.

Jingjing took the initiative to send a QQ question to Yu Tu. She was very happy about Tu’s carefulness. In the next few days, Jingjing would rely on playing games at home. Sister Ling came back from a business trip and learned that Jingjing hadn’t come to practice games, so she rushed anxiously. When she went to Jingjing’s house, she was surprised to see that Jingjing’s gaming technology had improved a lot. Jingjing explained that she had found a game master on the Internet to lead herself.

Seeing that Jingjing is now practicing well, Sister Ling is relieved to let Jingjing stay at home to practice games by herself. After a few exhorts, Ling sister left Jingjing’s house. Jingjing was a little confused about Tu Daily’s game online. She asked Peipei about Yu Tu’s situation. Somewhat unexpectedly, Tu University’s financial industry went into aerospace research. Therefore, Yu Tu has never given up his high school ideals.

Jingjing learned from Pepe that the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics had jointly developed an air purifier. Yu Tu once personally came to help people solve the after-sales service. She deliberately mentioned the after-sales service of the purifier in the game this night. Let Yu Tu personally handle the after-sales service for Jingjing.

Yu Tuben was unwilling to go personally, but Zhai Liang and his party’s persuasion could not help him. He went to Pudong alone to handle the after-sales service for Jingjing. Knowing that Yu Tu was coming, Jingjing was excited to change her clothes, and went downstairs to meet him. Yu Tu and Jingjing hadn’t seen each other for ten years, but they still recognized each other. Jingjing took the initiative to confess her little tricks. There was no problem with the air purifier. She just wanted to meet Yu Tu.

The two went out together wearing masks. Yu Tu had some surprise that Jingjing would be in her QQ list, but Jingjing lightly downplayed the matter of adding her trumpet to her, and only let Yu Tu read her Weibo. , She was a big coffee star, because of her Weibo, the air purifier of the institute was robbed, but Yu Tu was not very excited about it, Jingjing couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged. Later, Yu Tu brought up the matter of the King of Glory.

Jingjing confessed why she played the game. In the entertainment game, she will compete with two professional players, so she hopes that Yu Tu can teach her face to face. It just so happens that Yu Tu is also on vacation. , And Yu Tu is her classmate, she trusts Tu unconditionally. Through the mask, Yu Tu could still see Jingjing’s smiling face. He couldn’t help but think of Jingjing asking him to teach mathematics in high school, and he answered Jingjing aloud.

Seeing that Yu Tu agreed, Jingjing happily asked Yu Tu to go home with her to practice the game. Yu Tu entered the play in a second, only systematically analyzed the current situation and was ready to help Jingjing.

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