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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 12 Recap

This day was Fang Tianzi’s first day of employment. She arrived at the magazine early. She originally wanted to go to the social sector but was assigned to the entertainment sector. She had a female boss who used her position to let Fang Tianzi do all kinds of trivial matters in life. Yuan Zhijie also went to the convenience store recommended by his brother to work part-time early. And Fang Tianyi prepared a gift for Ye Xiaoxi as a confession.

He was rehearsing nervously again and again. He hurriedly stuffed the gift under the sofa when he saw Ye Xiaoxi invite a colleague from the bakery to the inn for dinner. When he saw Jiang Hyuk, he obviously had a sense of crisis. At the dinner party, Fang Tianyi wanted to show off in front of everyone, but every time Jiang He beats him down, the more he speaks, the closer Jiang He and Ye Xiaoxi are. Fang Tianyi saw that Jiang He and Ye Xiaoxi were playing a thug-back game and was very jealous, so he challenged Jiang He and lost in a mess. Driven by his self-esteem, he took the initiative to challenge Jiang Hyuk.

When Yuan Zhijie was looking at the store, he saw that someone took Kong Makai’s favorite dried durian and the sound sounded like it. However, when he chased him out, no one was seen, so he quickly called An Qi. Angie decided to lie in wait in the store. After a while, Kong Makai came to the store and was pushed to the ground by An Qi. Kong Makai said in a hurry that Yuan Zhijie had told him about the house, and An Qi’s face turned to himself.

Yuan Zhijie was startled and found that he was asleep on the table in the store. It was just his dream just now, and An Qi was leaning on the shelf next to him and eating dried durian. After a while, the owner of the chicken pot shop next to him came over and dumped the money on the counter and asked Yuan Zhijie to deliver two cases of wine.

Yuan Zhijie told him that there was no delivery here, but the owner hurriedly said that the customer is God , And then turned away. When An Qi met, she was so angry that she picked up Yuan Zhijie and delivered two empty boxes. By the way, she stabbed at the restaurant. When the boss was unable to parry, she took out the sentence that the customer is God’s way of ruling him. Body.

Fang Tianzi received a job reporting a fan meeting for singer Liu Qi. After she went there, she saw a father find Liu Qi and told him that his daughter’s biggest wish was to come to Liu Qi’s fan meeting, but now she has no chance again. Liu Qi said that she would definitely be able to hear her own singing in heaven, and then took the father to sing her new song on stage.

The photo of that father’s hand was originally covered by a white cloth, but at this moment it suddenly slipped down, revealing a photo of Fang Tianzi! She went to the backstage angrily to find the father, who really was the dragon tactic played by Hu Yanzu.

Fang Tianzi thought that Liu Qi was deceiving the fans, and said that he was going to expose him. However, Hu Yanzu worried about her future, so he took the stage to play with Liu Qi and pretended to accidentally tear off his wig. Fang Tianzi shouted that Liu Qizou had set up to deceive fans. The scene was in chaos, and Hu Yanzu pulled Fang Tianzi and ran away. In Fang Tianzi’s eyes, at that moment, there seemed to be a bright light hitting Hu Yanzu.

In the evening, everyone gathered at the inn. After having a good chat, Fang Tianyi, who had been practising for a whole day, slowly appeared on the stage and challenged Jiang He. And this time, Fang Tianyi defeated Jiang Hyuk. After the guests left, Hu Yanzu mopped the floor and found Fang Tianyi’s gift from under the sofa. Inside was a piece of clothing and a card. Fang Tianyi saw it quickly grabbed it, and everyone wondered who it was for.

At this time, Ye Xiaoxi also came over, carrying a bag in her hand with the clothes Jiang He gave her. An Qi’s eyes were sharp, and she saw that the dress was worth thousands. When Fang Tianyi heard it, he was embarrassed to give the gift. After everyone’s questioning, he had no choice but to say that he bought it to restore An Qi. Of course An Qi refused, and the two of them rushed to worship.

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