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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 2 Recap

Yu Tu pulled Jingjing to play games with her friends. Five people turned on the voice mode. As soon as Jingjing opened her mouth, the other two were very surprised. The two did not expect that Yu Tu, who is a sister insulator, could attract a girl. Yu Tu only Said that he did not know that Jingjing was a girl, and Jingjing was very thankful that Yu Tu did not recognize her voice. After one game, Yu Tu’s teammate Zhai Liang finally understood Jingjing’s rookie level and only let Jingjing follow Yu Tu. Although Jingjing did not play her supporting role, she happily followed Yu Tu to take two. Personal head.

Jingjing worked hard while filming. In order to let Yutu teammates take her to practice the game, she profligately bought all the good-looking skins and generously gave out the skins of three Yutu teammates. Only Yutu had no skins and was Zhai Liang smiled. This night, the five players started a new round of the game.

After Zhai Liang finished the match, he was ready to go to the top of the rankings. Jingjing was a little bit worried about the wrong payment of her skin. Zhai Liang had to let Yu Tu bring the crystal alone with a guilty conscience. Jing, as long as Yu Tu wins two rounds, he will contract for a day of housework. With Zhai Liang’s words, Yu Tu opened a dozen games with Jingjing without saying a word, and Zhai Liang had to contract for a week of housework.

Yu Tu is about to resign from the research institute and transfer to the financial industry. His college brother heard about Yu Tu’s plan, and he will call to the company to meet him after he resigned, hoping that Yu Tu can resign and come to his company. As everyone knows, Yu Tu has his own business plan, but he has not made up his mind and hesitates. On the other side, Jingjing has been staring at Yutu’s game number after returning from her husband Ling, waiting for Yutu to go online.

My girlfriend Peipei called Jingjing and told her what happened in the high school class group. It turned out that someone in the group was making rumors about Jingjing following Yu Tu. Yu Tu personally stepped up to clarify and slapped the rumorer in the face. . Watching Yu Tu’s speech, Jingjing felt an unknowingly sweet feeling in her heart.

On the other side of the bustling Shanghai, Yu Tu’s friend Zhai Liang moved to Yu Tu’s room. He did not understand Yu Tu’s thoughts. Yu Tu has always been excellent in ability, but he has always lived in the aerospace agency.

Nowadays, Shanghai’s housing loan is also the same for Tu This kind of huge pressure, and Yu Tu broke up with Xia Qing for the aerospace dream, he always thought that Yu Tu would regret it. Seeing Yu Tu’s preoccupied appearance, he hoped that Yu Tu could go to Beijing to relax, and think again about whether the Aerospace Institute is suitable for him, instead of indulging in games and relaxing at home.

After the friend left, Yu Tu remembered his resignation application, but the director did not directly approve it. He only let him take all the vacations for two years before considering leaving. When he was upset, Yu Tu was lying on the sofa. He drove a handful of King Glory and accidentally saw the skin that Jingjing invited and sent. He took the initiative to send QQ to Jingjing so that Jingjing didn’t need to send her skin. Jing mustered up the courage to let Yu Tu be her coach. Yu Tu refused. He might not play this game at any time, nor could he be Jingjing’s coach.

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