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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 21 Recap

Bao Xue persuaded Dai Xiaoyu to tell the story of the surging as soon as possible, but Dai Xiaoyu decided to simply wait for the surging to get the certificate before telling everyone. Today, the two came to see Bai Jinghui together. Bao Xue wanted to retrieve the certificate she got when she was a child, but she found Bai Jinghui’s case by accident, and only then did she learn that such a major incident had happened. The two people were angry that Bai Jinghui was silent, but Bai Jinghui smiled when she talked about Lu Zheng taking care of herself. Bao Xue screamed and wanted Lu Zheng and Bai Jinghui to get the certificate earlier. But Bai Jinghui insisted on seeing her two granddaughters have a destination before making a decision.

Zhao Henan’s parents suddenly attacked, Zhao’s mother stared at Feng Xi closely, and was very satisfied with the smiling face of Feng Xi. Zhao Henan shyly said that the two people had been dating for more than a month, and Zhao’s mother was even more delighted. She grabbed Feng Xi directly and invited him. Feng Xi will come to eat together another day.

When You Shanshan heard that the two were acting more vigorously, Zhao Henan drove her car to pick up Feng Xi for dinner. Unexpectedly, the meeting of seeing his parents came so soon, Zhao Henan could only ask Feng Xi to make room. In order to help Zhao Henan, Feng Xi decided to go home and arrange the decoration first. Due to work reasons, it is impossible for the two to spare time at the same time, so they can only take turns to accompany the two elders.

When Peng Pai works at home, her daughter Peng Man’s phone calls suddenly, and Peng Pai suddenly becomes sneaky, saying that there is a meal, and then quietly leaves. It turned out that it was her daughter who wanted to see Peng Man and Peng Man wanted to study abroad. Peng Pai said that she supported her, but she did not have enough funds. The car and house in his hand were given to his ex-wife, and Surging really couldn’t get anything out of it.

Peng Man firmly believes that Dai Xiaoyu defrauded all of Peng Mei’s money, Peng Man firmly denies it, and does not allow Peng Man to slander Dai Xiaoyu. Although his father promised that he would contract all the expenses, a question came out in Peng Man’s heart. Does Peng Man love himself more or Dai Xiaoyu? Peng Man couldn’t answer this question, so Peng Man took the Peng Man phone as an excuse and wrote down Dai Xiaoyu’s call…

Suddenly Peng Man knocked on Dai Xiaoyu’s door, and walked in unceremoniously, speaking without any kind. Dai Xiaoyu looked at the irritable teenager in front of him, feeling amused in his heart. Peng Man’s lips, guns, tongues, and swords were obviously a bit naive. Dai Xiaoyu simply took out the pregnancy test stick that he had just tested by himself. The two obvious red bars made Peng Man not be angry. Come, slam the door angrily and leave.

Dai Xiaoyu told Peng Man’s actions to Peng Man, Dai Xiaoyu didn’t care about these at all, and what he cared more about was why Peng Man had to lie to himself. Peng Pai could only talk about his own reasons, and Dai Xiaoyu also reluctantly accepted it. Dai Xiaoyu talked about his plans to talk to Chai Yong about leaving the job next week. Surging asked the reason. Only then did Dai Xiaoyu proudly take out the pregnancy test stick.

Unexpectedly, with a face of resistance, he began to persuade Dai Xiaoyu to kill the child. Peng Pai kept thinking about Peng Man and himself, and didn’t think of Dai Xiaoyu’s mood at all. A new life was conceived in Dai Xiaoyu’s belly, but what Dai Xiaoyu did not expect was that Surging wanted to use his own thinking to control the unborn child. Unable to accept the surging selfishness, Dai Xiaoyu immediately grabbed the handbag next to him and slammed the door to leave.

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