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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 42 Recap

Glasses took the initiative to chat with Li Ruosheng and persuaded him to stop following him in vain. He said that he really wanted to retire, and he dismissed all his subordinates. Glasses hope that Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng will take good care of their husbands and run the group well in the future.

Li Ruosheng reported the current status of the glasses to Mu Qing. Mu Qing still felt that he could not take the glasses lightly. He let Li Ruosheng continue to stare at the glasses in the country, stifling all his chances of turning over. And he went to R Congress to meet Matsumoto.

Glory originally wanted to follow Mu Qing and the others to R country, but Liu Ju said that he had contacted the police of R country and would fully cooperate with Mu Qing and Kexin at that time.

In country R, ​​Mu Qing saw Ou Kexin here as soon as he got off the plane, and he was very surprised. Ou Kexin said that she was sent by the Yungang Police Station to assist Mu Qing. At the same time, she also ran secretly without telling Mr. Ou. Mr. Ou on the other end of the phone was very anxious. He was very worried about the safety of his daughter’s life, but Ou Ke Xin said that Mu Qing would definitely protect herself, and she assured Mr. Ou.

Mr. Ou wanted to go to Country R to bring Kexin back in person, but was discouraged by Li Ruosheng, because Mu Qing’s intention at this time was to quietly intercept the meeting between Hu Youling and Matsumoto, but as soon as Mr. Ou went to Country R, ​​there was a lot of trouble. . Li Ruosheng said that he would use all his resources in country R to protect Mu Qing and the others. Mr. Ou said that everything must be based on Ou Kexin’s safety. Mu Qing showed Ou Kexin all the information he found about Matsumoto, and they found that Matsumoto was a ruthless person and difficult to deal with.

The distraught Mr. Ou started smoking the cigarettes he had quit for a long time. At this time, some of his subordinates reported to Li Ruosheng that their raw material supplier had stopped supplying them. Li Ruosheng brought a bunch of subordinates to check the raw materials in person. It turned out that Feng Ge, the raw material supplier, wanted the lion to open up and Li Ruosheng’s price increase, but Li Ruosheng acted extremely calmly and resolutely. He first suggested that Mr. Ou had a life-saving grace for Feng Ge.

He also said that Feng Ge’s son’s affairs in Macau casinos will also be covered in the future. After Li Ruosheng did both soft and hard, Feng Ge also honestly agreed to continue to supply raw materials, and Mr. Ou, who was hiding in the dark, listened to Li Ruosheng’s performance. I am very pleased. He praised Li Ruosheng for being a general. Li Ruosheng said that he and Mu Qing learned this before. Mr. Ou said that he wanted to hand over the group to Li Ruosheng, and then he and Ke Xin Mu Qing went to live abroad.

Ou Kexin said that he and Mu Qing would go back to Matsumoto first, and take the opportunity to find out the exact news of the ghost. Glory gave Kexin and the others to locate the watch. There must be an emergency, and the police of Country R will do their best to help them. Afterwards, Kexin and Mu Qinglai met with Matsumoto.

Ou Kexin said straightforwardly that she wanted to stand on her own and showed Matsumoto the dark web system developed by Mu Qing. Ou Kexin said that if Matsumoto is willing to give up the ghost to herself, she will use the dark web to grow her business, and then give Matsumoto half of the benefits. Matsumoto said that he had to wait until he had finished talking with the ghost. Matsumoto asked Mu Qing and Ou Kexin to leave first.

Ou Kexin immediately pressed the positioning watch in her hand, and the police of country R immediately launched an arrest operation. Ou Kexin and Mu Qing were also besieged by Matsumoto’s men. Ou Kexin was shot and seriously injured. Mu Qing was still trying his best to resist, but after seeing Ou Kexin being held captive, he also surrendered. Subsequently, Ou Kexin and Mu Qing were locked up in a warehouse in country R.

Both Matsumoto and Ghost were arrested by the police of Country R. Glory wanted to go to country R for support, but was dissuaded by Bureau Liu. Bureau Liu said that it would not be able to quench its thirst, and the police of country R also expanded their search range and tried their best to find Mu Qing and the others. In the warehouse, Ou Kexin is doing a simple wound dressing for Ou Kexin.

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