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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 12 Recap

Xiao Yan and Chen Jiaorui worked together, and the two opened the door to discuss work matters. At this time, Xiao Yan was completely defenseless against Chen Jiaorui. Qi Bin told Mo Ming that he currently does not have a fixed job, and it is best to find a stable job before the trial. As for the stable residence, Yan Zhi helped Mo Ming. Xiao Yan and Qi Bin were dating and kept replying to Chen Jiaorui’s news. Qi Bin learned of the cause and effect.

He believed that colleagues are colleagues and should not be mixed with too much personal emotions. Even so, Xiao Yan still didn’t take his words to heart. She thinks she has been in this industry for a long time and she doesn’t need an outsider to teach her some truths about the workplace.

In the subsequent work, Chen Jiaorui secretly safeguarded her relationship with other departments. Momma’s online sales of products were very successful, and Li Cha praised Chen Jiaorui for this. Chen Jiaorui went to Xiao Yan’s house for a drink. After telling the lush years of college, Chen Jiaorui stated her purpose.

In the lawsuit tomorrow, she hopes that Xiao Yan can help her testify in court. The next day, Chen Jiaorui fought a lawsuit with Mo Ming. Her lawyer said that Mo Ming did not care about his family and would not go home after get off work, but left his wife to play basketball with others. Although this is true, Mo Ming did not show indifference to her and the child, so he couldn’t help refuting. Qi Bin listed the series of abnormal behaviors of Chen Jiaorui during her confinement period, and she left her children and ran away from home.

Both sides held different opinions, and Chen Jiaorui suddenly presented another important piece of evidence. She accused Mo Ming of being alcoholic and prone to domestic violence. She showed her injuries from a fall accidentally. Qi Bin said that domestic violence is a very serious complaint, and she must show evidence, otherwise they can sue Chen Jiaorui for defamation. Chen Jiaorui has witnesses, and Xiao Yan is her witness.

Mo Ming was emotional, and the judge decided to adjourn the court for ten minutes. Qi Bin privately warned Mo Ming that the current situation is very unfavorable for him. He must produce proof that Chen Jiaorui has depression and proof that he has received cranial magnetic stimulation treatment before he can get Tongtong’s custody and visits. right. At the beginning of the trial, Qi Bin was about to show evidence that Chen Jiaorui had depression, and Mo Ming couldn’t bear it.

In the end, the first instance judged that Chen Jiaorui divorced Mo Ming and deprived Mo Ming of custody and visitation rights of Tongtong. Qi Bin once again reminded Mo Ming not to have any illusions during the second trial. Chen Jiaorui was crying in the court, and she also found false witnesses to help testify. This woman is not easy. If he wants to win the second trial, Mo Ming must work hard and find strong evidence that Chen Jiaorui is not suitable for raising children.

Qi Bin came to Xiao Yan. He explained that Mo Ming would never have a tendency to domestic violence, but Xiao Yan had been blinded by Chen Jiaorui’s acting skills. She thought everything was Mo Ming’s fault at the moment. Qi Bin persuaded her not to move her, so he had to remind her to beware of Chen Jiaorui. He could see that he cared about Xiao Yan.

That night, Chen Jiaorui went to Xiao Yan for a drink again, and asked her if she would help herself in the second trial, Xiao Yan hesitated. The next day, the company held a meeting. Li Cha announced at the meeting that Chen Jiaorui was the candidate for the vice president. Xiao Yan, who thought she had a chance to win, was immediately dumbfounded. Mother Wang Ji said that she was not surprised that Chen Jiaorui was able to become the vice president of Thea Group.

Since Chen Jiaorui began to take over the sales of online products from Mom, she has been with Manager Li and other boss’s wives. Making good relationships is very active in the mother group, and Xiao Yan doesn’t know this at all. Li Cha said that this was the result of collective deliberations by the company’s board of directors. Chen Jiaorui, who is already a mother, is more suitable for vice president than Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan expressed dissatisfaction.

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