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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 45 Recap

After Mr. Ou knew that Ou Kexin who had been with him day and night was not his own daughter, he had mixed feelings. He angrily picked up the gun and pointed it at Ou Kexin through the door, but what he remembered in his mind was himself and As Kexin got along with every bit, he still couldn’t bear to put down the gun, and showed everything normal to go to eat with Kexin.

At the police station, everyone felt that the four King Kong around Mr. Ou had fallen, and the situation was very good for the police. However, Li Yimeng and Glory felt that the various retreats that Mr. Ou was showing were just setting smoke bombs with them. Liu Ju said that no matter what kind of wishful thinking Mr. Ou made, they all need to cope with all changes in the same way, try their best to facilitate the deal between Mr. Ou and the ghost, and then kill them all at once.

Mr. Ou took the initiative to have a long conversation with Ke Xin. Mr. Ou said that he had lived like walking on thin ice and trembling for many years. Since Ke Xin came back, there has been warmth in his life. Ou Kexin also said sincerely that she would never leave Mr. Ou. The father and daughter hugged together.

Mr. Ou said that the ghost would come to Yungang the next day. He asked Li Ruosheng to keep an eye on the factory and dark web business and not make any mistakes; he asked Mu Qing to go to the vault to withdraw money, and Ke Xin followed him to see the ghost, because he I want Kexin to see her hands in the golden basin with her own eyes. After receiving the news that the ghost is coming to Yungang, Glory immediately notified his team members to prepare accordingly.

In the evening, Li Ruosheng met Muqing for a drink, and the two of them felt the ups and downs they have experienced for so long, and they are about to succeed now. Li Ruosheng said that he could not figure out Mu Qing’s thoughts even now, but he said that Mu Qing would be his eternal brother, and that he would earn half of Mu Qing’s money in the future, and Mu Qing could return to his side at any time.

Li Ruosheng’s true feelings touched Mu Qing. He couldn’t help but called Ou Kexin. Kexin comforted him. These are things that must be experienced as an undercover agent. Once things are understood, they will also be subject to the law for their actions. Sanctions. However, Ou Kexin’s conversations were all eavesdropped on by Mr. Ou.

The next day, Honor sent a text message to Ou Kexin saying that everything was ready. After Mr. Ou’s home drove a car, Li Yimeng and the others immediately drove to track it. After seeing all this in the surveillance, Mr. Ou explained to Ou Kexin that the informant told him that his actions had been watched by the police, so he would find someone to pretend to be himself and set off first. Later, Mr. Ou confiscated Ou Kexin’s mobile phone for safety.

Li Yimeng followed Mr. Ou’s stand-in to the dock, but the ghost did not appear for a long time. Liu Ju realized that the situation was different, and he asked Honor to investigate whether there were other cars coming out of Ou’s house. Sure enough, Honor did find another car from Ou’s house. And Li Yimeng also discovered that they were following Mr. Ou’s stand-in. Liu Ju realized that Mu Qing and Ke Xin were in a dangerous situation, and he immediately ordered Glory to search their whereabouts.

Zheng Ke followed Mu Qing to a factory. After he entered the factory, the door of the factory closed automatically, Mu Qing was trapped inside, and what was even more frightening was that the time bomb in the factory was counting down.

On the other side, Mr. Ou brought Kexin to a pier. He said that he had completed the transaction with the ghost. He would now take Kexin to leave Yungang and live abroad together. Ou Kexin said that she would not leave unless Mu Qing came. Mr. Ou showed Kexin how Mu Qing is now, and Ke Xin was very anxious after seeing it.

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