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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 15 Recap

In fine weather, Yuan Zhijie, Fang Tianyi and Hu Yanzu chatted on the grass outside the inn. Fang Tianyi intends to accumulate experience by picking up a web drama. So he went to the interview arrogantly, but his resume was turned into scum by two other directors who were younger than him. However, the ultimate success or failure depends on the film made by each person.

In the bakery, the three plastic sisters before Ye Xiaoxi drove a live broadcast to the store to punch in Ye Xiaoxi’s Internet celebrity cake, and found that Ye Xiaoxi’s name was printed on the leaflet, and learned that her family was behind in this place. After making the cake, I decided to laugh at her, so I sent her an invitation letter for my girlfriends party. After An Qi knew about it, she decided to find a dress that made Ye Xiaoxi’s eye-catching. However, she rummaged through the closet but couldn’t find it. So she took Yuan Zhijie and Ye Xiaoxi to make a luxurious and flamboyant dress. .

Hu Yanzu became popular because of his abnormality, and he followed up with several abnormal scenes. Unconsciously, he gradually turned himself into a pervert, unable to change it. When dating Fang Tianzi, he was even regarded as abnormal by the waiter and other customers, but Fang Tianzi was so relieved that Hu Yanzu didn’t take it to heart.

Until he met a real pervert who was photographing the bottom of a girl’s skirt, he hurried to chase him, and everyone regarded him as a pervert, which made him very shocked. Back at the inn at night, Fang Tianyi asked Hu Yanzu to play a kind father. Hu Yanzu still couldn’t get rid of the perverted influence and was disgusted by Fang Tianyi. Yuan Zhijie was working as a women’s model for An Qi and Ye Xiaoxi and couldn’t play his father.

Fang Tianyi had to find Brother Qiang to try the show. The shocked Hu Yanzu went to his father Li Chengru’s home. Li Chengru’s words inspired him. He finally asked for a perverted atmosphere and returned to the inn. He found that the strong brother did not perform well, so he volunteered. This time, his father made Fang Tianyi admire him.

On the second day, Fang Tianyi brought his work to the interviewer for decision. And Ye Xiaoxi, An Qi, and Yuan Zhijie were all dressed up to attend Ye Xiaoxi’s girlfriends party. Ye Xiaoxi is the “eldest lady”, An Qi is the “stylist”, and Yuan Zhijie is the “housekeeper”. After arriving, the three former sisters laughed and mocked Ye Xiaoxi everywhere, but An Qi couldn’t see it, and she was injustice for her many times.

Later, the vicious female partner No. 1 proposed to go horseback riding on the racecourse. Everyone came to the racecourse together, but there were only three horses there, and Ye Xiaoxi could only be excluded. However, while riding a horse, a girl accidentally fell off, and An Qi hurried over to save her. The horse ran wildly and galloped towards the railing on the edge of the racecourse, but stopped in front of Ye Xiaoxi. Ye Xiaoxi stroked the horse affectionately.

Everyone was surprised how the horse was suddenly so docile, Ye Xiaoxi explained. , This horse farm originally belonged to their family, because the business of the vicious female matchmaker’s No. 1 family failed, so Ye Xiaoxi’s father sold the horse farm at a low price so that they could start again. The horse’s name was “Duo Duo”, which was given by Ye Xiaoxi at the time. After listening, everyone was silent. At this time, Ye Xiaoxi suggested that she wanted to try riding a horse. So after finishing the equipment, she went into the racecourse and rode Duo Duo to show everyone her superb riding skills.

Back indoors, the malevolent female partner number 1 and number 2 still sneered at Ye Xiaoxi. The other girl who fell off the horse was grateful to Ye Xiaoxi, so she provoked, and the malevolent female partner number 1 and number 2 were on the spot. Pulled up his hair. Ye Xiaoxi, An Qi and Yuan Zhijie also took the opportunity to leave. Back at the inn, Ye Xiaoxi saw Fang Tianyi rushing like a wild horse. She hugged Ye Xiaoxi for a long time. It turned out that after the interviewer’s review, his film was finally selected. I got the project smoothly. After hugging Ye Xiaoxi, Fang Tianyi hugged Hu Yanzu next to him and started a new circle…

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