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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 14 Recap

After Ye Xiaoxi gave the bonus, she bought gifts for everyone in the inn, and asked everyone if they were free the next day, and wanted to invite everyone to dinner. As a result, everyone was not available except Fang Tianyi and Hu Yanzu. Hu Yanzu was also taken by Fang Tianzi. And Fang Tianyi was forced to run out of time, so Ye Xiaoxi and Fang Tianyi made an appointment to eat together the next day. As a result, when he had dinner the next day, Jiang Hyuk actually arrived, and it seemed that he also had a bakery colleague and came over by himself.

He also wore the Peppa Pig sweater of the same style as Fang Tianyi, which Ye Xiaoxi bought when he bought one, get one free. From ordering to eating, the two secretly competed. After eating, the three of them saw someone riding a bicycle. Ye Xiaoxi wanted to ride too, so Fang Tianyi drove a single car and a double car over, and Jiang He argued with him about who should take Ye Xiaoxi. Upon seeing this, Ye Xiaoxi got on the single bike and left first.

Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu came to the video game city. They went to dance. Hu Yanzu disliked Fang Tianzi and lost the rhythm. He randomly pulled a passerby to jump with him to break the record. Fang Tianzi was angry and left, and Hu Yanzu followed her to coax her. Fang Tianzi gave him a chance. They went to K song again. In order to choose a song that was auspicious and suitable for the occasion, they racked their brains and finally sang “The Goddess”. Then the two came out to eat ice cream again. Just as Hu Yanzu was about to feed Fang Tianzi’s ice cream, he suddenly saw Fang Tianyi and Jiang He swaying over on a bicycle. Hu Yanzu immediately teleported to another place and escaped smoothly.

Ann originally planned to find a job, but found out that all jobs require a college degree, even a courier. She made up her mind and wanted to take the college entrance examination. Upon seeing this, Yuan Zhijie helped An Qi’s homework. However, I took An Qi’s math papers and took a look. The whole paper was blank, and the last geometry problems were filled with her whimsical costume designs when she was on a small business. Therefore, Yuan Zhijie suggested that An Qi could give up studying and switch to making clothes. An Qi happily accepted his suggestion.

Later, Ye Xiaoxi, Fang Tianyi and Jiang He went to a sports bar. When Ye Xiaoxi went to the bathroom, the host announced a game for running for love. The first prize was a SLR camera. Seeing that the countdown for registration is getting shorter, Ye Xiaoxi hasn’t come back, so Fang Tianyi asked Jiang He to go with him. Jiang He took the opportunity to step on his nose and raised a lot of excessive requests for the next meal to sit with Ye Xiaoxi and the next time. Fang Tianyi reluctantly agreed to ride a car with Ye Xiaoxi.

Then Fang Tianyi carried Jiang Hyuk on his back and went on the court like this. Finally, I asked Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu, who were in the shadow of Fang Tianyi, to walk and suddenly saw Fang Tianyi running wildly on the court with Jiang He on his back. Hu Yanzu picked up Fang Tianzi on the spot and quickly fled the scene.

At night, in the alley, Fang Tianzi blamed Hu Yanzu for being absent all day on the first date. Hu Yanzu said that he was only unaccustomed to the sudden change of a girlfriend from a good friend. Fang Tianzi held hands and hugged, and Hu Yanzu felt that he was a good friend, so Fang Tianzi took the initiative to kiss Hu Yanzu. Hu Yanzu was suddenly opened up, and he helped Fang Tianzi’s head and kissed affectionately.

In the inn, Ye Xiaoxi was packing her clothes, and Fang Tianyi came in gently holding a gift box. They originally won the first prize today, but he exchanged the first prize SLR camera with the second prize bicycle, and then gave the car key as a gift to Ye Xiaoxi. Ye Xiaoxi told Fang Tianyi that she had been looking forward to his movies and asked him to cheer.

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