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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 14 Recap

Xiao Yan felt very uncomfortable when she handed over her original project to Chen Jiaorui. Yan Zhi said that she could resign, but Xiao Yan said that if he resigned, their team would lose, and she was unwilling to lose to Chen Jiaorui. When Qi Bin learned that Xiao Yan was going to Beijing, he also bought a plane ticket to Beijing to accompany Xiao Yan, trying to make her happy, Xiao Yan was completely tempted, and the two of them stayed together that night.

Xiaoxi asked Lili if she had deliberately set Yan Zhi off, and Lili admitted that she thought she had to follow Chen Jiaorui’s arrangements to go smoothly. Yan Zhi didn’t want to cause trouble to Xiao Yan again because of his ignorance, so he took the initiative to ask Xiaoxi about those statistics, and Xiaoxi spared no effort to teach him.

Qi Bin specially introduced Mr. Yang to Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan knew his good intentions, but Xiao Yan didn’t want to leave Thea Group for the time being, at least she couldn’t leave as a loser. Chen Jiaorui came home late because of work. Chen’s mother told her that there was a store celebration tomorrow and she had to leave at 6:30. However, Chen Jiaorui was immersed in work and did not listen to what she said at all. Chen’s mother was also angry and said nothing, and left without saying a word.

Last time Mo Ming suggested that his family take the child to a large hospital for examination, which caused dissatisfaction among the parents, and the dean reminded Mo Ming again. Mo Ming originally acted according to the principles, but he was not pleased. He had to leave this basic hospital and continue to maintain his living through online car-hailing.

Coincidentally, Xiao Yan had an appointment with a car, which happened to be Mo Ming, and both of them were suddenly embarrassed. Xiao Yan couldn’t help saying that if he needed it in the second trial, he could testify for him. Mo Ming declined, he didn’t need others to give false testimony. Xiao Yan was so choked with this that she had nothing to say. After a while, she said that she was also a victim. She did not expect Chen Jiaorui to have such a deep heart.

You Ya was unwell, Xiao Yan rushed over and sent You Ya to the hospital with Mo Ming. After the examination, it was discovered that You Ya was pregnant with a second child. You Ya and Congcong are very happy, she has planned to have a second child for a long time. Mo Ming looked envious. Chen Jiaorui hated the second child. Whenever she mentioned it, she always felt that someone wanted to persecute her.

Xiao Yan comforted him and said that the fault between Chen Jiaorui and him was not his fault. Cheng Haonan thanked Mo Ming for sending You Ya and her son back, and took his wife and children home with a casual polite. Xiao Yan said that Cheng Haonan is a lemon essence, she and You Ya together, Cheng Haonan will be jealous. Mo Ming thought it was funny, no wonder he felt a sense of unfriendliness after just a few words with Cheng Haonan.

Mr. Li said that Xiao Yan would also attend the project launch dinner tonight. Chen Jiaorui was dissatisfied and deliberately arranged work for Xiao Yan to prevent her from attending on time. Chen’s mother is in a hurry to leave, but Yuesao can’t come home temporarily because of something. A girl who doesn’t understand anything comes here. Mother Chen was helpless, but still gave the child to the girl.

Xiao Yan finished her work and was about to go out, but Chen Jiaorui deliberately picked the wrong job for her. The girl next door came to ask for help. It turned out that Tongtong had a high fever. Before Xiao Yan promised to help, the girl ran away. Xiao Yan called Chen Jiaorui and said Tongtong had a fever, and Chen Jiaorui wanted to leave, but Mr. Li would not let her go. Xiao Yan continued to call and send messages to Chen Jiaorui, but there was no reply at all, so Xiao Yan had to send Tongtong to the hospital.

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