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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 11 Recap

On this day, when Lin Dang and Qin Ming were driving on the road, when Dabao called, the two immediately went to the forest park to check the situation.

A group of people found the mobile phone based on the location and also found He Liang who was hanging from a tree. He Liang is also the man who fought with the man in black before. Suddenly, Qin Ming discovered that He Liang who had hanged himself had signs of life, and a group of people immediately rescued He Liang.

Back in the bureau, everyone convened a memory, because with He Liang, a key figure, the investigation of the case has also made breakthrough progress. At this moment, Xiao Dandan’s parents also came to the police station. Xiao Dandan’s departure also dealt a huge blow to the two of them. The two also reflected on their previous writings, looking at the sadness of the two elders, Lin Dang and the three were also mixed.

After talking in the police station for a long time, their emotions eased a lot. It was not early, Lin Dang called the car to the old man and sent them away. At that time, the three of Lin Dang continued to discuss the case, and Qin Ming also told everyone what happened in He Liang’s diary. On the day of the incident, He Liang, under the instigation of Xiao Dandan, had no choice but to kill a worker who was one of the insiders in order not to reveal his whereabouts.

Everyone also learned from their diaries that Gu Weimin had threatened Xiao Dandan with He Liang’s murder, so as to force him to have a relationship with Xiao Dandan. Through the diary, everyone also discovered that Xiao Dandan was actually using He Liang, and the reason why He Liang was so obsessed with Xiao Dandan was because Xiao Dandan was the only one who was willing to approach He Liang when He Liang was the hardest. People. The iron cage case came to an end for the time being, and Lin Dang also decided to invite everyone to dinner and relax.

To everyone’s disappointment, Lin Dang actually ordered a takeaway to eat at the police station, and the group of people were eating while listening to Qin Ming’s analysis of the case. Listening to Qin Ming’s analysis, the atmosphere became tense. After that, Lin Dang broke the deadlock and everyone began to eat.

When he returned home, looking at Qin Ming thoughtfully, Lin Dang also handed over the file of the case fifteen years ago to Qin Ming. Listening to Lin Dang’s narration, Qin Ming clenched his hands unknowingly. Fifteen years ago, Zhao Dali had a secret crush on Chen Jia and desperately wanted to go on stage to sing with Chen Jia.

Zhao Dali, who secretly practiced singing, was discovered by Chen Jia. He was panicked and confident in Chen Jia’s encouragement. , But who knows, Chen Jia taunted Zhao Dali secretly and used it as a joke for everyone to enjoy. But Zhao Dali, who was outside the curtain, heard it straight. Zhao Dali also held a grudge for this. Therefore, when Chen Jia was practicing alone, Zhao Dali approached Chen Jia for an explanation.

The emotional Zhao Dali strangled Chen Jia at this time. After witnessing the whole process, Qin Ming was so frightened that he reported to the police in a panic, but was discovered by Zhao Dali, and Qin Ming fled in a hurry. You chased me. In the end, the young Qin Ming was still caught by Zhao Dali. Just when he was about to be strangled to death, the police rushed to kill Zhao Dali and Qin Ming was rescued because of this, but Qin was rescued. Ming left a deep shadow.

Looking at Qin Ming’s state, Lin Dang, who had finished explaining the causes and consequences, sat next to Qin Ming and began to comfort Qin Ming. Seeing Qin Ming remained silent, Lin Dang mistakenly thought that Qin Ming was unhappy and hurriedly apologized. But who knows, Qin Ming suddenly raised his head to ask Lin Dang for help.

When he heard this, Lin Dang suddenly laughed. Returning to his self-confidence, Qin Ming began to discuss the case with Lin Dang. Qin Ming, who brought him into his identity, showed a lot of perverts, and Lin Dang, who was sitting by the side, felt panicked. While Qin Ming was thinking hard, Lin Dang’s words reminded Qin Ming, Qin Ming also began to guess that the murderer might have used drugs to deal with the victim in advance. Suddenly, the two of them smoothed their minds and clapped their hands to form an alliance.

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