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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 48 Recap

There are many hidden forts in Tianjin. Fang Tianjing was shot and injured in the arm, but he was determined not to withdraw. Xiaoxinzi inadvertently reminded him that he immediately ordered the gunner to take the cannon up to the second floor, and blow up all the Jiangjun’s bunker and enemy firepower points in succession, and the troops were able to move forward quickly.

On the other side, in the west of Tianjin, the fighting was also fierce, but Kong Shoufa still led the comrades to advance step by step. In the Tianjin Garrison Command, Du Jianshi urgently burned the documents. The generals persuaded Chen Changjie to give up resistance, and Tianjin could no longer hold it. Gao Yubao brought two students. They were students from nearby schools and volunteered to lead the PLA. They also wanted to contribute to the liberation of Tianjin City.

Peking is still in peace talks. Chief of Staff Li’s advice to Chen Changjie should continue. Chen Changjie couldn’t bear to see his soldiers shed blood and sacrifice. He only fought for a bargaining chip for Peking’s peace talks. He called Fu Zuoyi, but Wang Kejun answered the call. He said Fu Zuoyi is now inconvenient to answer the phone, but the real situation is that Fu Zuoyi deliberately did not answer the phone and was unwilling to face Chen Changjie’s voice accusations.

Chen Changjie was very disappointed with Fu Zuoyi. He had never doubted Fu Zuoyi’s decision in the past, but now it seems that he only used Tianjin as a bargaining chip in the negotiations, regardless of Chen Changjie’s safety. Soon after, the People’s Liberation Army occupied Jintangqiao, and the East Group and the West Group of the siege forces met in Jintangqiao and other places.

The People’s Liberation Army launched a fierce artillery attack on the headquarters, and Chen Changjie hurriedly told Fu Zuoyi before he was captured that Tianjin could not hold it anymore. He had done everything he could but was unable to return. The Tianjin war basically ended, Chen Changjie was arrested, and the liberation of Tianjin took less than 30 hours. In Xibaipo, the comrades of the Central Military Commission prepared a simple meal to celebrate the liberation of Tianjin.

However, Mao Zedong was not depressed. He originally thought Tianjin could be peacefully liberated, but Tianjin eventually went to war, which he did not want to see. In addition, what he worries most is the Peking issue, for fear that Peking will still go to war like Tianjin. Zhou En said that Luo Ronghuan had already contacted the Beiping academic circle and consulted with construction experts such as Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin to discuss how to reduce war losses.

Mao Zedong agreed very much. After all, most of the splendid civilization of the motherland remained in Peking, and they could not let these historical and cultural treasures become the victims of war. Chiang Kai-shek took the initiative to visit Ba Dawei and asked the United States to help with the evacuation of the Kuomintang troops in Peking.

Ba Dawei did not agree to his request. On January 17, 1947, representatives of the People’s Liberation Army and Fu Zuoyi jointly drafted an agreement on the peaceful liberation of Peking in Peking. The Peking talks entered the final critical stage. At the same time, people from all walks of life in Peking were also working on the Peking peace talks. The last effort.

Now, under Fu Zuoyi’s persuasion, He Siyuan finally really made up his mind to negotiate peace. It was just unexpected that the secret agent headed by Duan Yunpeng planted a time bomb in the home of He Siyuan, who was dedicated to the peaceful liberation of Peking, and killed He Siyuan’s daughter directly. He Siyuan’s family was also injured. Hearing this news, Fu Zuoyi was furious. Zhang Wanxin reminded Fu Dongju that in the near future it will be a period when spies are rampant. Fu Dongju will be in a very dangerous situation. From now until liberation, the organization will no longer contact her directly.

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