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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 47 Recap

Chen Jie sacrificed his life, and Lu Juemin felt painful seeing the last letter she wrote. The battle in Chen Guanzhuang was fierce, and Du Yuming’s troops were gradually losing ground. On January 6, 1949, the East China Field Army launched a general offensive against the Du Yuming Group. By the afternoon of the 10th, the Du Yuming Group was completely wiped out. Qiu Qingquan was shot to death, and Du Yuming, the commander-in-chief of the “suppression”, was captured alive. Only a few people including Li Mi disguised and absconded.

At this point, the Huaihai Campaign was victorious, which lasted 66 days and annihilated 555,000 Kuomintang troops. After this battle, the main force of the southern Kuomintang army has been eliminated, and the vast areas north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River have been liberated. As for Fu Zuoyi, only Beiping and Tianjin are left in his hand, but even if there is only one card left in his hand, he will still try to bargain.

Du Jianshi advised Chen Changjie to fight for the peaceful liberation of Tianjin and not to stick to Fu Zuoyi’s orders, but Chen Changjie felt that he was separating himself from Fu Zuoyi. In the evening, Fu Zuoyi called Chen Changjie and told him to keep Tianjin well. Fu Zuoyi said nothing about Guo Jingyun’s sacrifice. But he didn’t know that Chen Changjie already knew about it, and he couldn’t help being disappointed in Fu Zuoyi’s concealment. Lin Biao had peace talks with Zhou Beifeng and Zhang Dongsun and conveyed the conditions of the Communist Party to Fu Zuoyi. They gave Fu Zuoyi an ultimatum, but Fu Zuoyi did not reply accordingly.

Zheng Jiemin came south to persuade Fu Zuoyi to withdraw. After meeting Shi Jue and Li Wen, he met with Du Yunpeng, a secret agent of the Secrecy Bureau. He arranged for Du Yunpeng to destroy the peace talks between Fu Zuoyi and the Communist Party at all costs. Chen Changjie was unwilling to surrender, and Tianjin could only go to war. He believed that the ammunition was sufficient and Daqinghe was solid, and the Communist Party would not enter.

However, he did not expect that by the Daqing River, more than 30,000 people would shovel the ice, and the People’s Liberation Army ship had already sailed on the river. When the intelligence came, Chen Changjie and Lin Weitao were shocked. They thought that the Daqinghe was solid, but they did not expect that with the help of the people, the Daqinghe would be easily breached.

Chen Changjie believes that the PLA is most likely to attack from the north of the city, so he wants to move the army to the north to strengthen the city defense. This is actually a game. If the gambling loses, then they have no room for maneuver. After thinking about it, Chen Changjie decided to wait for tomorrow before deciding the whereabouts of the main force 151 division.

At the same time, Liu Yalou and Lin Biao had already made strategic deployments and learned that Chen Changjie’s main force was still in the middle of the city without any movement, but this did not affect Dongye’s deployment. They still decided to launch an offensive from the east and the west. Lin Biao ordered that Tianjin be taken within 48 hours.

When the war started in Tianjin, it was the first to ignite war artillery in the north of Tianjin, attracting Chen Changjie’s attention with a feint. Chen Changjie thought that the PLA’s main attack direction was the north, and immediately sent the main force to reinforcements. Liu Yalou responded quickly and ordered a general offensive in the east and west.

Chen Changjie was flustered when he learned that he was in the middle of the plan, and ordered to prevent the troops from the east and west sides of the People’s Liberation Army from gathering in the middle of the city, but it was too late. The vanguard rushed into Tianjin City and launched a fierce attack towards Jintangqiao. But when he rushed in, he found that there was no one here, and someone suddenly appeared in the secret fort. The PLA was caught off guard, and the vanguard suffered heavy losses.

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