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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 19 Recap

After Yuhang talked with Huo Youze, Huo Youze realized that it was the real Luo Qianyi who had returned home. On the contrary, he was a little surprised, why Luo Qianyi didn’t blame herself and didn’t mention any past. He was a little worried about Song Xiaodong’s safety. When Yuhang saw Luo Qianyi today, he thought it was Song Xiaodong.

He called Song Xiaodong, but Luo Qianyi hung up the phone. Huo Youze guessed that Luo Qianyi was holding Song Xiaodong’s mobile phone. Huo Youze and Yuhang agreed, and now the most urgent task is to find Song Xiaodong. Sun Lei knew that after Luo Qianyi had returned, he was not threatened by Song Zhengnan, but Song Zhengnan said that the matter was not over yet.

Luo Qianyi made an appointment with Qi Fan. Qi Fan asked Luo Qianyi if she was just a stranger to her. Luo Qianyi denied it. She told Qi Fan that she had returned by herself. It was indeed her greatest fortune to be able to meet Qi Fan. She also knows that Qi Fan has been waiting for herself, but she can no longer think about things like before, she has changed, she can no longer give Qi Fan any response, and will not return to Qi Fan again. Qi Fan was very sad, and Luo Qianyi was actually sad, but what she wanted more now was to seize her chance.

After Luo Qianyi went home, he threw the game console away. Huo Youxi was a little angry and dragged Luo Qianyi to play games with her. Luo Qianyi ruthlessly broke the game console. Huo Youxi was very surprised at Luo Qianyi’s sudden change and asked her the truth. Can you forget everything during this period? Luo Qianyi seemed interested and asked Huo Youxi what happened during this period. At this time, Huo Youze came back, and Luo Qianyi did not continue to ask.

At dinner in the evening, Huo Youxi watched Luo Qianyi cook back to the previous meals, and couldn’t help asking if Luo Qianyi had a split personality. Now her face became annoying again. Huo Youze said a few words from Huo Youxi, Huo Youxi was so angry. left.

Luo Qianyi was not angry. After eating, she went to the piano room to put a piece of film and recalled what happened in Japan. Huo Youze walked in and said that he knew that Luo Qianyi was back. He was very happy, but he was afraid to face Luo Qianyi. Huo Youze asked if she had taken Song Xiaodong away. Luo Qianyi refused to admit that she knew Song Xiaodong at first, and later accused Huo Youze of giving Song Xiaodong the honor of having worked hard for many years. Huo Youze was very guilty. He thought Luo Qianyi was dead, but Luo Qianyi However, Huo Youze said that doing this is worse than killing her.

Huo Youze hoped that Luo Qianyi would not embarrass Song Xiaodong. Luo Qianyi interrupted him and said that she would assume that nothing had happened, and she would explain what happened during this time. The colorful plan can continue, and she and Huo Youze will be the same as before. Seeing that Luo Qianyi has changed so much, Huo Youze asked her what she had experienced in the past six months. When asked here, Luo Qianyi suddenly ordered Huo Youze to leave and let Huo Youze leave.

Early the next morning, Huo Youze still asked Luo Qianyi what happened in the past six months. Luo Qianyi still refused to say. Huo Youze knew that Luo Qianyi wanted to marry herself, so he agreed to marry her, but asked Luo Qianyi to tell the whereabouts of Song Xiaodong. Gu Zi talked about the wedding, and also said that Song Xiaodong’s affairs depended on Huo Youze’s performance. Seeing Luo Qianyi’s behavior, Huo Youze went out to see Yuhang on the pretext of walking Mozart, and Yuhang also asked Lao Feng for help.

Lao Feng analyzed to the two that Song Xiaodong and Yuhang quarreled with Luo Qianyi, and Luo Qianyi also took this opportunity to take Song Xiaodong’s mobile phone, but Luo Qianyi should still have a helper, and this helper was a clue to Song Xiaodong. Several people were talking, Mozart suddenly ran to Luo Qianyi, Lao Feng and Yuhang quickly slipped away.

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