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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 4 Recap

Jin Hua hugged Jiang Mengmeng into the bridal chamber. Jiang Mengmeng was so frightened that she drank and talked while pulling Jin Hua. Jin Hua was too strong to drink and soon drank too much. Yinhua pulled Murongchen into the bridal chamber, and couldn’t wait to spend a good night with him. Murongchen knocked Yinhua unconscious from behind, and when he went out, he saw that the people in the village were all drunk and unconscious.

Murongchen came to Jinhua’s door and heard Jinhua and Jiang Mengmeng pushing their cups and changing cups. Jiang Mengmeng turned around to ask Jinhua about the whereabouts of the blood epiphyllum. Jinhua was confused and could not explain clearly, Jiang Mengmeng worried about the grass and the snake. , She had to leave first and met Murong Chen when she went out. The two of them did not dare to delay, and left Baihua Village overnight.

When Jiang Wan learned of Jiang Mengmeng’s disappearance, she asked Xiaoai and A Liang about her layoffs. The fifth prince inquired that Jiang Mengmeng used a jade bracelet for a chef’s clothes. Song Che heard that Baihuazhai was recruiting chefs. He rushed over to save people immediately. After Jin Huajiu woke up, she immediately took people to chase Jiang Mengmeng and Murong Chen, and soon caught up with them, and the two sides started a fierce battle.

Thanks to Song Che, even if he brought someone to the rescue, Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen were saved, Jiang Mengmeng threw directly into Song Che’s arms. Jiang Wan came afterwards, not only did not blame Jiang Mengmeng, but also thanked her for her undercover Baihua Village and completely wiped out the bandits. Jiang Mengmeng wanted to get the bloody night flowers, and begged Jiang Wan to open up a side to Jinhua and Yinhua. Jiang Wan agreed with all the stolen goods.

Jinhua and Yinhua handed over all the stolen goods and found a few missing treasures. Unexpectedly, Jiang Mengmeng hid them all, so she hurriedly took them out and handed them in. Murong Chen found the Blood Epiphany from the stolen goods and found that the one was also fake. Murongchen didn’t want to give up on it, but didn’t understand why Jiang Mengmeng wanted Blood Epiphany.

Jiang Mengmeng decided that Song Che was not her true son, because she felt nothing when she threw herself in Song Che’s arms. Murongchen came uninvited and took the initiative to give her the first-class ointment from Cangyun Country to repay her. Murong Chen admitted that he went to Baihuazhai to find the Blood Epiphany, and took out the fake Blood Epiphany. Murong Chen wanted to join forces with Jiang Mengmeng to find the Blood Epiphany. After the matter was completed, one person and half, the two hit it off.

Yu Qingzhu is the master of the Jingyue Gate, and wants to use the bloody epiphany to practice the bloody moon magic, and then unify the martial arts, and then surpass the imperial court. Zhexiang is the eldest disciple of Jingyuemen. Hearing that there are two fake bloody nightflowers on the rivers and lakes, he took the initiative to ask Ying to find the truth. Yu Qingzhu wanted to watch the changes.

Jiang Mengmeng bought a box of fake Blood Epiphany and several fake Blood Epiphany from the market. She and Murongchen wanted to open the gap, but found nothing. Jiang Sisi sent a court lady to secretly monitor Jiang Mengmeng’s whereabouts. In order to conceal others, Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen had to show their affection in the public. Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen decided to start investigating the dye for making fake blood epiphyllum, and they separated to find clues.

Jiang Sisi gritted his teeth when he learned that Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen were in the right position. Since Song Che rescued Jiang Mengmeng, he often remembered the passionate hug that day. Jiang Sisi came to Song Che to complain. Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen were inseparable. Song Che didn’t believe that Jiang Mengmeng would be in the future, and Jiang Sisi was not allowed to mix it up. thing.

Jiang Mengmeng desperately coaxed Jiang Wan to be happy, and took the opportunity to bring Murong Chen out of the palace to relax. Jiang Wan thought about it and reluctantly agreed. When Jiang Sisi learned that Jiang Mengmeng was going out of the palace with Murongchen, she suddenly had a plan and decided not to let Jiang Mengmeng come back.

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