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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 3 Recap

Sun Yulou remembered that Doctor Jiang had a white jade intermittent ointment to eliminate scars, so he hurried to ask him for it. However, the white jade intermittent ointment was only for the royal family and relatives, and could not be used by ordinary people. Sun Yulou used his head fiercely. When he hit the wall, blood immediately flowed from his forehead, and the doctor Jiang hurriedly asked someone to bring the white jade intermittent ointment, and Sun Yulou sent it to Lin Shaochun as soon as possible.

In fact, this is a play that Lin Shaochun and the senior brothers and sisters discussed in advance. Lin Shaochun pretended to be injured and disfigured, just to make Sun Yulou completely give up. Seeing that Lin Shaochun’s forehead was intact, Sun Yulou immediately understood everything, so she put down the ointment. Go away in anger. That night, Lin Shaochun dreamed that she and Sun Yulou were swimming and playing in the river. The two of them were you and me. Lin Shaochun was blushing with shame when she woke up.

Lin Shaochun secretly watched from the gap of the curtain to the audience. She did not find Sun Yulou’s figure. She was disappointed in her heart. The troupe’s senior sister saw that she was waiting for Sun Yulou and persuaded her not to let down Sun Yulou’s infatuation, and revealed Bai Yu. Intermittent ointment was a royal ointment, and most people couldn’t get it. Lin Shaochun was worried about the scars on Sun Yulou’s face, but it was inconvenient to visit Sun’s mansion. The senior sister asked Lin Shaochun to find a way.

As soon as Sun Yulou returned home, she locked herself in the room and became sulking. Shen Qingyao heard that he was injured and hurried to visit. Sun Yulou spread all his anger on Shen Qingyao. Xu Fengqiao advised Shen Qingyao to stop. To provoke Sun Yulou, Sun Yulou puffed his wounds, Shen Qingyao hurriedly left. Aunt Mei suggested that Huanlang should serve Sun Yulou, and Shen Qingyao immediately sent someone to find Huanlang.

Lin Shaochun heard that Sun Junhao’s wife, Su Yingxue, loved the piano, so she pretended to be a member of Ruyi Musical Company and came to Sun’s residence to give Su Yingxue the piano. Su Yingxue was undecided, but she loved the piano like her life and couldn’t help playing a few times. Huanlang is the family member of Sun’s house.

He grew up with Sun Yulou. He was ordered to go to the village to do errands. After receiving Shen Qingyao’s order, he rushed back to see Sun Yulou. He gave Sun Yulou a mask to make Sun Yulou happy. , Sun Yulou was always depressed, Huan Lang guessed that he liked a girl, and promised to help him make good things.

Lin Shaochun hugged the qin and left Sun’s mansion. She pretended that she had an uncomfortable stomach and went to the hut. She just happened to bump into Sun Yulou. Sun Yulou thought that Lin Shaochun was up to see him, and closed her mouth happily. Su Yingxue then came and asked Lin Shaochun to give it to her.

Ordered an identical piano, and then asked the maid Qinxin to send Lin Shaochun away, and Lin Shaochun secretly left Bai Yu intermittently. When Sun Yulou saw the ointment, he realized that Lin Shaochun had come to give him the ointment. He was full of confidence and took Huanlang to chase Lin Shaochun.

The family members were ordered by Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao to stop Sun Yulou, and he was not allowed to go out. Sun Yulou had to come to Shen Qingyao to intercede. Huanlang also helped out and lied that Sun Yulou went to the poetry club to attend the party, and Shen Qingyao let him. When the friends from the poetry club were invited to the house, Sun Yulou had to go back to the room to rest.

Xu Fengqiao took the opportunity to match up the marriage between Sun Yulou and Yao Dizhu. Shen Qingyao promised to see Yao Dizhu. Xu Fengqiao suggested that Yao Dizhu should be taken to the residence for a few days, so that she could get along with Sun Yulou first, Shen Qing Yao gives Xu Fengqiao full authority to deal with the matter.

Yao Dizhu came to Sun’s Mansion on time. Xu Fengqiao had been waiting for a long time and hurriedly took her to see Shen Qingyao. Sun Yulou and Huanlang drew a map of their home. They conspired for a long time and couldn’t think of a way to get out of the house. Shen Qingyao sent someone to invite Sun Yulou. Sun Yulou was not interested in the blind date. Huanlang persuaded him to go first. Go to meet, and then find a chance to go out.

Sun Yulou bit his scalp and came to see Yao Dizhu. He deliberately assumed the appearance of a swinger, holding Yao Dizhu’s hand and letting Yao Dizhu live with him tonight, promising not to within three years. As a concubine, Yao Dizhu couldn’t bear the appearance of his unrestrained appearance, and turned around in anger and left. Shen Qingyao was so angry that he couldn’t laugh or cry.

Yao Dizhu heard that Sun Yulou did it deliberately. She had a keen interest in Sun Yulou. She took the initiative to come to him for a showdown and forced Sun Yulou to propose marriage as soon as possible. Sun Yulou was immediately dumbfounded. Yao Dizhu saw the map on the ground, guessed that Sun Yulou wanted to escape, and forced to ask what was going on. Sun Yulou told him about Lin Shaochun. Yao Dizhu was moved by his infatuation and agreed. Help him and Lin Shaochun pass the letter.

Yao Dizhu came to give Lin Shaochun a message, and Sun Yulou asked her to meet under the big banyan tree in Longen Temple at noon tomorrow. Sun Yulou and Yao Dizhu came together to ask Shen Qingyao for leave. They lied about going to Longen Temple to offer incense. Shen Qingyao believed it was true and let them go out.

Seeing that the appointed time was approaching, there was a sudden heavy rain in the sky. Lin Shaochun picked up two umbrellas and went out. She arrived at the appointed place, and Sun Yulou rushed over. The two people met with each other, and a thousand words came to their minds. Sun Yulou was so cold in the rain that Lin Shaochun lent him the umbrella.

When the rain stopped suddenly, Sun Yulou thought that God was pitying him, so he invited Lin Shaochun to make a wish with him and hang the wish on the big banyan tree. It will be realized within a day, otherwise Sun Yulou will never disturb Lin Shaochun again, and Lin Shaochun has an idea. The wish that “Sun Yulou disappeared immediately” was hung on the tree. Sun Yulou wanted to take Lin Shaochun around, wait until dark to verify, Lin Shaochun promised.

Huanlang took off Lin Shaochun’s wish note, and he was shocked immediately, not knowing how to realize this wish. Sun Yulou took Lin Shaochun wandering on the street and saw someone conjure the rabbit. Sun Yulou actively asked to participate in the trick. He got in, and the bureaucrats suddenly came. The people broke up and Lin Shaochun hurried over. Looking for Sun Yulou, he has long since disappeared.

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