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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 41 Recap

As soon as Zhou Changhao returned to the hotel, he was arrested by Honor and the others. The glasses questioned Mr. Ou, and he felt that it was strange that Kexin and Mu Qing came to mingling with each other. But Mr. Ou said that this was also the strength of the two of them, and his glasses went away dejectedly.

Glory asked colleagues to send samples of new drugs to Beijing for inspection, and at the same time entrusted Liu Bureau to negotiate with the civil aviation company to delay the flight’s take-off time, so as to buy time for them to interrogate Zhou Changhao. Li Yimeng investigated Zhou Changhao’s background and found that he had a sister who was dependent on each other, so he used his sister as a breakthrough to win Zhou Changhao’s cooperation.

After being persuaded by the police to understand emotions and reason, Zhou Changhao agreed to cooperate with the police. Soon, the ghost called Zhou Changhao. At the suggestion of the police, Zhou Changhao calmly reported the situation to the ghost, saying that he had negotiated everything. But the ghost said that he had sent other people to investigate other groups just to be on the safe side. The ghost said that he would go to Yungang, but not now.

Glory told Mu Qing that Ghost has other collaborators. He reminded Mu Qing and Ke Xin to find out the identity of the other buyer as soon as possible, otherwise, the previous deployments in the K Group would be wasted. Ou Kexin proposed to Mr. Ou to contact the ghost and stabilize this business as soon as possible. After consideration, Mr. Ou agreed.

Glasses took the initiative to invite Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing to dinner. He gave all the information and contacts he had on hand to Mu Qing, and said that he was going to move out for a while, he wanted to withdraw, and then enjoy life. Glasses Tuo Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng provoked the backbone of the group. Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng were surprised, but they also assured the glasses that they would take care of the group’s business.

Li Ruosheng told Ou Kexin that he had been fighting with the glasses for so long, and now the glasses had to take the initiative to withdraw, and he couldn’t help feeling deeply. At this time, Mu Qing turned over the account book of the glasses and found that the glasses had a large network of contacts, and the accounts were made without leaking. He suspected that the glasses were retreating for advancement, and Mr. Ou would definitely not bear such a good person away from him.

Therefore, Mu Qing believes that it should also be a trap in glasses design. It’s just that I don’t know what the bait in this trap will be. Mu Qing reminded Li Ruosheng to stare at the glasses in person, because the younger brothers he sent before were all recognized by the glasses. After hearing this, Li Ruosheng hurried to act. Ou Kexin also went back to Ou’s house to continue to inquire about the news.

Shao Nan asked why the glasses gave all their cards to Mu Qing. The glasses showed Shao Nan an appraisal report, which was an inspection report of the eggshell left by Mu Qing when he shot and killed the traffic policeman. . The report showed that the cartridge case contained a large amount of anesthesia.

The glasses immediately reminded Ou Kexin that it was Ou Kexin who had contacted Mu Qing at the time, and that Ou Kexin had stopped herself in the hospital and caused Xiaoyue with Onion-head to be taken away. The glasses felt that since Ou Kexin came back, the successive incidents of Da Kun, Tie Guanyin, Onion Tou and the group have been inextricably linked to Ou Kexin and Mu Qing.

Shao Nan said that Ou Kexin was Mr. Ou’s daughter, but the glasses suspected that Ou Kexin was not even Mr. Ou’s daughter. He asked Shao Nan to go back to Ou Kexin’s nanny, Bao’s mother, who had been taking care of him all these years. Ou Kexin mother and daughter, she is the person who knows Ou Kexin best. Glasses said that although he gave the information to Mu Qing, Bao Ma and the narcotic shrapnel were his real trump card.

After contacting the ghost, Mr. Ou knew that another buyer of the ghost was Matsumoto. Mr. Ou angrily stated that it was Matsumoto who disfigured his daughter and threatened him to give in. Mr. Ou said that if Ghost insists on cooperating with Matsumoto, it will violate his bottom line.

Mu Qing immediately reported to Liu Bureau that the new ghost buyer was Songwenyi. It turned out that Songwenyi was one of the three largest drug lords in Asia. It was huge and difficult to deal with. Liu Ju asked Ou Kexin and Mu Qing to try to go to Country R to prevent the meeting between the ghost and Matsumoto. Mr. Ou refused to let Ou Kexin go to see Matsumoto, but he reminded Mu Qing that he could surrender to Matsumoto with false intentions at a very moment. Mu Qing’s strength is bound to achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

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