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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 9 Recap

Xiaomei made an idea to ran the family to the hot spring, causing him to lose all his memories, so she couldn’t go to Sang Luo to report. Murong Chen threw the family into the hot spring, Jiang Mengmeng accidentally touched the mechanism, and the big wall slowly opened. Inside is a secret road. Murongchen speculated that it was built by the director of the house thirty years ago. Jiang Mengmeng suggested that the captured girls should be rescued from the secret road when it was dark. They made careful arrangements.

Jia Ding woke up, he didn’t remember what happened, so he was called to work by his companion. Murongchen pretends to be a family member. He draws the other family members away. Jiang Mengmeng takes the girls to the hot spring and opens the secret road. Xiaomei leads everyone away. Jiang Mengmeng stays and waits for Murongchen and Murongchen to finish. After the mission returned smoothly, Jiang Mengmeng took his hand and left the secret road.

When Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen walked out of the secret road, they found that the girls were caught by Sang Luo. Jiang Mengmeng realized that they had been fooled. Sang Luo let Xiao Mei Ying meet her and deliberately let her discover the secret road. Jiang Mengmeng suddenly Dumbfounded, she had to admit that Murongchen was a man in desperation. She didn’t expect Sang Luo to be suspicious and lied that he needed eighteen girls’ blood. In fact, only seventeen were enough. Sang Luo drew his sword and stab Jiang Mengmeng. In the throat, a drop of blood fell on the bluestone slab.

Xiqing, who was practicing in retreat, came to stop Sang Luo in time and scorned her severely. Sang Luo worried about getting old. She only wanted to stay young forever to be worthy of the still-chic Xiqing. Xi Qing didn’t care about this at all. For external things, Jiang Mengmeng knew that Xi Qing was 46 years old. He practiced a technique when he was young, which would keep him young forever.

Sang Luo was not reconciled and insisted on finding the secret of eternal youth. She urged Xiqing to continue to retreat, and waited for her to find a way before she came out. Xiqing pricked her eyes blindly and showed her sincerity to Sang Luo in this way, Sang Luo Holding him, crying, and constantly complaining that he was too stupid, Jiang Mengmeng and Xiao Ai were both moved by this sacred feeling.

Jiang Mengmeng was full of emotions, regretting that she could not find such unforgettable feelings. Murongchen explained to her one by one that it was true love. Jiang Mengmeng opened her hair, and she took out the jade pendant left by Yunya and firmly believed that she was right. Yunya is true love. Sang Luo sealed the secret road and wanted to bring the blind Xiqing to the world. Before leaving, she gave the bloody night flower to Jiang Mengmeng. Jiang Mengmeng just wanted to explain that the flower was fake, and Murongchen could not be said to be Jiang Mengmeng. He did not want to make Sang Luo sad, Jiang Mengmeng thanked him for his hard work.

Jiang Mengmeng, Song Che, Xiao Ai, Chang Kong and Murong Chen and the five people continued to rush to Cangyun Nation. They ate and slept. Song Che saw Murongchen uncomfortable everywhere. If they didn’t agree, they quarreled so hard, Jiang Mengmeng. I didn’t want to listen, so I went to bed with Xiao Ai under the big tree. In the middle of the night, Jiang Mengmeng took the jade pendant and came to the depths of the woods. She asked the system monarch for help, wanting to see Yunya again.

The masked Yunya suddenly fell from the sky. He hugged Jiang Mengmeng on the tree. The two sat on the tree and talked. Yunya was sorry for not coming to rescue her in time last night. Jiang Mengmeng didn’t mind, and promised to be on call next time. As soon as he arrived, Jiang Mengmeng showed off the feat of saving people to Yunya, and took the opportunity to ask Yunya for a kiss. Yunya was unmoved, Jiang Mengmeng took the opportunity to show that she wanted to find a bloody epiphany to treat Yunya’s injuries, and Yunya suddenly Feishen left, Jiang Mengmeng yelled anxiously.

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