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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 46 Recap

Hearing that Guo Jingyun’s tombstone was erected by the Communist Party, Fu Zuoyi was surprised. If he had a chance to leave Peking later, he would like to take a look at Guo Jingyun. In addition, Fu Zuoyi urged Wang Kejun not to tell Chen Changjie about Guo Jingyun’s death, so as not to affect him. The defenders of the Kuomintang in Zhangjiakou broke through to the north, and the People’s Liberation Army realized that they had evacuated and responded quickly.

Knowing that the defenders of Zhangjiakou were going to flee, Mao Zedong ordered that Zhangjiakou be taken quickly and not to give them a chance to breathe. On December 24, 1948, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army successfully liberated Zhangjiakou. Zhangjiakou’s defenders failed to break through and 50,000 people were annihilated. At this point, with the exception of Chen Changjie’s Ministry in Tianjin, Fu Zuoyi’s direct line of troops had been wiped out to the limit.

Jiang Weiguo personally visited Fu Zuoyi and warned him not to obey the Communist Party’s words, and once again proposed that he retreat with the entire army to the south, retain his strength, and help Chiang Kai-shek make a comeback. However, Fu Zuoyi remained unmoved. Jiang Weiguo once again stated that Chiang Kai-shek did not account for what he had done before, but Fu Zuoyi still avoided the importance and lightly brought this topic.

Fu Dongju secretly met with Zhang Wanxin to convey Jiang Weiguo’s purpose of coming to Fu Zuoyi, and said that Fu Zuoyi was really embarrassed about the peace talks proposed by the Communist Party. The commander of the US Western Pacific Fleet, Berji, met with Fu Zuoyi. The United States intended to help him and support him as the commander-in-chief. Unexpectedly, this angered Fu Zuoyi. Fu Zuoyi scolded them for being too lenient in American hands.

After Berji left, Fu Zuoyi replied a telegram to Mao Zedong that night. At this moment, he finally wanted to understand that the United States could not wait for the internal chaos in China, and Chiang Kai-shek had two-handed preparations. He finally decided to promote cooperation with the Communist Party. Fu Dongju was very happy, which means Father is taking the initiative to end the old life and start a new life. The Central Military Commission issued a list of war criminals.

Zhou En said that they are now in peace talks with Fu Zuoyi and whether they are considering removing his name from the list of war criminals. But Mao Zedong did not agree. Fu Zuoyi found that the Communist Party had included himself on the list of war criminals. He was very angry and cursed and deceived people too much. On the eve of New Year’s Day, Chiang Kai-shek held a meeting, and he wrote a proclamation that he planned to publish on New Year’s Day tomorrow.

He stated in the statement that he could go to the wild, but this is not true. He just wanted to use this method to test everyone’s thoughts on his going to the wild. Song Ziwen and Li Zongren both agreed with Chiang Kai-shek’s retreat. Chiang Kai-shek was very angry, and the banquet broke up unhappily, and he didn’t mention anything about going to the wild. Fu Zuoyi felt that he might have to hand over the army to Li Wen, and then went to Nanjing to plead with Chiang Kai-shek.

Liu Hootong advised Fu Zuoyi to resolve the Tianjin issue peacefully. Tianjin is not his bet with the Communist Party. However, at this point, Fu Zuoyi is very persistent. He believes that Tianjin is his last trump card and he absolutely cannot give up. Liu Hootong told him the fact that sooner or later Tianjin would not be able to defend, and he should no longer put Chen Changjie in a dangerous situation.

Zhang Wanxin told Fu Dongju about the true intentions of the list of war criminals. This was to reduce the vigilance of Chiang Kai-shek and his direct line of troops against Fu Zuoyi and prevent them from attacking Fu Zuoyi. The East China Field Army Command issued an order to completely wipe out the Du Yuming Group. Gunshots continued on the battlefield. Chen Jie kept rescuing the wounded on the battlefield. The enemy plane flew over and fired at them. Chen Jie fell into a pool of blood.

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