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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 44 Recap

Mu Qing’s report to Glory that Skylark’s identity might be suspected. Mu Qing said that Mommy, who had taken care of Kexin abroad before, is now back, and her every move seems to be testing Kexin. Mu Qingtuo inquired about Baoma’s situation, and he also told Honor that he already knew that Ou Kexin was Rongyu. Mu Qing and Glory finally untied their knots, and Mu Qing happily taught Brother Glory.

Li Tianlong, who had betrayed Matsumoto before, called glasses to help him, but the glasses felt that a bereaved dog would not help him much, so he rejected him, and the angry Li Tianlong decided to teach glasses a lesson. Ghost calls Mr. Ou to discuss cooperation, but Mr. Ou is hanging Ghost instead, because he thinks that Matsumoto is down, so his K Group has the greatest advantage. When I met with Ma Yuebao in glasses, Ma confessed that the current Ou Kexin is in line with the characteristics of the previous one, but she still feels that the current Ou Kexin is very strange.

She feels that Kexin’s current temperament and business characteristics are all the same. It’s not the same as before. The glasses happily said that they could see the difference. He also asked Bao Ma to find a way to give him the cup and hair that Ou Kexin had used. Later, the glasses asked his subordinates to check the explosion that occurred in Ou Kexin three years ago.

Glory told Mu Qing that he found that the glasses had been very close to Bao Ma’s grandson recently, and he often sent people to follow Bao Ma’s grandson. He speculated that the glasses should be Bao Ma’s grandson threatening Bao Ma to help him. Zhao Ran, dressed as a kindergarten security guard, received Bao Ma’s grandson’s bracelet, and he reminded Mu Qing that they might be able to win Bao Ma’s trust by giving them the bracelet.

Ou Kexin handed the bracelet to Bao Ma and told Bao Ma that she would protect her granddaughter’s safety. After being moved, Bao Ma decided to help Ou Kexin. The glasses found that the explosion of Ou Kexin in France three years ago was very serious, and no one survived. The glasses further confirmed that the current Ou Kexin is a counterfeit.

Ou Kexin took the initiative to confess to Mr. Ou that she discovered that the glasses had been in collusion with Matsumoto, and the glasses also allowed Matsumoto’s men to take the opportunity to kill herself and Mu Qing, thereby destroying the business between the K Group and the ghost. Afterwards, Mr. Ou asked what happened to the glasses.

The glasses explained that the group’s successive incidents were related to Mu Qing, and every time Ou Kexin would stand up to relieve Mu Qing. The glasses pointed out that the current Ou Kexin is a fake and an undercover agent for the police. Bao Ma also stepped up to prove that the glasses instructed herself to harm Ou Kexin.

Bao Ma said that she was very sure that the current Ou Kexin was the one she took care of at the beginning. Glasses angrily indicated that Ou Kexin and Bao Ma had colluded to frame themselves. Ou Kexin mentioned that glasses were the mastermind of the French bombing three years ago. Ou Kexin asked Li Tianlong to talk to Mr. Ou and exposed the crime of glasses. It turned out that Li Tianlong failed to find glasses for help, and instead formed an alliance with Ou Kexin.

Mr. Ou tied the glasses to the basement. He used the gun to force the glasses to tell the truth. The glasses admitted that he indeed told Matsumoto about Ou Kexin’s residence in France three years ago, and he also put Ou Kexin and Mu Qing in R country. Li Tianlong was told whereabouts, and Mr. Ou was so angry that he hit the knee with a pistol through his glasses.

The glasses endured the pain and continued to insist that Ou Kexin was the police undercover. Ou Kexin sent a text message to let Honor locate himself, and then rushed into the basement to intercede for the glasses, letting Mr. Ou keep the glasses for his life. After Mr. Ou shot his glasses again, his life and death depended on good luck. The police came in just as the spectacles’ eyes were dim, and the spectacles fell into a coma after they knew they were right.

Bao Ma packed up her luggage to leave Ou’s house, and asked Ou Kexin to take care before leaving. She had already seen that the girl in front of her was not the real Ou Kexin, but she still hoped that the girl in front of her could get away from the abyss as soon as possible. Mr. Ou thought that the glasses were dead but still reminded him that Ou Kexin was fake. He couldn’t help but wondered, so he asked someone to investigate in secret.

The results of the investigation showed that the current Ou Kexin is not the original Ou Kexin. It’s fake. Mr. Ou recalled the little things he had had with this fake Kexin in his mind, and was told that this was not his own daughter, and it was difficult for him to accept this reality for a while.

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