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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 11 Recap

In the morning, Ye Xiaoxi went to work in the bakery early. An Qi, Fang Tianzi, Yuan Zhijie, and Hu Yanzu were having breakfast. An Qi tied a double ponytail, and Yuan Zhijie also said she was ugly because she turned a corner. Fang Tianzi passed the interview, and Hu Yanzu cheered for her. Fang Tianyi happened to see her from behind. He patted Hu Yanzu on the sofa and warned them to separate five meters. Hu Yanzu picked up Fang Tianzi’s many problems and said that he was not interested in her, and was beaten up by Fang Tianzi again.

Fang Tianyi became more angry when he saw them and yelled at them. Later, Fang Tianyi and Hu Yanzu both went out. Only Yuan Zhijie was left in the inn to set up cartoons for An. An Qi came over and changed the channel to Animal World. Later, the two of them had a disagreement over whether or not to take An An out. An Qi asked Fang Tianyi, however, Fang Tianyi was anxious to contact Fang Tianzi and did not have time to talk to them.

Suddenly when it was time for get off work, Jiang He stopped Ye Xiaoxi and asked how she had adapted. Ye Xiaoxi adjusted well and asked Jiang He why he hadn’t left yet. Jiang Hyuk said that he wanted to study new bread again, and his ideal was to open such a bakery. Ye Xiaoxi was very happy for him and told him that her ideal is to be a rapper. After Jiang Hyuk listened, he asked her to meet a friend with herself tomorrow. Back at the inn, Ye Xiaoxi saw An Qi and Yuan Zhijie who were arguing about whether the baby should go out to socialize, so she told them that Jiang He would take herself to see her uncle the next day, a little nervous. An Qi suggested that she change into a rapper outfit.

Fang Tianzi was about to start a job. When he was going to apply for a bank card, he met Hu Yanzu. He was holding a tortoise. It is said that it is a one-in-a-million turtle, and he will have a chase scene with this turtle the next day. Of course Fang Tianzi didn’t believe it, but the tortoise bit Hu Yanzu’s hand on the spot, and then quickly slipped away. They chased all the way to the Big Fish Inn. Fang Tianyi saw it, but he didn’t fight anymore. He didn’t listen to their explanation and started chasing after him. The scene was very chaotic for a while.

The next day, An Qi and Yuan Zhijie, who had won the debate, took An An to the supermarket, nicknamed “Enjoy Nature”; when they saw a drink tasting activity in the supermarket, they hurriedly went for a drink, nicknamed “Great The gift of nature”. After the trial, they pushed the stroller away. A man came over and told them that he accidentally confused his child with An An. In order not to be discovered by his wife, he made two plans to switch back to the stroller. However, the first plan failed from the beginning. The second plan deviated slightly from what he had imagined. It was discovered by his wife when An Qi changed children. The three of them acted in one act. The man’s acting skills were especially good. His wife was caught He was moved and leaned lovingly in his arms. An Qi and Yuan Zhijie took the opportunity and hurriedly left.

Fang Tianyi secretly followed Fang Tianzi to the medical examination center. Fang Tianzi noticed that Fang Tianzi mistakenly thought he was a perverted stalker, so he quickly called Fang Tianyi, Fang Tianyi hung up the phone, and Fang Tianzi called Hu Yanzu again. Hu Yanzu, who was looking for a tortoise, rushed to the medical examination center and escorted Fang Tianzi to the medical examination.

Fang Tianyi didn’t know, so he thought he was finally caught, and he was secretly angry. The staff on the side thought him suspicious. He quickly took off his white coat and hat and sunglasses. After he came out, Hu Yanzu accidentally saw him, and Hu Yanzu told him about the abnormality. He immediately had a guilty conscience, saying that he was also here to catch the pervert and planted the misconception on another doctor. Hu Yanzu pulled him forward.

The doctor was originally playing mobile phones in the office, and suddenly saw the two break in. He was inexplicably scolded by Hu Yanzu. He thought they were criticizing himself for playing mobile phones during working hours, so he self-examined. Fang Tianyi reconciled and hurriedly pulled Hu Yanzu away. After Fang Tianzi came out, she saw them and wondered why Fang Tianyi was there. She saw the sunglasses and mask exposed in Fang Tianyi’s pocket again, and guessed that he was the pervert, so she and Hu Yanzu left angrily.

Ye Xiaoxi followed Jiang He to her old uncle’s house. After watching her performance, the old uncle bluntly said that she couldn’t work in this respect. Ye Xiaoxi didn’t feel too sad, but planned to make bread honestly in the future. However, Jiang Hyuk admired it very much and asked her to teach herself how to rap.

When returning to the inn at night, Fang Tianzi was very annoyed, and the scenery returned upstairs. Hu Yanzu and Fang Tianyi blamed each other. However, An An was already asleep at that time, An Qi and Yuan Zhijie hurriedly lowered their volume, and finally they shook hands and made peace.

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