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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 7 Recap

Xiao Ai’s reminder made Jiang Mengmeng break her hair. She called Yunya and begged Yunya to take her out of the palace, and promised to help Yunya find blood in the epiphany after the matter was over. Yunya considered it again and again and decided to take it three days later. She is out of the palace.

Murongchen couldn’t guess that Jiang Mengmeng still had other clues about the bloody night. He carefully looked through Qian Xiufang’s ledger and quickly found out the clues, and the goal was locked at Bailu Villa. In a blink of an eye, three days passed, Jiang Mengmeng gave Xiao Ai the beauty secrets he had compiled, and also gave the werewolf kill card to A Liang. Xiao Ai was reluctant to leave and couldn’t help crying.

Xiao Ai wiped away her tears and persuaded Jiang Mengmeng to go out of the palace to find her own real happiness. Jiang Mengmeng was very touched and wanted to take Xiao Ai with her. Naturally, Xiao Ai couldn’t ask for it. That night, Xiao Ai and Jiang Mengmeng changed into eunuchs’ costumes and went out of the palace. The guards stopped them. Thanks to Song Che’s timely delivery of people to relieve the siege, they also sent Jiang Mengmeng two sets of clothes. Jiang Mengmeng and Xiao Ai went out smoothly. palace.

Song Che was patrolling the palace and came to Jiang Mengmeng’s residence unknowingly. Murongchen, who was wearing a mask, rushed over and the two men fought. Che came on horseback and wanted to go out of the palace with Jiang Mengmeng and the others, so Murong Chen had to hide first.

Jiang Mengmeng waited for Murongchen, so he didn’t show up, so she had to go with Song Che first. Murong Chen was seriously injured, and Chang Kong rushed over. Murong Chen came to say goodbye to Jiang Wan overnight, and wanted to go and chase Jiang Mengmeng back personally. Jiang Wan naturally couldn’t ask for it. Jiang Sisi heard that Jiang Mengmeng and Song Che had escaped overnight. She hurriedly came to Jiang Wan to complain. Jiang Wan promised to help her find a good man, but Jiang Sisi reluctantly agreed.

Jiang Mengmeng took Xiao Ai and Song Che all the way to bed and sleep. On this day, the three of them came to Qingluo Town, feeling that the people in the town were all in a hurry, feeling very surprised. When Song Che went to find the inn, an old woman pulled Jiang Mengmeng and called her daughter. Jiang Mengmeng learned that many girls were robbed this month, and Jiang Mengmeng couldn’t guess who did it.

Murongchen and Changkong followed. They wanted to return to Cangyun Country and forced Jiang Mengmeng to send them home, so as not to be used as a laughing stock by the Chinese. Jiang Mengmeng could also take Geng Tie away by the way, and the two of them would divorce. Jiang Mengmeng would consider Repeatedly, he promised to send him back to Cangyun Nation, Song Che strongly opposed, but Jiang Mengmeng was determined.

Song Che came to check in at a nearby inn. There was only one room left, and five people couldn’t live at all. The boss asked Changkong and Xiao Ai to sleep in the Datong bunk and asked Xiao Er to put an extra bed in the upper room. Song Che and Murong Chen were both vying to sleep with Jiang Mengmeng. Jiang Mengmeng let them live together. Murongchen and Song Cheji were on a small bed. The two were fighting for the quilt, and the bed collapsed. Jiang Mengmeng was so angry that he couldn’t laugh or cry.

Changkong and Xiao Ai were squeezed tightly by the people next to them. Both of them blushed and couldn’t sleep with their heartbeats. Changkong gave up their positions and let Xiao Ai sleep at ease. When Jiang Mengmeng was having breakfast with Murongchen, he learned that Xiao Ai was gone.

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