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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 11 Recap

Jiang Mengmeng was so hungry, she wanted to eat meat, and Xiao Ai was greedy. Changkong went to the woods to beat a pheasant. Xiao Ai was full of praise for him. Unexpectedly, Song Che hunted a sheep, and they hurriedly roasted it. To eat, Murongchen sliced ​​the meat and tasted it carefully, and gave it to Jiang Mengmeng. Jiang Mengmeng was not satisfied and wanted to drink some wine. Murongchen took out a few jars of wine like a trick, and the five people ate the meat. drink wine.

Jiang Mengmeng was overwhelmed with alcohol, and soon drank too much. She used Jiujin to utterly praise Song Che as a brave general. Song Che closed her mouth happily. Jiang Mengmeng suddenly vomited, and Murong Chen hurriedly helped her. When he stepped aside, Jiang Mengmeng confessed to him after drinking and admitted that she was touched by Murongchen’s sincere confession, but she already had a cloud in her heart. Looking at Jiang Mengmeng’s naive and pitiful look, Murongchen was full of pity and almost blurted out that he was Yunya.

Jiang Mengmeng dreamed that Yun Qi led her and Yun Ya to be chased and killed. Yun Qi resisted desperately and was severely injured and fainted. The demon head rushed over to kill Jiang Mengmeng, and Yun Ya stood up in time to protect her. Jiang Mengmeng was awakened by the nightmare. Seeing that it was already light, she felt a headache and splitting. Xiao Ai humbled to her and asked for warmth. Jiang Mengmeng couldn’t wait to find Murongchen and wanted to know if she had gushed words after drinking last night. Murongchen was confused. Edited a pass.

Jiang Mengmeng couldn’t understand Murongchen’s dead skinny face, and sent him away in a few words. Jiang Mengmeng regretted being tempted by him. Fortunately, he kept the seat of Yunya Palace. Song Che hid on the side and heard Jiang Mengmeng’s self-confidence. Yu Yu, mistakenly thought that Zheng Gong was referring to him, and felt happy in his heart.

Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng and the five people came to Liangcheng quickly and saw that it was desolate, but the pedestrians on the road and the things they sold were all very wealthy. Song Che introduced that this is the only way for all countries to do business. Murongchen couldn’t help remembering that he and Jiang Mengmeng were begging here when they were young, because they couldn’t cry and couldn’t get the money. Jiang Mengmeng saw that someone had lost the money bag and hurried to buy roast chicken and wine to honor Yun Qi.

Yun Qi struggled to ask about the origin of the money, and the two of them had to explain the truth, and Yun Qi took them to return the donor. A group of little beggars stopped Murongchen and his party. Two little beggars asked Jiang Mengmeng for money. Jiang Mengmeng asked Xiao Ai to give them some money. The little beggar ran away and dropped the money bag on the ground. Jiang Mengmeng hurriedly took it. To chase, Song Che chased after him.

Murongchen and Changkong sent away the little beggar beside them, only to know that Jiang Mengmeng was chasing the little beggar. Murongchen realized that the situation was not good and suspected that the little beggar was the bait. He was worried that Jiang Mengmeng and Song Che were in danger, so he hurried to take Changkong. Go save people. Jiang Mengmeng and Song Che chased the little beggar all the way, and they soon disappeared. Jiang Mengmeng and Song Che were forcibly pushed down “Yunxianglou” by one person.

There were no empty seats in the Yunxiang Building. They watched the new singer Xie Yumian dance attentively, and kept applauding her. Jiang Mengmeng and Song Che were also deeply attracted by Xie Yumian’s graceful dance. After the performance, the old bust asked Xie Yumian to make one. Question, choose the one with the same lip color from dozens of rouge. Those who answered correctly can spend a good night with Xie Yumian. The men present are eager to try.

Murongchen found an old beggar on the corner of the street and asked the little beggars whereabouts. The old beggar confessed that they were bought by a woman and led Jiang Mengmeng to the “Yunxianglou”. Jiang Mengmeng saw at a glance that Xie Yumian used a mixture of two colors, and she was the only one who guessed it correctly. The old bustard congratulated Jiang Mengmeng, Cheng Wei, Xie Yumian’s guest, and the guys pushed Jiang Mengmeng into the room without any distinction. .

Xie Yumian took the initiative to seduce Jiang Mengmeng and seduce her in every possible way. Jiang Mengmeng desperately dodges, wanting to know her difficulties in entering the brothel, Xie Yumian asked her to drink a glass of wine first, Jiang Mengmeng worried about fraud, Xie Yumian picked it up. After drinking, she approached Jiang Mengmeng step by step, and Jiang Mengmeng was frightened at a loss. At this moment, Song Che and the masked Yun Ya rushed in at the same time. Yun Ya knocked the dagger in Xie Yumian’s hand to the ground and rescued Jiang Mengmeng. Jiang Mengmeng was immediately dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Xie Yumian to treat her. Kill the killer.

Song Che and Xie Yumian fought, and the two were inextricably fought. Yun Ya helped to subdue Xie Yumian and forced her to explain the person behind the scenes. Xie Yumian had to admit that she was Yu Qingzhu’s subordinate Zhexiang, and wanted to take the opportunity to kill Jiang Mengmeng to avenge her brother. Jiang Mengmeng helped Zhexiang untie the rope and returned the dagger to her, and persuaded her to give up the idea of ​​revenge. The two countries are fighting, and sacrifice is always inevitable. What’s more, when is the time for retribution, Zhexiang has no revenge target. Thinking about it, Jiang Mengmeng desperately stopped her.

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