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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 2 Recap

Jiang Mengmeng meticulously put on the girl group makeup, and also wore a sexy long skirt with a tube top. As soon as she appeared in the hall, she immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Jiang Wan couldn’t wait to ask her about makeup and dressing skills. The blind date meeting officially began. Jiang Mengmeng saw the noble sons from all over the world appear one by one, and her eyes lighted up. She recognized Murongchen in the crowd and was shocked.

At the beginning of the first round of competition, all the girls present gave flowers in their hands to their favorite sons. Murongchen, King Wuze, and the second son of the Ministry of Households had the most supporters. The second level is to open the Linglong organ box. Song Che, the son of the General of the Weak Water Country, was the first to open it with a sword. Jiang Mengmeng heard that Song Che and her childhood sweethearts were happy in her heart.

At the beginning of the third round, the sons present had to separate portraits of Jiang Mengmeng and Jiang Sisi. Murongchen stood up holding the portrait. Someone suddenly slipped and saw that a bowl of ink was about to be spilled on him. Murongchen hurriedly used the drawing board to block it. The portrait was rendered unrecognizable by ink, so he had to withdraw from the competition. Song Che’s paintings were extremely ugly. Jiang Mengmeng was disappointed. The Seven Princes of Wuze won this round.

At the end of the first three rounds, a total of eight sons entered the finals. In the final round of competition, Jiang Mengmeng and Jiang Sisi were tied to the big trees in opposite directions. The sons had to pass through numerous obstacles to rescue them before dark. Jiang Mengmeng didn’t want to wait, she took a lot of effort to untie the ropes on her body, and she wanted to find true love by herself.

Murongchen didn’t want to win, so he deliberately delayed halfway, even sitting on the ground drinking tea to relax. Jiang Sisi just wanted to wait for Murongchen to save her. Unexpectedly, the Seventh Prince of Wuze Kingdom would be the first to come. Jiang Sisi took advantage of the situation. He fainted, and then returned to Jiang Wan. Song Che passed all the levels smoothly. He couldn’t wait to save Jiang Mengmeng. When Jiang Mengmeng saw the person who came to save her from a distance, she exclaimed excitedly and accidentally fell into a big pit.

Song Che came to rescue Jiang Mengmeng and found that she had already disappeared. Jiang Mengmeng cried out for help, Murong Chen rushed over when he heard the news. He wanted to rescue Jiang Mengmeng, but the vine suddenly broke. Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng both fell into the big pit, and Murongchen used light work to rescue her. Song Che was very unconvinced when Jiang Wan married Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen in public.

Jiang Mengmeng was unwilling to marry Murongchen like this. She compared Murongchen and Song Che one by one. Xiao Ai felt that Murongchen was useless except for his handsome appearance. Murong Yi is Murong Chen’s elder brother. He was poisoned by Jingyue sect nine years ago. He is still unable to take care of himself because of hemiplegia. He received a letter from Murong Chen and learned that Murong Chen had become a servant of the Weak Water Country. Murong Yi wrote back immediately. Let him stay in a weak water country with peace of mind. In fact, Murongchen pretended not to learn or skill, just to hide his eyes. He secretly searched for the bloody night flower and the medicine guide, wanted to treat Murong Yi as soon as possible, and wanted him to stand up again.

Changkong heard that the person who sold the epiphany changed his name to Zhao Qian, and he often mingled in the Baiji wine shop on Jinxiu Street. Murongchen sent Zhangkong to keep an eye on Zhao Qian. Once he found the epiphany, he would try to break the marriage contract and return to Cangyun Country. Song Che and Jiang Mengmeng had agreed to win the blind date meeting in advance, and then the two of them walked away, but the result was backfired. Song Che was discouraged, and he hurried back to the capital without hesitation, just to catch up with Jiang Mengmeng’s blind date meeting. Thinking of Jiang Mengmeng’s flowers coming to another home. Song Che got sad the more he thought about it, he wielded his sword and practiced in the yard to relax.

Jiang Mengmeng came to find Song Che and watched in silence when he saw him venting from the crack in the door. Jiang Si thought asked Song Che to dismantle Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen. Seeing Jiang Mengmeng outside the door from a distance, she had to leave first. Song Che practiced his sword to a state of ecstasy, and almost fainted Jiang Mengmeng. Song Che found Jiang Mengmeng and hurried over to ask for warmth. Jiang Mengmeng knew nothing about the previous agreement, and Song Che was very disappointed.

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