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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 6 Recap

Jiang Mengmeng wanted to freeze Murongchen ill, but she was so cold that she couldn’t afford it. Jiang Mengmeng was unwilling to give up. She made an excuse to make a honey mask and let Murongchen poke the honeycomb, and Murongchen and Changkong covered it. She was so strict and she wore a veil to gather honey. The bees were angered and flew around. Jiang Mengmeng and Xiao Ai were besieged. They flee in fright, but they were still stung by bees in several places. Jiang Mengmeng Complaining with Xiaoai.

When Jiang Wan learned that Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng were in agreement, she immediately wrote to Cang Yunguo to announce the good news. When Jiang Sisi learned of this, she was not angry. She wanted to find Song Che to inform, but she was worried that Song Che would not believe it. So she let the gossiping lady in the palace spread the news. Song Che heard this accidentally, and he was so angry. He gritted his teeth and came directly to Teacher Jiang Mengmeng to inquire.

Xiao Ai pulled out the jade pendant from Jiang Mengmeng’s clothes. Jiang Mengmeng remembered what Ngong Yunya had left at that time, and there was infinite thoughts in his heart. Song Che yelled at Jiang Mengmeng as soon as he entered the door. Jiang Mengmeng thought that the sting had spread all over the palace, and the scars on his face showed up. Song Che made sure that she and Murong Chen were laughing and fighting. Regarding the mutual pleasure, Jiang Mengmeng admitted that she had always regarded Song Che as a friend and good brother, and Song Che was immediately discouraged and left without looking back.

Jiang Wan sent someone to hand over Jiang Mengmeng’s birthday horoscope to Murongchen, and asked him to choose a good day to get married as soon as possible. Jiang Mengmeng was obsessed with Yunya, and Cang Yunguo sent a lot of dowry gifts. The wedding was scheduled for Jiang Mengmeng’s 18th birthday. Jiang Mengmeng was dumbfounded. She couldn’t let Yunya go, and she held Yu Peina in her hand. Now talking to himself, Yun Ya wearing a mask rushed over afterwards. Jiang Mengmeng didn’t want to marry Murongchen, and begged him to take him far and high. Yunya wanted to travel the world and refused to take Jiang Mengmeng away.

The four princes are going to hold a party for Murongchen to celebrate his bidding farewell to being single. Jiang Mengmeng knows that most of the people in the palace are attending and want to take this opportunity to leave the palace. Jiang Mengmeng and Xiao Ai hold A Liang and return it to him He was fed Mongolian sweat medicine, and Jiang Mengmeng disguised herself as a man and left quietly. Jiang Sisi learned that Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen’s wedding date had been set, and decided to stop the marriage personally.

Murongchen and the four princes changed their cups. They were drinking and talking, and they were going to be drunk soon. Changkong was guarding outside, and the guards dragged him to drink, but Changkong was drunk. Jiang Mengmeng walked out of the palace gate and bumped into Jiang Sisi, who was disguised as a man. Both had their own confession and were afraid to look at each other. Just as Jiang Mengmeng wanted to leave, he was knocked back by Changkong. When Jiang Sisi saw Murongchen and others drunk at the table, he took Murongchen back to his room, and wanted to cook mature rice with him. Murongchen knocked her out before he was ready.

Changkong carried Jiang Mengmeng on his back, put her on the bed, carried Jiang Sisi out, and Murongchen took the opportunity to lie down beside Jiang Mengmeng. Early the next morning, Jiang Sisi woke up and found himself sleeping under a tree. Murongchen woke up and saw Jiang Mengmeng and deliberately called for help. The maids and eunuchs rushed to see the excitement after hearing the news. The matter quickly spread throughout the palace. Jiang Mengmeng was puzzled.

Jiang Wan learned that Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen were sleeping together, and immediately made an order to hold an engagement ceremony for them seven days later. Jiang Mengmeng was immediately dumbfounded. Jiang Mengmeng had no choice but to ask Song Che to send her out of the palace. Song Che categorically refused. Jiang Mengmeng begged, but Song Che thought she was playing with herself. Jiang Mengmeng vowed to treat him as a good friend. Don’t let go.

Jiang Mengmeng racked his brains to meditate and decided to find a breakthrough in the game itself. Jiang Mengmeng analyzed that the bleeding epiphany and Yunya were the key points of the game. Jiang Wan sent someone to Jiang Mengmeng to send a red dress, Jiang Mengmeng didn’t want to wear it. , Xiao Ai came up with an idea for her to find Yunya to find a way.

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