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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 12 Recap

Jiang Mengmeng considered repeatedly and decided to take Zhexiang on the road together. Yun Ya and Jiang Mengmeng talked to each other about their lovesickness. Yun Ya made an excuse to defend the justice of the rivers and lakes, and then resolutely left.

Murong Chen sent the sky to explore the reality of Xiang Zhe, worrying that Jiang Mengmeng would be deceived. Jiang Mengmeng took Song Che and Zhexiang to find Murongchen and they met, only to see Xiaoai crying to come to her, Jiang Mengmeng saw the notice posted on the wall to find her, the portrait was very ugly, Jiang Mengmeng Gritting his teeth with anger, he followed those signs to find Murong Chen. Murongchen pretended not to know, and took her hand to hush cold and warm, Jiang Mengmeng was very moved.

Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng and the group of six people continued to rush, Song Che was like a big enemy, always monitoring Zhe Xiang’s every move. When a group of people came to the woods, there was a heavy fog in the woods. Murongchen couldn’t help but think of the situation where he and his brother got lost here. He suggested that he waited until the fog cleared before leaving. Zhe Xiang estimated that it would take two hours to disappear. It’s dangerous. It is recommended to go out of the woods in a thick fog. Jiang Mengmeng felt that it made sense.

Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng and the group of six people continued to rush, and found that the fog was getting thicker and thicker. Murongchen suggested that they should go together in pairs and report the counts loudly every once in a while. Murongchen took the initiative to make peace. In the Xiang group, Jiang Mengmeng was angry and went with Song Che, and Xiao Ai naturally went with Changkong. It turned out that this was Yu Qingzhubu’s psychedelic fantasy formation. She stood on the top of the mountain and watched the whereabouts of Jiang Mengmeng and his party.

The three groups tentatively walked forward, and then reported each other’s whereabouts. Murong Chen suddenly discovered that they were in the same wood, but not in the same space, that is, parallel time and space. Murong Chen suggested that everyone walk out of the woods and meet again. Jiang Mengmeng was thinking hard and couldn’t think of a better way, so Song Che came up with a good idea.

Zhe Xiang guessed that Murong Chen chose her as a group because he was worried that she would harm Jiang Mengmeng, and Murong Chen talked about him. Song Che suddenly saw his horse and wanted the horse to take them out of the woods. Song Che hurried to chase the horse. He saw a group of people fighting fiercely from a distance, so he went to help without saying a word.

Unknowingly, Jiang Mengmeng came to Yunqi’s wooden house and saw Yunqi beating Yunya hard, forcing him to return the money to the owner. Jiang Mengmeng remembered the lost experience when he was eight years old, and saw Murongchen trying to save her. After being beaten by Yu Qingzhu for bleeding, Jiang Mengmeng realized that it was not a dream, but the real past. Yu Qingzhu wanted to kill Jiang Mengmeng, and Yun Qi struggled to beat her away. Yun Qi and Junior Brother wanted to escape in two ways. They took Jiang Mengmeng and Yun Ya to escape.

Jiang Mengmeng thought of all the past, she was so sad that she wanted to live, Jiang Mengmeng cheered up, thinking of Murongchen and Song Che, and hurried to find them both. Murong Chen also remembered that Yun Qi was killed in order to protect him. He wanted to kill Yu Qingzhu to avenge his uncle Qi, but he was suffering from cold poison and his internal power could not be used. Murong Chen wanted to die. Wake up like a dream.

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