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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 13 Recap

Chen Jiaorui changed from a level to Xiao Yan’s direct leader. Xiao Yan was dissatisfied, but she could only accept it. After that, Chen Jiaorui’s attitude towards Xiao Yan changed 180 degrees. When she met Xiao Yan in the toilet, she stopped saying hello, and even criticized Xiao Yan’s team at the meeting for not finding the basic needs of users. ,

Because no one in Xiao Yan’s team has ever given birth to a child. She used her identity as a mother to suppress and embarrass the Xiao Yan team who had never had children. Xiao Yan’s team was very dissatisfied. Although Xiao Yan was dissatisfied, she would actively guide the team and work overtime collectively that night. Chen Jiaorui pretended to understand her subordinates, and Xiao Yan had a thorough understanding of her character, and no longer accepted her hypocrisy.

Mo Ming committed himself to being a doctor in a grassroots organization. The dean clearly told him that the five social insurance and one housing fund could not be guaranteed, and his salary could not be compared with his salary at the city hospital. But Mo Ming was in urgent need of a job, so he finally decided to stay here. . An old man encountered a murmur in his lungs. Mo Ming was worried that he had a lung infection and suggested that he go to a large hospital for examination, but the old man complained of his poor medical skills.

Later, the dean reminded Mo Ming to prescribe medicine to the patients in the future. There is no need to advise them to go to the big hospital, otherwise there will be no patients here. Mo Ming said that he understood. I stayed up late at night to work overtime to find information, Yan Zhi took an hour off, went home to make a dinner for Mo Ming, and brought a copy for Xiao Yan from the company.

The next day, Xiao Yan gave Chen Jiaorui the twelve documents that the team had worked hard to make by staying up late and working overtime. Chen Jiaorui just glanced at it and made it clear that none of these plans could be used because he couldn’t grasp the key points. Xiao Yan wanted her to be more specific, but Chen Jiaorui said that she wanted her team to do something so specific, and then accused them of being single and aristocratic for not knowing what a mother really needs.

After hearing this so-called reason, Xiao Yan smiled contemptuously, said nothing, and was about to leave her office with the copy. Chen Jiaorui answered the phone and went to a meeting. Xiao Yan was holding a pile of documents, and one fell to the floor inadvertently. Yan Zhi and the team members came to clean up the documents on the floor with her.

Yan Zhicao Chen Jiaorui bullied Xiao Yan, and Mo Ming said it was retribution. Yan Zhi wanted to speak for Xiao Yan, but Mo Ming hated her for testifying for Chen Jiaorui last time, and had no good impression of her at all. You Ya also thought that Xiao Yan had underestimated the enemy this time. If she hadn’t been helping Chen Jiaorui, she would not have been able to take the position of vice president of the company so quickly.

At this moment, Xiao Yan also admitted that although You Ya has never worked in the workplace, but as the so-called authorities are obsessed with onlookers, You Ya still has a very thorough understanding of workplace laws, and Xiao Yan is ashamed of it. At the company’s plan decision-making meeting, President Li and President Ma agreed that Chen Jiaorui’s plan was good, but President Ji strived to let Xiao Yan talk about her plan. Xiao Yan showed it and immediately left President Li and President Ma speechless.

With resentment, Chen Jiaorui deliberately asked Xiao Yan’s team to troubleshoot Yanzhi, and asked Lili to hand over a complicated piece of data to Yan Zhi to do. She specifically told her to send Yanzhi directly to the Beijing headquarters after finishing the work. Later, there was a problem with this data. Chen Jiaorui asked Xiao Yan to take charge.

Either Yanzhi left the job, or Xiao Yan went to Beijing to explain in person. In desperation, Xiao Yan had to buy a plane ticket to Beijing. As for Mr. Ji’s work, Chen Jiaorui had to be handed over. This fits Chen Jiaorui’s intentions, her purpose is to take away the project that Xiao Yan is supposed to be in charge of.

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