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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 10 Recap

Murongchen heard Jiang Mengmeng’s sincere confession. He didn’t know what to do for a while, so he had to leave. Murongchen didn’t expect Jiang Mengmeng to have a deep affection for Yun Ya, who pretended to be him. He really couldn’t bear to lie to Jiang again. Mengmeng, Chang Kong persuaded Murong Chen to live for himself and treat his cold poison with Blood Epiphany. Don’t live up to Jiang Mengmeng’s infatuation. Murongchen wanted to save her eldest brother Murong Yi with Blood Epiphany.

Yu Qingzhu deliberately let go of the wind, claiming that the blood can make people stay young forever, that is, to use sangluo to collect the girl’s blood. Unexpectedly, she sent Zhexiang to Qingluo Town, and Zhexiang saw Jiang Mengmeng’s presence on the scene. A drop of blood was tested with the Xuanyin Gu worm. As a result, the worm was poisoned to death. Zhexiang immediately reported to Yu Qingzhu. Yu Qingzhu never thought that Jiang Mengmeng was the pure female fate she was looking for. Zhe Xiang wanted to capture Jiang Mengmeng back, but Yu Qingzhu didn’t want to start a slap in the face, and asked her to follow Jiang Mengmeng secretly, and be sure to protect her safety.

Changkong handed the secret letter of Tianji Pavilion to Murongchen. The letter stated that Jiang Mengmeng was the pure-yang woman who started the bloody epiphany. Changkong persuaded Murongchen to let Jiang Mengmeng save Murong Yi, and Murongchen remembered Jiang Mengmeng. She was still on the tree, and quickly rescued her.

Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen and the five people continued on their way. They passed by He Zhaojun and were just in time for the annual Mask Festival. Jiang Mengmeng saw a rabbit mask. She gave Murongchen a mask exactly like Yun Ya. , Jiang Mengmeng recognized him as Yunya, but couldn’t believe it, Song Che suddenly jumped out to disrupt the situation, Jiang Mengmeng didn’t think too much, so he wandered in the street wearing a mask with everyone.

The assassin suddenly attacked Jiang Mengmeng, Murong Chen desperately rushed to rescue her, Zhexiang put on a mask and joined the battle, Murong Chen accidentally injured and fell into the lake, Jiang Mengmeng heartbroken. The sky went down the river and finally found the injured Murongchen. Jiang Mengmeng came to visit after hearing the news. Murongchen wanted to explain the truth. Jiang Mengmeng interrupted him quickly and persuaded him to heal his wounds.

Murongchen was worried that he would not have a chance to say in the future, Jiang Meng Meng let him speak freely, and Murong Chen wanted to have a place in Jiang Mengmeng’s heart, otherwise he would die, Jiang Mengmeng promised, she sincerely thanked Murong Chen, and Murong Chen excitedly kissed Jiang Mengmeng.

Song Che suddenly entered the door and saw this scene. He was furious. He threatened to kill Murongchen. Changkong desperately stopped him. He had to tear down Murongchen but was injured and not life-threatening. Jiang Mengmeng flushed with shame and hurriedly found an excuse to leave. , But she was still immersed in the kiss just now, unable to extricate herself.

Early the next morning, Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng and the group of five people continued to rush to Cangyun Country. Along the way, they talked and laughed, so it was so lively. Zhe Xiang soon found out that the man in black who attacked Jiang Mengmeng wanted bloody epiphany, and also found out that Murongchen had chills. Yu Qingzhu sent Zhexiang to join Jiang Mengmeng’s team.

Murongchen was born with an obsession with cleanliness, so he suggested finding a place to take a bath. The old bustard carefully trained the new girl Xie Yumian, and wanted her to be a cash cow for the brothel. Just when Xie Yumian was about to open the door to pick up guests, she suddenly disappeared, and Zhe Xiang came to replace her in time.

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