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Broker 掮客 Episode 8 Recap

Qiu Jianing was disappointed with Zhou Xiaoshan. He could have his own outlook on life, but he could not force others to agree with him. Zhou Xiaoshan said that that day he saw the poor boy cheating money everywhere with the same words, but Qiu Jianing was indifferent. Is it because he was deceived that he didn’t believe there were other people in the world who needed help? Belief is a choice and an ability. Because of Qiu Jianing’s words, Zhou Xiaoshan could not sleep at night.

Today is the day to announce the results. Everyone hurried over after receiving the news. Sun Lei has cultivated 65 mice that meet the requirements. Everyone thinks it is impossible for Zhou Xiaoshan to exceed 65. Before Zhou Xiaoshan’s results were announced, Qiu Jianing said that Zhou Xiaoshan was a very good researcher.

But he did not expect that Zhou Xiaoshan had bred seventy-five guinea pigs, and Sun Lei expressed his willingness to accept the bet. Zhou Xiaoshan thanked Qiu Jianing for helping him speak. Qiu Jianing said that Sun Lei was targeting her and she only pursued fairness. Zhou Xiaoshan admires Qiu Jianing’s ideas, but not everyone has the right and ability to choose.

Qiu Jianing does not know what Zhou Xiaoshan has experienced, but she feels that Zhou Xiaoshan is different from others. Qiu Jianing’s experimental report still needs some Sun Lei’s experimental data. When Qiu Jianing entered the password, Zhou Xiaoshan successfully obtained the password by hearing it. Although Zhou Xiaoshan got the key, he still needs to wait. Molly was obviously a little anxious. Mr. Li came to deliver something to Molly. Zhou Xiaoshan found that there was a silly wolf hanging on his backpack and wondered, what kind of role is this?

Qin Bin brought Qiu Jiaxin afternoon tea and asked her what kind of flowers Qiu Jianing liked. Qiu Jiaxin complained about him. When talking about Qiu Jianing received roses in high school, he said that he could not follow Qiu Jianing according to the usual routine, otherwise he would only be crushed, Qin Bin It sounds even more exciting. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing how she would punish herself if he didn’t do well in the experiment.

Qiu Jianing said she would help him. Fortunately, Zhou Xiaoshan teased that it was not the sticking of the silly wolf on his head. Qiu Jiaxin’s gossip Has Qiu Jianing ever talked about her boyfriend? The answer is obviously no. Qiu Jianing believes that love is a kind of waste product that cannot stand the test of time. Qiu Jiaxin had to take Qiu Jianing’s idol to Qin Bin. To be honest, he was the best in terms of appearance, but it was difficult to discuss IQ. Qin Bin suddenly began to write a thesis, Zhao Yan thought he was stimulated by something.

Xiaoxiao suddenly came to Sun Lei and said that she would follow him and not follow Qiu Jianing. She originally thought that Qiu Jianing could not stay, but it was also for Sun Lei to stay. Sun Lei refused Xiaoxiao very early, they were not appropriate, and said that Xiaoxiao could only follow Qiu Jianing and resign. Zhou Xiaoshan heard the conversation between the two and quickly reminded Xiaoxiao to go to Qiu Jianing’s office. Qiu Jianing reminded the two of the experimental precautions. Xiaoxiao should correct all the mistakes.

Xiaoxiao’s attitude towards her became increasingly unfriendly. Zhou Xiaoshan was helpless. The person who wanted to keep her was Qiu Jianing. It was also the one who made the relationship so tense. she. In the laboratory, Qiu Jianing had a strict attitude. Zhou Xiaoxiao asked Xiaoxiao if he had known Sun Lei before, and said he was his brother.

At lunch, Zhu Zhu thought that Qiu Jianing used this place as a springboard, and tried hard to do the experiment to cleanse herself, smiling no matter what purpose she came here, as long as she can’t get through with Sun Lei, that’s because she can’t get through with her. Xiaoxiao did not cooperate with the experiment. Zhou Xiaoshan told Qiu Jianing that Xiaoxiao entered the laboratory to pursue Sun Lei, but Qiu Jianing was not worried at all. Instead, Zhou Xiaoshan had a mouthful of chili and Coke. In fact, this is Qiu Jianing’s way of decompression. In fact, she is also very anxious, but she understands that falling into anxiety will only make the problem worse and worse. As long as you focus on your own affairs, other problems will not be a problem.

Qiu Jianing found that the cells cultivated by Xiaoxiao were very beautiful, but Zhou Xiaoshan felt that his cells were also very good-looking, and Qiu Jianing complained about it without aesthetics. After get off work, Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan went to the western restaurant she used to go to. When they arrived, Zhou Xiaoshan found that it was a bar. When Qiu Jianing went to the bathroom, Xu Qianya ran to Zhou Xiaoshan to ask for WeChat, and said that he would look for Qiu Jianing if he couldn’t find Qiu Jianing in the future.

Xu Qianya and Qiu Jianing are high school classmates, and Qiu Jianing is a road idiot, and the two complain to each other in front of Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing had no clothes to wear. Qiu Jiaxin complained that she piled up all the dirty clothes and was speechless, but she still borrowed a set of clothes from her and explained that she would take her to buy clothes to wear in the afternoon. The next day, Qiu Jianing appeared in the company wearing a rose red suit that was very different from the previous style, which was praised by many people.

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