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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 43 Recap

Ou Kexin was severely wounded by the gun. Mu Qing had been looking for an exit, but it was still unsuccessful. Ou Kexin confessed to Mu Qing sincerely, he asked Mu Qing if he had liked herself, but Mu Qing did not answer, but persuaded Ou Kexin to save his strength first. The police in Country R informed Glory that Ou Kexin and Mu Qing had not been found yet, and the “ghosts” they caught were also counterfeit goods.

The frail Ou Kexin uttered the verse that Rong Yu had ever read with Mu Qing when she was confused, and then fainted. Mu Qing asked Ou Kexin how he knew the verses between him and Rong Yu. Looking at the fainted Ou Kexin, he slammed the door frantically and shouted for help hoarsely.

The bits and pieces he experienced with Ou Kexin flashed in Mu Qing’s mind, and he finally knew that Ou Kexin was his former lover Rong Yu. At this time, the police of country R finally found them and sent them to the hospital. Liu Ju asked Honor to disclose information about Ou Kexin’s injury and medical treatment to Mr. Ou.

Mr. Ou was very anxious when he learned that his daughter was injured.

After Ou Kexin woke up, Mu Qing wanted him to confess that he was very sure that he was the Rong Yu he was thinking of. Ou Kexin couldn’t hold back his emotions and hugged Mu Qing and told her how much she missed Mu Qing. The two of them finally recognized each other. .

Shao Nan told the glasses that he had found the nanny Bao’s mother who had been taking care of Ou Kexin before. The glasses then introduced Bao Ma to Ou Kexin on the grounds of visiting Mr. Ou, saying that they wanted to secretly surprise Kexin. Mr. Ou also wanted Bao Ma to take care of his injured daughter, so he agreed to the glasses proposal.

Li Ruosheng drove to pick up Kexin and Mu Qing. Mu Qing took good care of Kexin. After knowing that Kexin was Rong Yu, Mu Qing was gentle and distressed towards Kexin. When Mr. Ou saw Ou Kexin who was injured and weak, he immediately accused Mu Qing of ineffectiveness. Under Kexin’s coquettish offensive, Mr. Ou was also relieved.

So everyone went to eat together. Ou Kexin took a sip of the drink and found that it was peanut dew, and there were peanuts in almost every dish. She immediately said that she was allergic to peanuts. Mr. Ou said that these were all made by Bao’s mother. At this time, Bao’s mother brought out another plate of fish, but Ke Xin said that she was also allergic to fish. Mu Qing on the side noticed that there was something wrong with Bao Ma.

Ou Kexin was surprised at Bao Ma’s arrival. Mr. Ou said that the glasses personally recommended Bao Ma to take care of Ou Kexin. Bao Ma served Ou Kexin a bowl of soup and deliberately knocked it over on Kexin’s feet, and checked the birthmarks on Ou Kexin’s feet by cleaning up the filth for Kexin. Afterwards, Bao Ma retreated to the kitchen on the grounds that she was too old and unsuccessful. Seeing these behaviors of her parents, Mu Qing felt very strange.

It turned out that the glasses had already found Bao’s mother before. Bao’s mother said that the glasses did three years ago, and she hadn’t said a word to outsiders. Glasses said that he knew, otherwise Bao Ma’s family would have died because of it. Glasses also used Bao Ma’s granddaughter to threaten Bao Ma to help herself identify Ou Kexin’s true identity. Bao Ma said that she didn’t want to do things that would hurt the truth, but the glasses said that if Bao Ma did so, she would be repaying Mr. Ou. Bao Ma begged the glasses not to hurt her grandson, and she was willing to cooperate with the glasses.

Mr. Ou told Mu Qing that he had gradually transferred the business of the group to Li Ruosheng, and the real ghost was also talking to him today. Mr. Ou said that as soon as Matsumoto was arrested, only the K Group was cooperating with Ghost. Mr. Ou asked Mu Qing to be responsible for receiving the ghost.

Li Ruosheng confessed to Mu Qing that he was promoted by Mr. Ou, and when the cooperation between the K Group and the ghost is reached, Mr. Ou will take Mu Qing and Kexin to settle abroad. Mu Qing teased Li Ruosheng that he was realistic, but Li Ruosheng said that he was temporarily keeping the K Group, and Mu Qing is Mr. Ou’s son-in-law, and the K Group will be Mu Qing sooner or later.

Bao Ma quietly came to Ou Kexin’s room to see the scar on Kexin’s head, but was stopped by Kexin. Mu Qing is reporting the latest situation to Glory.

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