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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 40 Recap

As soon as Ou Kexin walked down the stairs and got into the car, she hurriedly sent Mr. Ou glasses to pick up the people, so that the news of meeting guests in Mr. Ou’s villa at seven o’clock would inform Glory. Zheng Ke sent the new password to Mu Qing according to Honor’s instructions, and he hacked the dark web.

As soon as Zhou Changhao and Mr. Ou met, they took Mr. Ou’s seat unceremoniously and ignored the hand that Mr. Ou proactively extended. Zhou Changhao pointed out the problems facing K Group as soon as he opened his mouth. The four diamonds were folded three times, including a Dakun that was shipped.

Zhou Changhao thinks that it is Mr. Ou who is chasing the ghost and wants to cooperate, so the ghost will send him to explore the bottom. What he cares most about is the shipment ability of the K group. The glasses told Zhou Changhao that the group was selling on the dark web, and the other party asked him to demonstrate. The glasses turned on the computer confidently, but they couldn’t get on the dark web alive and well.

As soon as the glasses left the room where Zhou Changhao was located, he quickly called Mu Qing. Li Ruosheng saw that the glasses were calling. As Mu Qing expected, the glasses couldn’t sit still. After Mu Qing reminded Li Ruosheng to be ready to go back to the pot, he picked up the phone call of the glasses and urged that Li Ruosheng had upgraded the system without authorization, so the system is not available now.

Ask the glasses to whom the goods are to be sent to? Glasses gritted his teeth and told Mu Qing that if major events were delayed, Mr. Ou would not be able to spare him and Li Ruosheng, and asked him to tell him the news after the dark web was repaired as soon as possible.

Zhou Changhao thought that Mr. Ou knew he was coming tonight, but he was not ready and planned to leave. Seeing Zhou Changhao’s determination, Mr. Ou quickly opened his mouth to stop him and invited him to watch the demo at the dark web site. The glasses wanted to stop Mr. Ou and remind him that only the two of them knew about this. Mr. Ou said unceremoniously that if this business fails, the glasses will be killed. The glasses were too scared to say anything.

Zhou Changhao invited Mu Qing to the scene to express his lack of attention to glasses. Mr. Ou ordered the glasses to send Zhou Changhao back. When the two of them left, Li Ruosheng rushed to confess his mistake to Mr. Ou. Mr. Ou pointedly said that the system can be upgraded if the system is broken, but it is difficult to clean up if the heart and brain are broken. Mr. Ou asked the glasses to send the address of the factory to Mu Qing and asked him to arrive early. Mr. Ou thinks it is normal for Zhou Changhao to have a little temper, but Mr. Ou is worried about the difficulty of the ghost.

Mu Qing talked with Ou Kexin about betraying Li Ruosheng’s trust in him. If Li Ruosheng knew he was a policeman, he would not know what it was like. Ou Kexin enlightened Mu Qing to always remember that he was a policeman. Zhou Changhao asked Mu Qing to be his assistant when demonstrating the dream of a new type of drug. Mu Qing watched Zhou Changhao create a dream through the synthesis of a few simple raw materials, and asked Shao Nan to inject drugs into the body of a strong man on the spot.

Li Yimeng will tell everyone about the characteristics of the new drugs that have passed the test. If it spreads, it will cause very serious consequences. He asks Honor for instructions on the next course of action. When Mr. Ou heard that the advance payment was as high as 60%, he was frightened to sit up straight, thinking that he was giving up his life, only 40%, indicating that such a business could not be done.

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