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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 3 Recap

Jiang Mengmeng wanted to dissolve the engagement with Murongchen, but couldn’t think of a better way for a while, so she approached Xiao Ai and A Liang to discuss countermeasures. Jiang Mengmeng wanted to please Jiang Wan and asked her to come forward to terminate the engagement. Jiang Mengmeng asked Xiao Aihe When A Liang heard that Jiang Wan loves beauty, he made a list of cosmetics and sent them out of the palace to buy them one by one. A Liang’s face was red and swollen and allergic, Jiang Mengmeng developed a mask for him to try. Ryo flatly refused.

Jiang Mengmeng came out to find inspiration and ran into Song Che, who had returned from duty, and realized that the deputy commander of the Forbidden Army had asked for leave to return to his hometown. Jiang Wan asked Song Che to stay. Jiang Mengmeng bit his head and said hello to Song Che. By the way, he asked about what happened when he was a child. He learned that he accidentally lost his hometown when he was eight years old and was only found back a year later. Jiang Mengmeng made an excuse to be too cold and wanted to go back as soon as possible. Song Che, a straight steel man, took her to a run to keep warm. Jiang Mengmeng complained, and Murongchen hid aside and saw clearly. Immediately afterwards, Murongchen came to Zhao Qian wearing a mask and forced him to confess the whereabouts of the True Blood Epiphany. Zhao Qian was so frightened that he had to admit that he was taken away by the female bandits in Baihuazhai.

Jiang Mengmeng devoted herself to developing a facial mask, but she was still to no avail. She had no choice but to pretend to be a man dressed as a man and go to the outside incense powder shop to find inspiration. Jiang Mengmeng wanted to go over the wall and leave the palace, when he suddenly saw Murongchen coming back from outside the palace, he asked Murongchen to help pull her up, and the two agreed to help each other conceal. Jiang Mengmeng jumped off the wall and was caught by the guards on the spot, so she had to return in anguish.

Jiang Mengmeng is unwilling to give up. If she wants to learn martial arts with Song Che, she can easily run out of the palace. Song Che wants to teach her to practice swords, but she can’t lift it up. Song Che teaches her to split bricks. Jiang Mengmeng Putting a posture and slashing, she hurt her hand and screamed in pain. Jiang Mengmeng took his brothers to play werewolf killing and attracted many court ladies and eunuchs to participate. Jiang Sisi was very disdainful of this.

Murong Chen rushed to hear the news, and he ridiculed Jiang Mengmeng. When the two people disagree, they had a fierce argument, and finally broke up. Murong Chen became more and more angry when he thought about it, and Zhang Kong saw blood for a while and pointed out that Murong Chen was cruel to Jiang Mengmeng, and Murong Chen felt that they were not the same kind of people.

After Jiang Mengmeng’s unremitting efforts, she finally succeeded in developing a facial mask, which was given to Jiang Wan as soon as possible. Jiang Wan asked her to make a facial mask from the blood of the night flowers, so that she could stay young forever. Jiang Mengmeng mobilized all his strength and finally inquired that the bleeding Epiphany was in the hands of Baihuazhai Sang Luo. When she heard that Baihuazhai was recruiting chefs, she pretended to be a chef to apply for the job, and wanted to take the opportunity to find the Blood Epiphany.

Jiang Mengmeng came to the room of the big master to search, and suddenly heard someone coming, she hurriedly hid in the cabinet, but Murongchen was also in there unexpectedly. Jiang Mengmeng grumbled with hunger, and Murongchen worried about revealing his identity, so he kissed her on the mouth in a hurry.

The master Jinhua came to the room to pick up the clothes and caught them both on the spot. Jiang Mengmeng couldn’t think of a better excuse for a while. Murongchen lied that the two of them had come to rescue the chef. Jinhua fell in love with Jiang Mengmeng at first sight and made Jiang Meng. Meng immediately married her, and Murongchen was forced to worship her second head, Yinhua.

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