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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 46 Recap

Mu Qing was surrounded by many time bombs in the factory, and Mr. Ou on the other side said that he already knew that Ou Kexin was posing as his daughter. He told Ou Kexin that if he wanted to save Mu Qing, he had to go abroad with him. . In order to save Mu Qing who was in danger, Ou Kexin agreed to leave with Mr. Ou. On the other hand, the sound of Mu Qing shooting in the factory successfully attracted the attention of Zheng Ke and the others. They successfully opened the door of the factory according to the password given by Mu Qing, and Mu Qing escaped before the bomb exploded.

When Ou Kexin saw the explosion in the surveillance, she mistakenly thought that Mu Qing would also be unable to survive, and she and Mr. Ou broke out and quarreled. At this moment, the police arrived and they surrounded Mr. Ou, and Mr. Ou was pointing a gun at Ou Kexin. Kexin cried and persuaded Mr. Ou to stop in time, because the real Kexin also hoped that his father could get lost. Know it back. At this time, the sniper arranged by the police smashed Mr. Ou’s arm.

Mr. Ou fell to the ground and took off his cuff needle, but the police stopped him from making small movements, but Rong Yu picked up the cuff needle. I accidentally stabbed myself. After Mr. Ou was arrested, he saw Mu Qing who was still alive, and his glasses were full of resentment. Ou Kexin fainted after walking a few steps tremblingly.

Liu Ju came to interrogate Mr. Ou in person. Mr. Ou said that he knew Liu Ju was a master of chess and was good at arranging troops, but he expressed disdain for Liu Ju’s use of family affection to set up the game. Liu Ju mocked Mr. Ou for trafficking in drugs, causing many people to ruin their lives, and they are not worthy of talking about family affection. Mr. Ou advised Liu Ju not to be too complacent. Sometimes an inconspicuous chess piece would make him turn defeat into victory.

Li Ruosheng went back to find Mr. Ou. At this time, a younger brother came to him and gave him a note. It showed that if Ruosheng could not contact Mr. Ou, he would take out the contents according to the address on the note. Li Ruosheng immediately acted according to the instructions of the note. It turned out that Mr. Ou asked him to trade with the ghost.

Li Ruosheng rushed to meet with the ghost. When he saw that the ghost was a female, Li Ruosheng was a little gaffe, but he negotiated cooperation with the ghost smoothly. Li Ruosheng took out some evidence from the locker according to the instructions that Mr. Ou had left him before. Mr. Ou said that if Li couldn’t contact him, it would prove that he was in an accident, and Mu Qing was an undercover agent. With a shocked look on his face, Li Ruosheng tried to contact Mr. Ou and Ou Kexin again, but they all failed.

After calming down, Li Ruosheng deliberately called Mu Qing and mentioned the ghost, and Mu Qing continued to talk to Li Ruosheng pretending that he didn’t know anything. After the phone was hung up, Mu Qing contacted Glory to stare at Li Ruosheng and seized the opportunity to arrest the ghost. And Li Ruosheng knew that after Mu Qing had deceived himself, he was both sad and low. He wiped his wet eyes and threw the phone out the window.

Glory went to visit Rong Yu with Li Yimeng. Li Yimeng took the initiative to hold Glory’s hand and encouraged him to pass all this. On the hospital side, Rong Yu has woken up, and Mu Qing and Rong Yu embraced the suffering lovers excitedly. At this time, Glory came with Li Yimeng. Mu Qing and Rong Yu tacitly called Li Yimeng as their sister-in-law. Glory did not interrupt, but acquiesced.

Glory learned that the ghost has arrived in Yungang, and that Mu Qing and Rong Yu’s undercover identities should have been exposed long ago. Now Li Ruosheng is the only person to contact the ghost. Mu Qing suggested that he should contact Li Ruosheng, because he felt that he was the person who knew Li Ruosheng best, and he could deal with emergencies, honoring them to agree to Mu Qing’s decision.

Mu Qing first went to the dark web base to find Li Ruosheng, but people had already left the building here, and Li Ruosheng transferred all the dark web equipment here.

After seeing Mr. Ou not showing up for a long time, the ghost asked Li Ruosheng if Ou was out. Li Ruosheng said that Mr. Ou had been busy recently. The ghost noticed that something was wrong, and she wanted to leave Yungang as soon as possible, but Li Ruosheng rejected the ghost’s proposal. He asked the ghost to stay a few more days, and then send someone to send her away after she made arrangements. Li Ruosheng arranged for many younger brothers to watch the ghost.

Rong Yu and Mu Qing had a long conversation. She said that after so many experiences, she couldn’t change back to the previous Rong Yu. Mu Qing said that he would love her forever. Rong Yu said that the Skylark Project has always existed. After he was disfigured by an explosion three years ago, he took the initiative to apply to replace Ou Kexin.

Rong Yu said that although she has become Ou Kexin’s appearance through plastic surgery, she still spent three years learning Ou Kexin’s various manners. Among them, the most troublesome thing is Ou Kexin’s keen sense of smell and fashion. Perseverance in art. Mu Qing ridiculed that Rong Yu has always had no artistic cells.

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