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Broker 掮客 Episode 9 Recap

Qiu Jianing instructed Zhou Xiaoshan to do the experiment, and Zhou Xiaoshan suddenly praised that her clothes were beautiful in color. Qin Bin didn’t go to work today, but still ran to the hospital to find Qiu Jiaxin and asked her where Qiu Jianing’s company was. After learning that he ran to the science and technology park next door to the hospital, Qiu Jiaxin complained that he wanted to take the opportunity to approach Qiu Jianing by taking the opportunity of the paper.

Qin Bin came to the laboratory to find Qiu Jianing and approached her under the pretext of a thesis. This news aroused everyone’s gossip. The clothes Qiu Jianing wore today were even more authentic. Zhou Xiaoshan was speechless when he heard it. It was lunch time, and Qin Bin invited Qiu Jianing to dinner. At lunch, Zhu Zhu began to gossip about Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin again, and felt that Qiu Jianing was using this place as a springboard to marry a rich man, Zhou Xiaoshan could not sit still and left.

Qin Bin and Qiu Jianing came to the restaurant. The owner, Lao Wu, was an old friend of Qin Bin. When they saw Qiu Jianing, they began to praise Qin Bin. The two argued over who to treat, Qiu Jianing actually took out a map and calculated the distance and said that she should treat her. Qiu Jianing was a little uncomfortable with the food here, and felt that the taste was so-so.

Qin Bin said that the boss’s craftsmanship is much better. His mother used to be Qin Bin’s patient, but Lao Wu insisted on treatment after suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, he left afterwards. Others say that Lao Wu is nothing but a monkey fishing for the moon. Qiu Jianing immediately understood what he meant, and said that he would often come here to eat in the future.

Qiu Jiaxin wanted to see Qiu Jianing in the mall on time at six o’clock, otherwise he would call her father. Qiu Jianing had to put down the work at hand and go to Qiu Jiaxin first. Zhou Xiaoshan was very worried. Xiaoxiao also told Zhou Xiaoshan not to be too serious, obviously Qiu Jianing was just looking for an excuse to send him.

Qiu Jiaxin took Qiu Jianing and bought a lot of clothes before she was willing to let her leave. After the two separated, Molly followed Qiu Jiaxin and found that she had returned home and had dinner with Qiu’s mother and Qiu’s father. Qiu’s father wanted to buy a car for Qiu Jiaxin, so that it would be convenient to commute to get off work, Qiu Jiaxin repeatedly refused. Father Qiu asked about Qiu Jianing. They planned to fly over to see her together. Qiu Jiaxin quickly helped Qiu Jianing to make excuses to say that she was very busy.

Qiu Jianing got lost with a big bag and a small bag, and in desperation she called Qiu Jiaxin for help, and Qiu Jiaxin quickly said that the patient ran to answer the phone. Qiu Jianing asked Qiu Jiaxin to pick her up, but Qiu Jiaxin couldn’t make it through, so she asked her to use the taxi-hailing software to get a taxi. Qiu Jianing didn’t know what the taxi-hailing software was. Qiu Jiaxin went back to the dinner table and went back to the question of seeing Qiu Jianing.

Qiu Jiaxin had no choice but to help them book their tickets. Zhou Xiaoshan saw that Qiu Jianing hadn’t come back to call her, Qiu Jianing said that she had rushed back long ago, but was lost. Qiu Jiaxin said that the ticket was gone, and Qiu’s father and Qiu’s mother were not suspicious. Zhou Xiaoshan went to pick up Qiu Jianing, and he was immediately happy when she learned that she was going shopping with Qiu Jiaxin, and said that if she wants to leave the park in the future, he can accompany her.

Qiu Jianing kept coughing, Zhou Xiaoshan was very worried, and hurriedly took her to the hospital. The doctor asked Qiu Jianing to take a blood test. Qiu Jianing was very resistant. When he came to the blood test area to see the needle stick, the whole person became nervous. As soon as he was about to escape, he was caught by Zhou Xiaoshan.

Qiu Jianing stretched out his arms unwillingly, and quickly turned his head aside. Zhou Xiaoshan saw that she was a little funny for fear of getting an injection. Qiu Jianing was arranged to go to the bottle due to pneumonia, and Qiu Jianing became nervous again when the needle was given. It is rare for Zhou Xiaoshan to see her frightened and chuckled. It turned out that Qiu Jianing was dizzy. Early the next morning, Qiu Jiaxin called Qiu Jianing and asked her to take the initiative to go home once before the Dongchuang incident.

After learning that Qiu Jianing was in the hospital hurriedly to the ward, Qin Bin hurried to care after hearing about it. Qiu Jiaxin took Zhou Xiaoshan to leave the ward to buy breakfast with a wink, and kept complaining about Qiu Jianing’s lack of frills and femininity. Qin Bin finally fell in love with her, so she had to hit the iron quickly to sell Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jiaxin also added Zhou Xiaoshan’s WeChat, asking him to help Qin Bin chase Qiu Jianing, Zhou Xiaoshan was a little speechless.

When Molly was in class, Mr. Li was in a hurry to catch up with the plan, but was stopped by Molly, and he was given two choices, either to reject the boss or defeat her. Mr. Li dialed the number of Mr. Wang, pretending that he was not feeling well before submitting the plan two days later, but Mr. Wang unexpectedly agreed. Mr. Li was very happy. He simply applied for the annual card and appointed Molly as his sparring partner.

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