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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 2 Recap

After the death of her parents, the young Lin Shaochun wanted to worship Ms. Yu as a teacher, and then went to Beijing to take the exam as a man. Ms. Yu refused to agree and turned her away. Lin Shaochun knelt outside the door and waited. There was a heavy snowfall of goose feathers. Lin Shaochun was trembling from the cold, and finally fainted in the snow. Lady Yu couldn’t bear it, so she took Lin Shaochun in.

Lin Shaochun came to confess her mistakes to Ms. Yu early in the morning. Ms. Yu listed her three mistakes one by one. She was worried that her appearance would lead to killing. Lin Shaochun realized the seriousness of the matter. Ms. Yu’s eldest disciple, Liu Wushuang, was the only one. She was the one who had finished studying the Three Jues, but Liu Wushuang relied on her craftsmanship to be exposed. Another apprentice, Tao Yao, was eager for quick success and quick gain, and left before he got his master. Lin Shaochun wanted to learn the Third Jue, and Lady Yu prepared her to endure hardships. .

Aunt Mei wants to marry her niece to Sun Yulou. Su Yingxue persuaded her to give up as soon as possible. Mrs. Sun Xun, Shen Qingyao, had already found a good candidate, the youngest daughter of Zheng Sanpin Zhan Shi Li Zong. Xu Fengqiao had heard of Li a long time ago. The young lady is a good housekeeper. Li takes care of everything inside and outside the house. Xu Fengqiao is worried that Miss Li will steal her limelight and privileges.

Xu Fengqiao heard that Miss Li was going to the temple to offer incense, so she waited there early. Xu Fengqiao took the initiative to greet Miss Li and tried her best to match her with Sun Yulou. Miss Li claimed that she was not afraid of overbearing people and married to Sun’s family. Still have to be a housekeeper. Xu Fengqiao forcefully endured the dissatisfaction in her heart and took Ms. Li to the backyard to drink tea. The maid deliberately poured a cup of hot tea on Ms. Li. Xu Fengqiao severely taught the maid to have a meal and let Ms. Li go in and change her clothes. She went through the door. In the seam, I saw a birthmark on Miss Li’s back.

Xu Fengqiao spread the news that Miss Li Jia had a birthmark on her back, and it quickly spread. Shen Qingyao thought that Miss Li had a bad reputation, and canceled the marriage on the spot. Xu Fengqiao was secretly happy. Shuntian Mansion Yin brought Sun Yulou to the Poetry Club to join in the fun. Sun Yulou was very disdainful of these arty practices. When he was about to leave, he saw a man who looked like Lin Shaochun coming in. Sun Yulou took the initiative to greet him and asked if there were any sisters in his family. , Lin Shaochun denied it.

At the beginning of the poem activity, Sun Yulou challenged Lin Shaochun, and the two of you came and I exchanged fluent answers. Lin Shaochun didn’t want to continue entangled with him, so he quickly found an excuse to leave. Sun Yulou followed him out immediately, debunking her as a daughter on the spot. Lin Shaochun was going to leave in anger. Sun Yulou threatened to look around for her with the portrait, so Lin Shaochun had to take him to the Baixi troupe.

Lin Shaochun disguised herself as a man and went to the stage to sing, and Sun Yulou was shocked. He looked at Lin Shaochun on the stage madly and couldn’t say anything. At the end of the performance, Lin Shaochun sent Sun Yulou away, repeatedly explaining her troubles of disguising as a man. Sun Yulou reluctantly left with Lin Shaochun and went home. He happily closed his mouth from ear to ear along the way.

Xu Fengqiao wanted to find a woman who would obey her to marry Sun Yulou. The maid had an idea to marry her uncle’s cousin Yao Dizhu to Sun Yulou. Xu Fengqiao knew Yao Dizhu’s strong temperament. At the beginning, Yao Dizhu was selected as a show girl, she deliberately dressed up to come to the palace, the imperial concubine was very dissatisfied with her, Yao Dizhu still plausible, the imperial concubine ordered her to be beaten, Pan Xiniang hurriedly stood up to relieve Yao Dizhu, lie It was said that Yao Dizhu had eye problems and they were all dressed up by the servants. Pan Xiniang desperately interceded for Yao Dizhu. Only after Sun Youzhen was relieved, Yao Dizhu was driven out on the spot and Pan Xiniang stayed in the palace. Both of them were very satisfied. Thanks.

Sun Yulou sent Lin Shaochun generous supplements and jewellery clothes, but Lin Shaochun refused to accept them, and Sun Yulou was so angry that she threw these things away. Xu Fengqiao came to his uncle’s house to see Yao Dizhu and persuaded her to marry Sun Yulou. Yao Dizhu wanted to find a man who liked him, but he couldn’t stand Xu Fengqiao’s struggle. Sun Yulou waited for Lin Shaochun on the street, and when he showed her heart to her, Sun Yulou repeatedly claimed that he was different from those dudes, so that Lin Shaochun would think about it.

From that day on, Sun Yulou came to support Lin Shaochun every day. Lin Shaochun was often distracted and was taught by Lady Yu. Lady Yu warned her to act well and don’t care about the actions of the people in the audience. Sun Yulou went to the theatrical troupe to find Lin Shaochun and learned that Lin Shaochun was drinking with the dignitaries in the restaurant. Sun Yulou hurried over. Seeing Lin Shaochun and the men pushing cups for a change, he rushed in to take Lin Shaochun away, but Lin Shaochun flatly refused.

Sun Yulou went out and ran into Du Fu Yin in Shuntian Mansion. Please call Lin Shaochun out. Du Fu Yin invited Lin Shaochun to drink with him. Lin Shaochun resisted desperately and pushed Du Fu Yin away. The others came after hearing the news. They besieged Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou. Pulled up Lin Shaochun and ran away. Lin Shaochun allowed him to go to the theater, but she didn’t want to worry about other things. She didn’t want to hurt Sun Yulou, but Sun Yulou was not afraid of it. He vowed not to give up Lin Shaochun.

Lin Shaochun drank with the guests and grabbed the limelight from other theatrical troupes. They came to Lin Shaochun to inquire about the crime and condemned Lin Shaochun for robbing their orders and smashed the theatrical troupe. Lin Shaochun desperately blocked him and was pushed to the ground. Her face was disfigured, and she exclaimed anxiously. Sun Yulou learned that Lin Shaochun’s face was ruined and could no longer perform on stage. Sun Yulou hurriedly came to comfort Lin Shaochun and promised to help her find a way.

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