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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 13 Recap

Early in the morning, Fang Tianyi secretly heard from outside the door that Ye Xiaoxi told Fang Tianzi that the clothes Jiang He sent were given by his client and friend, not for himself. He was happy to give it to Ye Xiao who was going to work. Xi enthusiastically cheered up. Hu Yanzu received rave reviews for his abnormal performance last time, and he received an invitation for a new drama from Director Long. As a result, he went to the crew to find that he was still wearing slippers and hurriedly asked Fang Tianzi to deliver the shoes.

Because of Long’s bad ears, Fang Tianzi, who was wearing a press card, thought she was a reporter who came to report, so she hurriedly treated them warmly and invited them to dinner. Dao Long thought Fang Tianzi was going to interview her, so he showed her favor. However, Fang Tianzi mistakenly thought that Hu Yanzu had brought her to a blind date with Dao Long, so in order to anger Hu Yanzu, I came to compliment you with Dao Long. Hu Yanzu saw how the two people looked at each other so quickly, and added compliments. In the end, the plate was empty before the meal was finished.

In the bakery, Ye Xiaoxi successfully experimented with the new cake and invited colleagues to try it. Jiang He originally raised the cabinet and watched them, but suddenly fell and was injured. Later, Ye Xiaoxi returned to the inn and hurriedly took the medicinal wine and hurried out. Fang Tianyi saw what was going on and asked her what was going on. She replied that the wine was going to Jiang He’s house, and Fang Tianyi said that he wanted to go with her. After leaving, Ye Xiaoxi found that An An had vomited milk, so she took An An back first. Fang Tianyi and Jiang He were left with big eyes and small eyes.

On the second day, Director Long asked Fang Tianzi to go out again. Fang Tianzi tried Hu Yanzu’s reaction, but Hu Yanzu didn’t expect that Hu Yanzu didn’t mind, and Fang Tianzi still went out of anger. Hu Yanzu felt uncomfortable seeing her go on a date, so he followed. During the meal, Fang Tianzi was obviously embarrassed to get along with Director Long. However, when he came out of the restaurant, Hu Yanzu heard that they were on a date but didn’t respond. She was angry and agreed to Director Long’s invitation to watch a movie. After Hu Yanzu returned, he thoughtfully prepared soundproof headphones for Fang Tianzi. But when I remembered that they were dating, I sighed again.

An Qi and Yuan Zhijie, who work part-time in the convenience store, finally waited to buy Kong Makai of dried durian. An Qi turned 360 degrees in the air and kicked it three times in a row, and pressed Kong Makai to the ground and asked him. Why lie to yourself. Yuan Zhijie watched An Qi’s move too ruthlessly, and moved compassionately. Just as he was about to tell Kong Makai life, he saw Kong Makai recognize himself, and quickly slapped it. Finally, they called the police, and the police uncle came over to take Kong Makai away.

Fang Tianyi was thinking about Jiang He and Ye Xiaoxi in front of his frogs. When picking up something, he accidentally fell off the chair and dislocated his arm. Ye Xiaoxi saw him and quickly helped him to the bed, disinfecting him with alcohol and giving him a massage. Fang Tianyi didn’t show it on the surface, but he was so happy in his heart.

Fang Tianyi at this time can be said to be a third-degree handicapped. He asked Ye Xiaoxi to help him in everything he needs to do. Just after feeding him, he wants dessert again, and Ye Xiaoxi only needs to get it for him. At this time An Qi and Yuan Zhijie came back from get off work and saw Fang Tianyi’s arm dislocated, An Qi directly installed it for him. Fang Tianyi was furious, and she was busy with her business. An Qi and Yuan Zhijie looked at each other and went back to their rooms.

After Fang Tianzi came back and saw Hu Yanzu in his room, she mistakenly thought that the sweater she prepared for him was to be given to Director Long. She was very angry and threw him out. Hu Yanzu was also very injured, and mistakenly thought that she really likes Long Dao.

Another day, Ye Xiaoxi was peeling an orange for Fang Tianyi. In fact, Fang Tianyi’s hands were already healed, but he was greedy for Ye Xiaoxi’s care and deliberately deceived her. At this time, Jiang He came to give Ye Xiaoxi medicated wine, and his injury was healed. As a result, An An started crying. Ye Xiaoxi saw that she had a fever, so she asked Jiang He to take care of Fang Tianyi and hurriedly carried An An to the hospital.

Fang Tianyi was afraid that Jiang He would wait for an opportunity to retaliate, so he refused his help to drink the medicine, and he fell on his pants. So he washed his trousers by himself (washed with his feet) and changed his trousers by himself (without using his hands), staring at Jiang Hyuk for a while. Ye Xiaoxi finally returned with An An and went to the room to take care of An An to rest. Jiang He was leaving too, Fang Tianyi accidentally raised his hand to say goodbye to him, almost revealing his stuff.

On the crew’s side, Director Long gave Hu Yanzu a movie role, and Hu Yanzu was very grateful. Fang Tianzi, who came to give the sweater, saw it, and mistakenly thought that Hu Yanzu was using herself to please Director Long just to get the role, and gave the sweater to Director Long and left angrily. When Hu Yanzu took a look, he ran to Director Long and confessed that he liked Fang Tianzi, and the role was no longer needed, so he picked up the sweater and left. As a result, Fang Tianzi saw all this. She walked back and Hu Yanzu confessed to her, and the two embraced sweetly.

In the inn, Fang Tianyi was still pestering Ye Xiaoxi to take care of herself. The two walked along, Ye Xiaoxi tripped over something, and Fang Tianyi conditioned to help her, exposing the fact that she pretended to be sick.

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