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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 18 Recap

Because of the negative news about Huo Youze and Luo Qianyi, some shareholders proposed to terminate the colorful plan and pointed the finger at Huo Youze. Huo Youze strongly opposed, saying that to terminate the colorful plan now is irresponsible to those children. Huo Youze begged shareholders to see those children. , And said that he would insist on one more year at most and give himself time to arrange those children, but Li Dong said that he could not wait for a year and asked shareholders to vote. Most shareholders agreed to terminate the colorful plan.

Song Xiaodong went to Huo Youze to find out about Song Zhengnan’s affairs. Huo Youze said that Song Zhengnan was looking for his daughter. He had already told Song Xiaodong about other things. On the other side, Song Zhengnan approached Sun Lei and asked Sun Lei for money. Sun Lei asked Song Zhengnan on the basis of his offer.

Song Zhengnan said that Luo Qianyi was actually his daughter Song Xiaodong. He broke into Huo Youze’s house by himself, but no police came to look for him. , Indicating that Huo Youze did not dare to tell the truth to the police, what did Huo Youze do to the real Luo Qianyi? Sun Lei remembered that he had overheard Huo Youze and Song Xiaodong’s conversation before, and felt a little guilty.

After Song Xiaodong returned home, Lao Feng had been waiting at Yuhang’s house for a long time. Lao Feng also brought Song Xiaodong’s medical certificate. The dental film on it was very consistent with the dental film taken by Song Xiaodong. Now we can confirm that Song Xiaodong’s Identity. Old Feng said that if Song Xiaodong was willing, he could help Song Xiaodong return to Japan and help her gain a new identity, but Song Xiaodong was still worried about Meizi and wanted to learn more about her past from Lao Feng. Don’t worry about sending Song Xiaodong, you will contact her again soon.

After Lao Feng left, Yuhang and Song Xiaodong talked about their suspicions, guessing whether Song Xiaodong saw Huo Youze kill Luo Qianyi on the snowy mountain, Song Xiaodong spoke for Huo Youze, said Luo Qianyi was still alive, and he saw Luo Qianyi alive. Standing in front of her, she did not tell Huo Youze that Luo Qianyi was still alive, just to keep Huo Youze guilty, but Yuhang felt that Song Xiaodong was covering Huo Youze, thinking that she was deceived by Huo Youze’s illusion, and her feelings for Huo Youze were temporary.

Confused, Song Xiaodong said that she could distinguish between true and false feelings. Yuhang asked her to forget Luo Qianyi’s identity and start again. Otherwise, why did he do so much? In the beginning, if Yuhang had something to expect from her, she would tell Yuhang now that she could not respond to Yuhang’s feelings. After saying this, Song Xiaodong left Yuhang’s house. Not long after leaving, Song Xiaodong sent a message to Yuhang that he would not contact Yuhang again.

Huo Youze was drunk and the real Luo Qianyi returned to Huo Youze’s house. Huo Youze regarded her as Song Xiaodong and apologized to her, saying that he did not regard her as Luo Qianyi’s substitute. Luo Qianyi shook off Huo Youze. After Huo Youze woke up I thought Song Xiaodong was still playing Luo Qianyi. Luo Qianyi announced to the outside world that the rumors of her marriage with Huo Youze were false, and Qi Fan’s remarks were only unilateral statements, and Luo Qianyi had nothing to respond.

After Luo Qianyi returned, she immediately held a performance. Sun Lei saw Luo Qianyi on the stage and was very surprised. Song Xiaodong could not play the violin. The person in front of him was the real Luo Qianyi. Huo Youze went to Yuhang and asked about Song Xiaodong’s situation, but Yuhang said that Song Xiaodong had gone back.

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